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Exclusive Opportunity — Hibiscus Moon Class Elective Bundle!

Now that you’ve made the super-smart decision to become a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner, I’d like to offer you an exclusive offer to save big-time while you dive in deeper into your crystal studies with my SPECIAL Crystal Class Electives Bundle for just $247 (a $500 savings)! You get to dig into each of these classes right away and be ahead of the curve when the course starts next term.

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The Class Electives Bundle includes all of these wildly popular offerings:

  • Crystal Formations – There are distinct important shapes, features, and structures that can make one amethyst crystal quite different and even more powerful than another. These special features give these unique and individual crystals enhanced benefits, meanings and very special properties. After taking this class you’ll become confident in knowing the crystal healing properties and benefits of many various crystal shapes and formations.
  • Crystals; Encoded with Sacred Geometry – Fully Activate the Energy of Sacred Geometry in YOU… through the Power of Crystals. This Class Elective allows you to fully explore crystals + sacred geometry as a way to enhance your intuition and fully-realize your soul’s true potential. Truly understanding crystals and the sacred geometric codes within them allows you to more efficiently connect with source energy while completely transforming any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from expressing your full potential
  • Crystal Savvy: Crystal + Mineral Identification – Curate a valuable and high-quality crystal collection, while deepening your stone-knowledge and becoming crystal confident! I feel it’s SO important that our metaphysical community not be in the dark about our crystals. Having this info under your belt will allow you to be self-reliant; confident that you know what you’re doing and talking about when making that next crystal purchase, whether it’s at a local shop or at any gem show… or even selling them yourself!
  • Manifesting Prosperity and Abundance with Crystals – Ready to give yourself permission to manifest Abundant Prosperity in your life? This profoundly powerful eKit will teach you how to use crystals as energetic tools for powerful manifestation. You’ll discover how to be a prosperity and abundance magnet while learning practical techniques to focus your attention on your dreams and desires.
  • Crystal Grid Template Package – Have you tried The Secret, visualizations and similar exercises, but just can’t get the focus or the right mojo going for you? Do you keep hearing or reading about crystal grids but haven’t the faintest idea what to do with them? Does your manifesting need a powerful PUNCH? Learn the power, focus and FUN of manifesting your desires using powerful crystal grids with this package!

Each of these Class Electives is brimming with resources and information! It’s the perfect time to take advantage of this exclusive offer … that’s only available right here, right now.