Spiritual 2 X 4’s & the Power of Facebook

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Sometimes you just need to be hit with a freakin’ 2 x 4 to get these spiritual lessons!  A couple weeks ago I stepped on a bee, wasp, hornet or something (wasn’t looking too closely while I was hopping around yelling!) while Earthing outside in the backyard. Oooooo, that hurt!! I pulled out the stinger (or so I thought) & the pain subsided after 10 min.
Then I thought to myself, ” I need to go look up what Bee Medicine means, b/c obviously I need some.”
Yeah…..did I do that? Noooooo. Went about my merry way. 2 days later there’s a red line climbing up my leg.  I should’ve known better but was so busy with the sacred crystal biz & didn’t want to take time out. So I innocently ask on Facebook, hoping to hear differently

“Hey what do you think I should do about this red line climbing up my leg?”

Immediately, I had dozens of sweet souls responding, telling me to get to the doctor right away, it may be blood poisoning, call the Dr…..do something!  Durn! This is not what I wanted to hear. I reluctantly called my Dr. & she told me to get in STAT! Red lines are nothing to play around with. 

Turns out it was blood poisoning, probably b/c I didn’t get the entire stinger out. Sheesh! And my Facebook peeps saved the day b/c this stubborn Cappy wasn’t listening to the signs!!! Woooohooo for my FB Peeps!

Sooooo, after my treatment for that, I finally settled in & did some research on Wasp Medicine. Certain Native American Indian tribal myths coin the wasp as the creator of Mother Earth & also a symbol of order &  organization as well as productivity!

Whoa! HUGE message for me there at that time. I was spending way too much time doing many disjointed & unfocused projects (not like me at all) instead of focusing on the course download program for my Certified Crystal Healer Course.

But, did I listen? Not yet! I still kept working on so many disorganized patterns; purchasing inventory, special orders on crystals, Tucson Gem show itinerary stuff & just plain ole’ HUGE time wasters all over the place!!!

So Sunday morning I pull this GORGEOUS oracle card from my Earth Magic Deck that has a woman working with a crystal grid. Oohhhhh, perfection!

What that meant to me was to go pay attention to my Business & Career Path grid! Which I have been doing on a regular basis….& despite my disjointed work patterns (which is sort o uncharacteristic for me) has been working its magic quite nicely I must say!

But this was not enough & I think I missed the larger, more important message here: Invocation & Ceremony. I needed to do more to understand fully & I still hadn’t addressed the organization issue. I needed to STOP & refocus! Contemplate in ceremony & plan. Geeez! Talk about hard-headed.
THEN, I had recently listened to a recent podcast from Goddess Leonie about how physical pain finally stopped her & made her listen to the messages. I know all about that since I teach it for crying out loud & have experienced it myself several times! I thought to myself as I listened…”Oh, I hope that doesn’t happen to me anytime soon, I have so much to do right now.” Totally oblivious!

Then I even foresaw what the set back would be!!! I had envisioned it in several little flashes here & there. Instead of doing anything about it on an energetic level, I took those hints & I started doing my physical therapy prevention exercises.
“Paaah! Not gonna do it this time missy! You are being way too DENSE!”
Well, this Monday morning I awoke with a stiff neck…pretty bad, but I pressed on. Work to be done. (I am cracking up at myself in disbelief…how I missed all these signs…how totally oblivious I’ve been! I can see it so clearly when it comes to others…but for myself….?)

Each day its progressively gotten worse (instead of better as usual). I FINALLY GOT THE MESSAGE…Wednesday night as I lay in radiating neck & upper back pain, finally giving myself the attention I so so needed & craved all along. I meditated & listened…finally listened. I booked an accupucnture session, a sports massage (squeezed me in for tomorrow), an energy treatment & did my own crystal healing with red jasper & aventurine. Now the pain has finally crossed the threshold of peaking & is beginning to subside. Now, that the lesson has been taught.

I put my Etsy shop on Vacation mode & cleared out some scheduled events off my calendar.

I then set a clear & organized focus:

1. Crystal Healer Certification Program

2. Crystals & Our Sacred Spaces Free eBook

If it doesn’t directly tie into these 2 items then I am not working on it unless there’s nothing else I can do with those 2. Listen to the Bee!!! Yes, I’m finally listening to the bee. Do you also perhaps need a little Bee Medicine? 🙂

Have you had any 2 x 4’s lately? Please comment below & share.