Tucson Gem Show Insider Shopping Tips

So what’s reeeeally going down in Tucson? I’m here to share super-sparkly shopping tips just for Crystal Hotties specific to shopping in Tucson.

I’ve been visiting the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show for many years now & documenting what I’ve been up to while out there on my blog. Here are a couple of my posts from past trips:

First, read my general crystal shopping tips here.


One thing you’ll notice right away in Tucson, being the largest Gem & Mineral Show on Mama Earth you’ll find the place crawling with geo-geeks, miners & fossil freaks. ‘Tis exciting stuffs! And, now in more recent years, I’ve noticed it getting more & more popular with the metaphysical community too. It’s becoming Crystal Hottie Central. If you’re willing to really keep your ears & eyes open this is a great opportunity to learn so much about the crystals & stones. It’s like an accelerated course on the subject. That’s 1 reason why I […]

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5 Crystal Shopping Tips

Before we get to my 5 Crystal shopping tips…  I’ll tell you right now. I don’t like shopping.

I never have.

Nope, never got my sox off at strolling through the mall and ogling at purses, shoes & clothes. In fact, I avoid malls like the plague.

BUT… take me crystal shopping… that’s a whole ‘nother ball game. I’m all in!

Perhaps its because it’s not quite as easy as just driving over to the mall & this makes it more like a hunt. You have to wait for a gem show to come to town, shop at your local metaphysical store, which for some may be well out of the way or do your shopping hunting online with a vendor that you really trust.

So, perhaps its the fact that its more of a quest, a challenging chase, or a MISSION even that hooks me in…

But I’m HOOKED; line and sinker.

Where I shop

As you know, I get most of my wholesale inventory (which I don’t really keep too much of these days) and shop for special order clients once a year […]

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