Woohoo! Who’s on the waitlist for the Certified Crystal Healer Course? YOU ARE!

Get ready to learn how to tap into the energy of your gorgeous crystals in the ONLY globally recognized certification program that is largely grounded in science!

After earning your Certified Crystal Healer designation, you’ll possess the skills, scientific knowledge, confidence, and self-trust required to use crystals as tools to shift your own life and the lives and others in an entirely new direction just like these Hibiscus Moon-Certified Crystal Healers (ooh and it feels SO good)…

The Certified Crystal Healer Course has paved the way in crystal healing education and trained thousands of Crystal Healers in over 43 countries around the globe!

Through our intensive 9-week program, you’ll:

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    Evolve into a trusted expert who is able to draw on the full power of crystals
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    Master the SCIENCE behind why crystals are indispensable healing tools
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    Be able to confidently communicate this scientific info to those around you
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    And learn to use crystals as tools to connect yourself and others to happiness, better health, inner peace, joy, prosperity, abundance and so much more

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  2. Keep an eye out for an email from me tomorrow. I’ll be sharing the soul-stirring story of CCH grad, Karina, and how she used what she learned in the course to alleviate her health conditions, overcome some pretty insurmountable personal struggles, and manifest the exact amount of money she needed to purchase her dream home! Say what?!
  3. Get your crystal science groove on and test drive the curriculum with our Certified Crystal Healer Course sample class!
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Since you scrolled all the way down here, I bet you’re eager to get your hands on more goodies to curb your crystal cravings…yes?

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Crystal Grids Template Package

What if you could become a master of manifestation? What if you could make all of your goals, desires, and dreams come true with the help of crystal grids? I’ve got news for you: you can (even if you have never experienced success with grids before)!

With the Crystal Grids Templates Package, you’ll get access to 12 of my oh-so-delicious crystal grid templates that are ready for immediate download so that you can start experiencing maximum results with your grids!

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Manifest Prosperity and Abundance with Crystals eKit

Eager to attract more prosperity and abundance into your life? #heckyes

Well, it can be easy with our profoundly powerful Crystals eKit. This eKit will teach you how to use crystals as energetic tools for powerful manifestation.

You’ll discover how to be a prosperity + abundance magnet while learning practical techniques to focus your attention on your dreams and desires.

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Crystals: Encoded with Sacred Geometry eKit

Ready to reawaken your DNA with ancient knowledge through sacred geometry? Allow for more efficient resonance with your crystals by understanding the science behind the connection? Awaken your higher self?

With this eKit, you can fully explore crystals + sacred geometry as a vehicle to realize your soul’s true potential and intention.

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