Hey Crystal Hottie!

I’m so happy that you’re vibrational journey to wellness has led you here.

This is going to be the most glorious journey…discovering holistic healing & profound personal transformation through vibrational frequency tools. I’ve been using & sharing about crystals & essential oils for years with you, but here we’ll be focusing on doTERRA oils. We’ll be talking about the skills and tools to make emotional, energetic, nutritional and lifestyle changes to detox, de-stress, align & balance… and if you’re called to, I’ll help you build a hugely successful business with doTERRA too!

EXTRA support!

Sometimes it’s all about who you know, right? Well, although I’ve been using essential oils for years, I don’t know it all so I’m partnering up with some pretty smart chicas! For all the oil know-how I’m partnering up with my very knowledgeable essential oil consultant, Em Falconbridge, which means extra to double-delight the support for you! If you’re wanting help/advice on using the oils, we’re here to help! Em has built her own 6 figure business in oils in 1 year while working part-time so she can mama her 3 kids. Yeah! I know.

And if you want to build a hugely successful business in essential oils, I’m partnering up with my own personal sacred biz genius/coach, Leonie Dawson.

She’s been coaching me for years and is THE secret sauce to my success! Who else would I partner up with, right? If anyone is going to know how to rock the shizzle out of a sacred doTERRA biz, it’s the two of us. Should you also decide to take that path, she’ll be coaching you in our very powerful Facebook Mastermind group + helping you to get to whatever level your heart desires.

I obviously do pretty well when it comes to this sacred biz stuff. I know how to manifest my desires in a way that allows me to live my life with harmony, freedom, and balance always in mind. I’m passionate about teaching you how to empower yourself with the info you need to achieve holistic wellness, balanced energy + vitality through vibrational alignment…as well as physical means with tools such as essential oils, minerals, crystals and other frequencies.

How to sign up on our team + order oils.

A couple of weeks after you ‘ve received your order you will hear from your direct upline on our team who will invite you to Leonie’s Essential Oil Magic Mastermind group so that you’ll be set up for success!

My essential oil journey

I’ve been using and benefitting from high-quality essential oils for quite some time; since about the late nineties!! If you’ve followed me online, you know that I’m always talking about weaving them in with my crystal therapies; I call it layering up the vibrational frequencies! I’ve used them for years for everything from A to Z:

  • made non-toxic cleaning supplies
  • energetically change the mood of my home
  • offer energetic protection
  • balance & align chakras
  • topically to heal all sorts of things
  • internally for various ailments
  • assist in meditations

…Really…the list is way too long.

I knew the importance of choosing high-quality, therapeutic grade oils that are sustainably harvested and all of that. I had 3 brands that I flitted between and that I’ve featured along my online journey with you since 2009!

Recently, I learned about how doTERRA harvests their oils from the native soil where Mother Earth naturally evolved them… and I found that of the companies that I was most often drawn to, doTERRA most closely practiced what I preached and closely aligned with my values. They’re very philanthropists while also working to ensure their farmers across the world get a fair wage.

And if you know me, you know I LOVE to learn about and teach about science! And doTERRA is all about the science.

That pleases me to no end.

Although I knew the value of purchasing the oils wholesale. I always shied away from signing up as a wholesale customer (ie: Wellness Advocate) b/c I have a very busy million dollar business in which I have a team of staff to manage. I’m a busy lady.

How in the world would I possibly manage a doTERRA business?

And then, my friend Leonie showed me the light (***queue angels singing here***) and I realized that of the 3 brands I have loved all these years, doTERRA is the most generous with their Wellness Advocates. You know that set my biz-brain wheels a-turning. So I could work this easily into what I already do and set myself up for abundant prosperity and do the very same for the team that enrolls under me? So that really made it a no-brainer for me.

How to sign up on our team + order oils. (A couple of weeks after you ‘ve received your order you will hear from your direct upline on our team who will invite you to Leonie’s Essential Oil Magic Mastermind group so that you’ll be set up for success!)

I’m always advocating that we need to get out of the lack-mindset…if you’re going to tell others about a product you LOVE and there’s a compensation plan in place for it…tap into it & share in the abundance, don’t turn it away. What kind of message are you sending to the Universe?

Well, that genius friend of mine, Leonie showed me exactly how to get this done. She explained how it all works and how she did it. Then she intro’d me to Em, who explained even more…she shared about how she’d spent years trying to make money different ways both online and offline and that she really needed to find something that supported her and her family. So when she found this business, she decided to really give it a red-hot go… and within a couple of months was making $20k a year… and less than two years in is making $120k a year while doing it part-time so she could parent her kids. She obviously adored what she was doing, and this got me thinking…

I’ve been changing things up in my biz since the end of last year. (You may have been following my journey in my Glitter Updates). I’ve been feeling the need to shift out of the more frequent launch mode of my business. But I still adore what I do & am so passionate about teaching & sharing what I know with others! Doing something like this would allow for more freedom with what I do and how I do it while still allowing me to live my passion; adding this to my mix teaching about crystals & holistic vibrational healing. I mean, I’ve been teaching about the essential oils all along, but now I’ll be doing it as an advocate for one particular brand: doTERRA.

How to sign up on our team + order oils.

And I’m really excited to finally be doing this! What a perfect fit.

Crystal Blessings,

Hibiscus Moon