5 Steps for Combating Negativity

Ahhh negative people. Can you transmute negative energy? Can you use crystals to combat negativity?

Sometimes I feel like I’m surrounded by them. This is especially so when you’re immersed in the matrix of Mon-Fri, 9-5….why is that? Is it really so hard to transmute negative energy? Yes…it can be.

I know for me…I try, boy, do I try to keep positive. But sometimes, these peeps are relentless! I think a lot of it is a cultural fitting in thing. Ya know…you don’t know what to talk about so our culture encourages us to complain about something…the misery & company thing. *sigh* Isn’t that sad?

Nothing nice to say, so complain with each other.

Sometimes the negativity parties can be so intense or non-relenting that you end up feeling annoyed, slightly depressed, emotionally exhausted or even physically tired.

What now? How do you remain strong?

People ask me this all the time. Don’t get me wrong. I get sucked into the black hole of this negativity-thumping all the time. But I’m getting better at catching myself & pulling out of its gravitational pull.

Crystals for Negativity + Other Tools

1. Be aware. Who are those negative peeps? Do you know? Sometimes, you don’t because they do […]