How to Neutralize Negative Energy with Crystals

What can you do when you’re stuck in a situation that feels or you’re perceiving as negative, and you want to transmute that feeling- from an energetic standpoint? You know… because that negative-energy-downward-spiral can be pretty powerful! 

Do you desire to have some simple tools to combat its effects? 

negative energy crystals

We’re probably all familiar with this common advice:

“If you’re surrounded by negative people, it’s going to bring you down. Like attracts like. It’s going to pull you down to their level, where they’re at, so the best thing to do is just surround yourself with people who make you feel great.”

Easier said than done, right?

In today’s video I discuss this very topic:

In an ideal world, that would be wonderful; to be able to do that all the time… but sometimes, we’ve all been caught in situations where you’re just not able to realistically achieve that.

For most of us, you can’t just dictate and control everybody who’s around you.

There are certain things you’re in control of and certain things that you’re not. And sometimes, you just HAVE to be in that environment for a little while– hopefully not for too long… […]