Sparkly Ideas for Using Crystals with Children

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Hola! Crystal Blessings Everyone!

Today we are going to talk about…

& I’m so excited about this one, because I get asked about this a lot, and it’s one of my favorite subjects to talk about, it’s:
Crystals for Children

Sometimes I’m asked what crystals are good for kids to bring with them to school, to calm down their energy because sometimes, some  children have a lot more energy than others.

I don’t feel like it’s a big problem (having been a former teacher myself).  Some environments welcome that wild energy and some environments don’t. This “higher” energy may be more evident if your child is an indigo child. They have a different way of viewing &interacting in the world than how our traditional school system is really setup, right?

SIDENOTE: Here’s a great book that I recommend if you’d like to learn more about indigo children:

Some teachers out in the field nowadays have a solid understanding of the whole indigo child thing (we’re headed in the right direction at least)…and they’re on board & realize that there is more than one way to behave & learn. It doesn’t all fall into like the ’50s or the ’40s belief system that “everybody should just be at their desks, calmly facing forward,  the whole entire day”.

I mean…that’s hard for anybody to be doing. I still can’t do it 🙂

And if a teacher isn’t on board with letting the kids have a bit more freedom or a non-traditional classroom, well then some children may need a little bit of help in just calming down their energy a little bit, especially where you might have one person; the teacher, unable to give their full-on attention to 30 people in the room (or even more sometimes).

So, we have part A & Part B of this discussion:

  • Calming down a child’s energy if necessary
  • Crystals kids can have in their bedroom or for school to help them feel safe + protected (perhaps against nightmares), that will also help transmute negative energy so that it’s perceived by them as neutral and not perceived as “negative”; a handy tool for them to have in their pocket.
  • For both instances,  I feel very strongly that:

    Kids are way more energetically perceptive than adults.

    Children are freshly brought to this plane or this dimension or whatever you want to call it; this reality. They’re still “green” & not as jaded & dulled as some adults. So, they’re much more in tune with energies. Without the adult filters & dulling that many of us have, children can better discern & intuitively know what crystals they should be working with and tapping into or entraining with.
    Let them figure it out, let them pick it

    • Give the kids a selection, not enough to overwhelm them, but give them a selection of crystals and stones
    • Explain what the goal is to them & make sure they willingly agree with the goal; make sure it’s their goal not your goal
    • Let them know that here is a selection of crystal tools they can choose from to help them achieve this goal & ask them “Which crystal(s) do you think will be the best to help you with this goal?”

    A child will almost always zero in & know exactly which crystals to work with. They’re so perceptive with how to work with them & what to do with them. Let them figure it out, let them go and let them choose which crystals are the ones that are going to help them with whatever their goal is.

    Having said that, you might want to put some guiding crystals in the mix so, like I said before, you don’t overwhelm them. Maybe give them a selection of 10 crystals to pick from. That’s a good number. It’s not too many, it’s not too little & it actually gives them the power to choose which ones are the best ones for them.

    Here are some Crystal Choices for Kids for Calming Energy:

    • Hematite is a favorite for grounding the child & calming them down for the type of environment of most classrooms. It’s also good for helping a child  to feel protected, safe in a good grounded environment that’s protected and safe for them.
    • Another favorite for gentle (not overpowering) protection for kids is black tourmaline.  I’m wearing a black tourmaline pendant in the vid because it’s a good option if your child is old enough to wear pendants.
      • Or  you could give them a knock-around-piece to put in their pockets, not a really pretty fancy one like this. Some of the rough pieces of black tourmaline that are available on the market now tend to splinter off a lot, so you would probably want to put it in a little pouch and you might want to put it separately (not together with other stones), in its own pouch so that it doesn’t get further beat up.
    • Another good option for children is amethyst. You might be getting a hint that amethyst seems to be an all around favorite, a really good crystal for just about anything. Yes!!! It’s got a really nice energy, gentle but protective as well, so that’s a good one.
    • Rose quartz is a favorite of kids, both boys and girls. They tend to easily gravitate to it so it’s a natural partnership. So definitely include it in the choice-mix you offer to your child.

    Crystals for Banishing Nightmares or Scary Monsters
    If  your child is dealing with nightmares or they fear monsters in their room and they feel they need protection …  have them choose the crystals they would like to pick, preferably 3. I like to go with “three” so you don’t introduce too much “crystal chaos” energy.

