How Do You Store Your Crystals?

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Are your crystals & stones out sparkling away, safely stored or simply gathering dust?

This is what I used to do (3 years ago)…but no more:

So, how many of you Crystal Hotties have your crystals, rocks, stones & goodies constantly out & exposed, or whether you like to have them kept in safe places & only get them out for those special occasions…like healing & meditation work?

Or like my friend & Crystalline Cohort, Cindy, says:
“Sometimes you want to just play & bond with them.”
I can totally relate! Ever have the need to do that? heeheee!

I keep most of mine out where I can look at them & purely enjoy them & where they are free to do there thing.

So where do I keep them?:

  • I’ve moved some of my more delicate or expensive pieces into my China cabinet to keep little kiddy hands off of them when they come to visit (thy can’t RESIST!!)
  • Some are busy working in crystal grids
  • Some smaller pieces are stored away in that wooden box in the vid up above with a cloth lining just to keep them all where I can easily find them
  • There’s my programmed crystal that’s always stored away SAFE & SOUND to hold its program better: I wrote a whole post recently on some changes I’ve implemented with that & why
  • There are others sprinkled around the house for various reasons (EMF protection, projecting good vibes, a little feng shui & a couple in my purse & car)

So what do you like to do, My Sweets? Please share more in the comments below! We love to share & read this stuffs!

Geeking Out on Storing a Programmed Crystal

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Look out…I’m about to geek out for a minute here. I tend to do this from time to time so please bear with me for just a sec.

I recently changed my theories on how to properly store a programmed crystal for crystal healing (a concept we cover in depth in the Certified Crystal Healer Course).

 I used to recommend this way (this vid is about 3 years old):

Here’s where I’m at now:

And while I’m feeling very comfy with geeking out with you…I am drooling over this new handbag from ITS SO HOT!!!! And Luke looks totally hot on it! Must have!

Oooo, then I can put my programmed crystal wrapped in a white cotton sock into this handbag!!!

I told hubby this & he began to step away very slowly, no sudden movements. heeheehee.

OK, so let me know what you think about the ideas presented above (the vids, not the handbag..or that too!!! heehee). I’d love to hear other viewpoints or just mull it over with you. 🙂

Many Crystal Blessings to you!!!