Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner Course

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The Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner® Course has paved the way in crystal therapy education and successfully trained thousands of Crystal Practitioners in over 55 countries around the globe.

Through my well-known (and well-loved) course, you’ll:

  • Evolve into a trusted expert, able to effectively draw on the full power of crystals
  • Master the SCIENCE behind why crystals are such effective healing tools
  • Be able to confidently explain to ANYONE the science behind crystal therapy
  • And learn to reliably work with crystals as tools and supports to transform lives

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While you wait… here are a few of our other wildly popular crystal products!

Full Chakra Recalibration

This class is more of a WORKSHOP because we’re going to get in there and DO some essential energetic hygiene together. Chakra hygiene is something I’ve been passionate about for years. I highly recommend doing a full chakra balancing session at least four times a year at the solstices and equinoxes — but we don’t always get around to it… do we?

Crystal Grid Template Package

Crystal Grids Template Package

What if you could become a master of manifestation? What if you could make all of your goals, desires, and dreams come true with the help of crystal grids? I’ve got news for you: you can (even if you have never experienced success with grids before)! With the Crystal Grids Templates Package, you’ll get access to 12 of my oh-so-delicious crystal grid templates that are ready for immediate download so that you can start experiencing maximum results with your grids!

Crystal Formations

Certain crystal formations may work exponentially better for certain uses, making your crystal work highly effective. Being adept at recognizing and identifying crystal formations adds depth of knowledge to your level of crystal expertise, wisdom, and proficiency.

After taking this class you’ll become confident in knowing the crystal healing properties and benefits of many various crystal shapes and formations.