    • Tell your child to choose the 3 crystals that they think are going to be the BEST to protect them while they sleep
    • They can then decide to:
      • just set the crystals nearby or by their bedside
      • stick them under their bed
      • They can put them in their pillowcase, on the bottom part so that they don’t feel it on their head while they’re sleeping
      • build a crystal grid

    A lot of you probably know about Adam, he’s a big internet sensation: he’s the crystal grid kid. He intuitively knows how to create these elaborate crystal grids and he explains them so well. I think he started doing this when he was like six or seven!

    You can show you’re child Adam’s video for inspiration

    “Hey, you can do this,kid!” and they can make up their own story around it, because they’re tapping into their naturally strong intuition when they do that.

    For creating a crystal grid to handle nightmares here’s an example of what your child can start off with:

    • 6 rose quartz tumbled stones or points
    • 6 amethyst tumbled stones
    • 6 hematite tumbled stones
    • That’s 18 total crystals to make a beautiful grid from

    So those are just some fun kid crystal tips and if you have ways that you’ve worked with crystals with your children, I would love to hear about it!

    Actually, I know our whole Crystal Hottie community would love to hear about it, b/c whenever we talk about crystals and kids on FB or in my courses, we all go off! That’s one of our favorite topics to talk about, so tell us>>>

    How do you use Crystals with Children? Share with us in the comments below.

    Crystal Blessings,

    Car Protection Crystal Mojo Kit

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    Did you see this?

    I’m often asked what crystals 1 could use to protect themselves while traveling about.

    (I prefer a black bag for this but I ran out at the time I took this pic….oh well!) And yeah…no…that’s NOT POT. *Watch the vid for further explanation, LOL!!!*

    I made this video a bit ago to show what my husbo & I use in our cars.

    You can also use this for traveling on a train, plain or a bus…why not?

    There’s a fun little poll within the video too. 🙂

    Car Protection Crystal Mojo Kit

    Here’s a handy ingredient list for the car protection mojo kit:

    • Black little bag
    • Feverfew organic dried herb
    • Amethyst tumbled stone
    • Black tourmaline tumbled stone
    • Smokey quartz tumbled stone

    So stay safe & SPARKLY, Chick Pea!

    4 Crystals for “Protection”

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    I often get some version of the following question in emails, PM’s, etc. Since I don’t have the time to individually answer these emails, I thought my blog was a great way to get the info out there. So here’s the basic question:
    “I’m completely new to crystals. Which crystals would be good for protection, warding off negative energies, etc.”
    OK. Firstly, I don’t buy into the whole “negative energies” thing…most of the time.

    I feel energy is neutral.

    It’s our perception of the energy that gives it a positive or negative feeling or meaning to us. Meaning, there may be  negative feelings within you that are resonating with the frequencies of the energy that you’re experiencing & therefore, it makes that experience feel “bad” to you. If your feelings are high amplitude enough (meaning lots of energy) then it may even attract those frequencies that feel yucky & AMPLIFY them. That will feel bad!

    We are beings of energy & we’re affected by energy.

    We’re made of trillions of cells transmitting & receiving energy all the time. Its so COOL to think of this!!!!

    Dr. Bruce Lipton actually says that our very cell membranes are liquid crystal semiconductors (silica…QUARTZ, BABY!!) with gates & channels that open & close, letting some stuffs in & keeping some stuffs out. He says that our DNA actually  scans our environment for relevant frequencies & then reshapes itself accordingly. (We can see this happening under the microscope).

    See where I’m going with this, My Sweets?
    The right crystal will adjust your cell’s perception filters & transmute energy for you! Waaaahooo!
    So we have total control over this & can use crystals as a tool & support to help us along. You can also do this without crystals, but if you’d like the extra assit, there are a  couple that I like to use.

    Certain crystals can neutralize & transmute the energetic frequencies so they don’t carry specific frequencies that may resonate with those bad feelings. Here are a few of my fav’s:

    1. Black tourmaline is known for its ability to transmute & “cleanse” energy:

    2. Smokey quartz is also THE BOMB for this:

    3. OR my favorite combo for this black tourmaline & smokey quartz:

    4. And then there’s GORGEOUS amethyst:

    One thing you can do is meditate with any of these crystals. Even just spending 5 min. in meditation with them…this will help transmute energy entering your EMF.

    You can also create A “protective” transmuting  “shield” around your home, placing crystals in specific locations; 1 near front door, 1 near back door, etc.

    Or you place crystals at THE corners of YOUR house or property creating an outdoor grid for your home:
    In this video I detail how to do a Protective Home Grid:

    So I hope that answers  few questions & empowers you to just switch that energy up!

    Crystal Sparkles to you!!