Got Crystals? Don’t Know What to Do with Them All? 4 Action Steps for You!

I have a question for you:

Too many crystals, not enough time?

I sense that this may be starting to become a wee-little problem in our Crystal Hottie community. Some Crystal-Hoarding, perhaps?

Are we in need of a 12 Step Program here? 😉 


Hey! I’m the worst offender! I’m not immune in any way.
So sensing this issue is prevalent in our community, I recently asked this question on my Facebook Page:


And here are just a few of the great responses I received that prompted me to write this blog post…


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So let’s try to figure out what may be going on for some of us:

  • Maybe you just keep acquiring more & more sparkly babies, thinking a bigger collection will make it all click!
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How to Finally Work with All Your Crystals: 4 Action Steps

I have a question for you. Too many crystals, not enough time?

I was wondering if this is a common problem in our crystal-lovin’ community? I recently asked this question on my Facebook Page & got a lot of very interesting answers.

I thought this response from Mary was classic!:
  • Maybe you keep telling yourself you need the perfect sacred space before you can start working with them, or you don’t have the right combo of crystals, or the right crystal books, or enough time.
  • Maybe you’re waiting & waiting  for the perfect blend of magical sparkly ingredients. And maybe you tell yourself that you’ll get to all that someday. I KNOW how this plays out b/c I’ve done it myself!!
  • Or do you even think that someday you’ll finally […]
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