Fair Warning: This post isn’t so much about crystals as it is about me. The reason I’m doing this post is b/c I’d like to connect & bond with my readers here, creating more of a personal connection. I feel that sometimes I forget that & leave some personal things out unintentionally. At the same time, I don’t want to get too personal & give you TMI or boring tidbits you just couldn’t care less about. You may be completely uninterested & are really just here for the crystals so I may be totally off track here but I’ll take a risk, throw caution to the wind & for the sake of having FUN, take a chance! That being said, this won’t be a regular thing either. 😉

The last thing I want is a dry and dull crystal blog…if you’re looking for that, you’ve landed in the wrong spot!

So let’s go!

1. I’ve worked some sort of job since I was 11 (babysitting!) & worked full-time paying my own way through college & grad school with no grants or loans. I lived with a roommate in an apartment in Miami & got a full-time job when I was 17. I worked in department stores, then waitressed & finally bartended my way through college. No government assistance. It took me longer but at 25 I finally graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Biological Anthropology with an emphasis in Primatology & Geology. Later getting my Masters (started off with Geosciences later switching to Curriculum, Instruction & Technology) while still working full time as a Science Department Chair and teacher. You CAN do it!!

2. My hubby & I met when he was 14 & I was 13 in a bowling alley. I fell hopelessly in love but all we did was talk on the phone. It wasn’t meant to be since we didn’t go to the same school. The stars aligned just perfectly bringing us together just as I graduated high school & we were “just out of high school sweethearts” for one summer. He then moved to Los Angeles & my heart broke. 🙁 I thought of him every day for years & years. I went on with my life & had a serious relationship but as soon as it ended 8 years later…who did I call? My Frankie! He dropped what he was doing & met me & my BFF out that night & we’ve been inseparable ever since. We’ll be married 16 years this New Year’s Eve. He’s quite literally the love of my life.♥

3. I have a SUPERBAD memory. OMG!! It’s so bad that my friends have been telling me I have Alzheimer’s since I was in high school. But now its getting really really bad. I could be so much smarter if I could just remember shiz! Plus, my BFF always has to remind me of fun stuffs that happened when we were younger. I can never remember it!

4. I drank a glass of bleach thinking it was 7Up when I was 5 years old. *Wait! how did I remember that? LOL.* Got my stomach pumped & lived to tell the tale!

5. I’m Sicilian. My parents both came over on the boat (my Mom was 9, my dad when he was in his early 20’s) and didn’t know a lick of English, so I’m a proud 1st generation American, daughter of immigrants. I do speak Italian (and understand Sicilian dialect) but it’s getting very rusty with no one to really speak it with on a regular basis. I miss you Nonni!

6. I wanted to be a dolphin trainer in high school. Instead, college got me interested in primates & I ended up working with them & just about every other animal as an animal trainer in the Miami Metro Zoo daily shows in the ’90s. 3 shows a day! Funnest job ever = Lowest pay ever! Also and most importantly, it completely changed my mind about keeping animals in zoos and domesticated WILD animals = I’m totally against it now. But that’s a different topic for another day.

7. My favorite thing to wear these days is cool T-shirts!! I’ll wear rock tees (that would be “rock bands”, although I do have a T-shirt with actual rocks on it!!) but Geek tees are my ultimate! And my fav place to get them is SnorgTees.com!! Woooooot! T’is a new favorite of mine!

8. I got into crystals very young. I remember leafing through a Smithsonian Museum book of my father’s at about the age of three, the amazing photographs of crystals and gems just stopped me in my tracks! I would leaf through that book over and over again, just staring until the pages were worn. Of course, I had no idea at the time what these beautiful objects were. I was just intrigued that something as gorgeous & perfect as a crystal could emerge from the dirt & rough rocks!

9. I don’t watch TV at all. I just find it all too mind-numbing. We subscribe to Netflix though & watch lots of documentaries (No Impact Man is a recent good one) or watch some shows via the Internet & our kick-but Google box streaming the Internet to our TV. We can watch the local news if need be through the digital antennae but very rarely find the need (except during hurricane season here in tropical Florida). I do read a hellalot of books though! Oh yeah… I have managed to get hopelessly addicted to Breaking Bad with no TV, go figure!

10. I banged my head! Between the ages of 17-19, one of my many jobs was as a TicketMaster (diff. name back then, can’t remember…LOL!) sales girl & record store clerk. I also knew how to play guitar back then. My friends & I went to EVERY Heavy Metal concert that hit town (uuuummm… not much has changed here) during that time period since I could get the tix right away. This was circa 1986-88. I won radio contests, back stage passes, my luck was superb!! I tried hard to win but I also KNEW that I would win… & I would! *law of attraction, Party Peeps* I even won a limo ride+ dinner + back stage passes to a Bon Jovi/Cinderella concert. Yes, met them all (& lost the photos!!!) Because it was Valentine’s Day, I brought by boyfriend at the time (not Frankie) instead of my BFF, Cathy! I think she still wants to kill me!! What an idiot I was!

Me & Cathy, circa 1987, going to Poison, Cinderella & Stryper!

OK, that was a fun little detour. We’ll be back to our regularly-scheduled crystal posts next time. Promise!!

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  • Tell me something fun about YOU that I don’t know!

With an Open Heart. Mwwwaaaah!♥