Crystal Q & A: (‘cept this one is about UFO’s!!)

Hibiscus Moon astronomy

OK, right outta the gate…we’re not going to be talking about crystals here…just a little break.

Back in August I wrote a blog post about signs being everywhere & not believing everything you read & hear without doing our own research. In that post I went on again about my various UFO sightings.

None of them are of the 3rd kind…don’t go beyond the 2nd kind…thank GOODNESS!

But apparently I have a knack for sightings. Many an intuitive person has told me those over and over & my life events have proven it.

I win contests if I enter, I see celebs that I really want to see or meet. I manifest the schist up out of just about anything. And UFO’s are no exception, I guess. I’ve been told I’m a trigger of sorts for stuffs that to happen & be seen. All in a good way.

So anyways, that blog post generated many questions about my UFO sightings so I figured I’d go right ahead & answer that here:

Crystal Q & A: (‘cept this one is about UFO’s!!)

In the comments below, I’d LOVE to hear your take on UFO’s. Do you not believe in them, prefer not to talk about them, love the topic? Do you have a super-cool UFO story of your own to share?

I’ve been totally fascinated by this stuffs all my life  & would love to know what you think about it, so please leave a comment below.

Cosmic-Crystal Blessings!

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