Detailed Manifestation Ritual for Summer Solstice in 7 Steps

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The natural rhythms of the earth & auspicious days in the cosmic cycle are excellent times to cultivate new or deepen & renew our manifestation rituals.

While our Western World Gregorian calendar places January as the start of our New Year, ancient & Earth-based cultures actually consider the vernal equinox to be the true start; and for good reason.

The spring equinox represents a time to plant seeds & manifest. It’s a time of fertility, growth, and new beginnings!

But when the Summer Solstice is upon us, as it is today in the Northern Hemi (Winter solstice for you in the Southern Hemi), we usher in a time to develop & grow those intentions that we planted at the spring equinox.

Summer is a time of lush abundance & growth. 🙂
Right now is the time of reaping rewards, harvesting and manifestation energy, Baby!

And it ain’t just for farmers. 😉
Crystals for Summer Solstice
Here are a selection of crystals I like to use to vibe up with the very specific energetic frequencies of Summer Solstice:

  • sunstone
  • pyrite
  • citrine
  • amber
  • tiger’s eye
  • sulfur

Notice a theme there with the stones?

Yes, I’m very intentionally choosing stones from a specific light frequency (aka color) to align us with the correct energies for solstice time….like this shiny natural pyrite cube.

Summer Solstice Ritual
Here I’ve outlined the steps in my own potent summer solstice manifestation ritual:

  •  Go to your sacred space. Doesn’t need to be elaborate…just any space you can be quiet in, that is special to you & allows you to focus on the task at hand; surround yourself with crystals, summer flowers, music & diffuse some essential oils. OR you can do this outdoors: perhaps in your backyard or by the ocean or in the mountain air. Infinite possibilities!
  • Energetically clear the space you’ll be using.  You can do this easily with sound acoustics. That’s my favorite way… using a rattle, drum, crystal singing bowl or any musical instrument which calls attention to the beginning (and later, the ending) of your ritual. You can also sing or chant to do this.
  • Set your intentions for this ritual with a list. Since this is a time of development, growth & lush abundance, I try to set intentions related to that.
    • Is it time to grow your savings account? Grow your business? Increase the number of friends you have or a time to develop your education & learning or do some self-development? 
    • Write your 3 manifestation intentions down on a small piece of paper so you can refer to it. Be sure to include a specific timeline & be as clear and precise as you can but keep it about YOU.
    • (A gentle reminder: No manipulation of other people’s personal will as that’s something I never recommend).
  • Get Focused. First hold the special crystals you’ll be using for this ritual in your hands & then focus on the natural rhythm of your breath. Allow yourself to begin to breathe more deeply, filling your lungs all the way to the bottom taking the deepest breaths you’ve taken in a while & then squeezing all the air out of your lungs. Notice how your body responds.
  • Visualize each item on your list very clearly. Notice every detail. Imagine it happening through your feelings & senses. Do the same for your next 2 intentions.
  • Put your verbal energy into it & declare it to the Universe. While still holding your crystal(s) out loud and with energy say,  “And so it is!”…or some variation; Aho! Amen! So mote it be! …you get the picture.
  • End with sound acoustic vibration to seal the deal.  Again using your preferred method: rattle, drum, crystal singing bowl, etc.
  • Want more?

    You can take all week to still work with the energies of the Summer Solstice as we’ll still be in the vibration & energies for a few more days & you can take that time to go deeper.

    Once a year at Summer Solstice, I offer my Summer Solstice Meditation eKit where I go over specific herbs & essential oils you can use to further amplify the power of your crystals… along with a guided video meditation & detailed summer solstice ritual and a bunch of other goodies all bundled up in my Summer Solstice Glitter Bundle!

    Happy Sparkly Summer Solstice to you!

    5 Steps for Setting Intentions & Manifestation with Crystals at New Moon

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    If you’ve followed me a bit, you know that I love looking to the Moon cycles to plan out certain events & biz moves.

    I’ve talked about what I do with my crystals at the Full Moon before.

    But…today I’d like to talk about the New Moon & some New Moon Crystals.
    New Moon Energies

    First of all…why work with lunar energies at all?

