What’s missing in college – Crystals?

Hibiscus Moon ceremony, Crystals

OK, can I get a little academic with ya & geek-out this week? Again? OK, I’m gonna.

I think– as a former anthropology undergraduate student (my major was actually Biological Anthropology with an emphasis in Primatology. Aren’t you glad you asked?)LOL!… Okay, so, I was saying, I really feel there was 1 thing that was really missing from that major. What the heck does all this have to do with crystals? You’ll see!

At the time I was in college in the early 90’s there were 4 different disciplines that fell under the Anthropology umbrella(maybe it’s still that way, IDK):

  • Biological Anthropology
  • Archaeology
  • Social Anthropology
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Then, like I did with my major, you can drill down even further & get into 1 specific aspect of it so I focused in on the primates; they are such loves, aren’t they? Gorillas are my favorite, favorite, favorite!!! But, okay, I digress. I do that a lot.

    So, I always felt like there was this deep, cavernous hole of missing info in the Cultural Anthropology sector of it. What’s this gap, you say? It’s the whole study of non-modern cultural tools. Many different societies are studied in these disciplines & a lot of them non-Western, because those are the ones that are most unfamiliar to us here in the Western world. The professors & books would talk about the ancient customs & then in the social anthropology aspect of it; how that morphed into modern ways of being & their different hierarchies within the societies, whether their matriarchal or patriarchal & all that kind of sort of stuff.

    [caption id="attachment_11071" align="aligncenter" width="461"] A modern Urku Shaqui of Peru. (photo credit: Ajor933) Notice the stones in his headdress.[/caption]

    But, we never really got into the tools that native or indigenous cultures (people with a close tie to Mother Earth) used unless we were talking about in the archaeology part of it; looking at the tools in that way from an archaeological aspect. We never got into the medicine man & the shaman & specifically what they do, their roles & analyzing their tools (some passed down for generations…the history there!!)…and the drumming and of course, the crystals. Ahhhhh, there it is. See? I told ya. 

    But, sometimes I’d catch a glimpse in a photo or movie and see the crystals being used. Of course, I’d perk up! *urrrgh?* But no juicy info was to be had.

    Crystals. Especially quartz crystal. Quartz plays a very important role in a lot of these tools used for ceremonial or ritualistic purposes. I kept seeing them but I never heard them spoken about once, — when I say “spoken about”, I mean really taught about. Sometimes it was briefly mentioned in the academic books, but it was basically just lightly brushed over or just mentioned as a quick aside.

    [caption id="attachment_11070" align="aligncenter" width="250"] Mayan priest performing a healing(photo credit: Bob Makransky http://www.whatismagic.com)[/caption]

    All these questions I had & no one to answer them…at least not in most universities from the research I did at the time. Not even a book (but if you know of a book…PLEASE post it in the comments below b/c I think I speak for many whan I say we’d love to read it!!) And I’ve been out of undergrad college for a long time so maybe some of you whipper-snappers can tell me different. Now that would be a DELIGHT!!

    Even now, I try to do my own research & I’ve found some but I’ve also found that these stories surrounding the Stone People are closely guarded. And most likely, rightly so. But there are even entire courses dedicated just to the pyramids of Giza, so I propose this!:

    We need a new course or 2 under the Anthropology umbrella. Okay, universities, are you listening? A course where you really delve into & explore things like rituals, ceremony & the important tools, crystals, medicine bundles, etc. used in those rituals & ceremonies. What is the drumming is for? The trances that they go into. Why? The contemplation periods, the vision quests, medicine wheels & the tools used alongside with all of these things. What’s the history behind it?

    That would be a dream come true! Wouldn’t it?? Or is it just me?

    Then, you could follow it up with optional field trips. Traveling to go visit the surviving societies in different countries, participating in their rituals. *If they are welcoming to this sort of thing.* Students could come & participate & perhaps for 1 or 2 to apprentice alongside a medicine man, a shaman. I know many an anthropology student has done that with other roles. Of course, this would all rely on the indigenous community being willing, because sometimes they’re not & that’s totally understandable.

    But this would allow those who were interested to learn where the practices really came from, the legends behind them, how they use the tools, why they use them, what they’re used for & the crystals would be a big part of that because it is a big part. How interesting would that be?

    Okay, so, that’s my thought for the day.

    What do you think about this idea? Maybe you could teach it! Please share below! 🙂

    Super Crystal Blessings to you,