    My undergraduate degree is in biological anthropology where I learned about many cultures, going back thousands of years, that have looked to the Moon to govern their daily activities for everything!…from the spiritual to the mundane. Even today, many cultures still hold to this sage practice. I realized long ago that when anything stands the test of time, it’s most likely b/c it works…it’s tried & it’s true.

    The ancients realized that everything on our planet depends on & is affected by the natural rhythms of our Moon.

    Learning how to tap into the ageless influence of the Moon cycles to not only support & strengthen yourself spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically but to fortify your manifestations & dreams will open up a whole new GLITTERY world to you! 😀

    There are differing schools of thought & cultural thinking on this, but the teachings I follow dictate that the New Moon is all about:

    • renewal
    • washing away
    • cleansing
    • birthing
    • beginning anew
    • planting seeds
    • starting new projects

    Even the modern Farmer’s Almanac considers the New Moon to be a “fertile & wet” period so they recommend it as a great time for planting seeds.

    • If you’re interested in learning more about the Moon cycles, I highly recommend this book:
    • And here’s a Moon Phase Calendar you can use
    • Why not download an app to your phone? Here ya go! iPhone and Android
    • I’ve added the Phases of the Moon Calendar to my Google Calendar so I always have it there to guide me when planning anything!

    Crystals & the New Moon
    So…at every New Moon, I try to either do a mini cleansing out ceremony on my own or I get to a Women’s New Moon Drumming circle to drum it all out!

    [caption id="attachment_14755" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Ready with my azurite to drum in our women’s circle for New Moon.[/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_14756" align="aligncenter" width="600"] New Moon drumming altar at a friend’s home. All decked out in kyanite for better communication between all the bodies of our auric fields.[/caption]
    5 Steps for Setting Intentions & Manifestation with Crystals at New Moon
    1. First, I’ll gather the crystals I’ll be working with. This can vary greatly depending on what I want to manifest. But cleansing out energy from the last lunar cycle is always a must. Its like cleaning house.

    Some tried & true crystals to work with at this time are:

    • staurolite (for physical body cleansing)
    • halite or clear quartz for energetic cleansing
    • labradorite for tapping in to the magic of the new moon
    • indigo gabbro for connecting to new moon energy,planting seeds and clear intention setting
    • moonstone always helps for tapping into lunar energies.
    [caption id="attachment_16477" align="aligncenter" width="600"] My New Moon Crystals; Clockwise from top left: moonstone sphere (looks like the Moon itself, no?, silver rutile quartz (for silvery lunar energy), halite block, fairy-dusted clear quartz, stauralite pendant[/caption]

    2. Then I begin by being in (or creating) sacred space. If you don’t already have my free eKit on Creating Sacred Space with Crystals, then grab that now.  That will usually consist of sage smudging the space that  I’ll be in ceremony in.

    This is the smudge prayer to the four directions that I use: 

    We call on the Spirit of Sage to drive away negativity from our circle.

    Spirit of the East, Great Spirit of Air, Bring peace and inspire this circle.

    Spirit of the South, Great Spirit of Fire, energize and protect this circle.

    Spirit of the West, Great Spirit of Water, bring purity and cleanse this circle.

    Spirit of the North, Great Spirit of Earth, ground and strengthen this circle.

    Great Father Sky, guard this circle from above.

    Great Mother Earth, nurture this circle from below.
    3. Next, I’ll contemplate what I’d like to cleanse & clear out & if there’s anything I’d like to “plant seeds” for. I’ll write those things down in a special notebook just for this purpose.

    4. Now, I’ll take the crystals & place them on my altar along with lighting some candles. Sometimes, I’ll create a crystal grid dedicated to my purpose & intentions.

    5. I’ll usually play some nice meditation music from Pandora &  choose a crystals from the ones I’ve selected for this New Moon. With that crystal in my receptive hand, I’ll get comfy  & do a short dedicated meditation  focusing on the intentions, usually no more than 15 min.

    So, that’s it. Not too complicated, but VERY POWERFUL!

    I hope you enjoy this ceremony at the next New Moon. And if you have your own way of honoring the moon cycles using crystals, please post in the comments below!

    Crystal Blessings & Tons of Moon Beams!!


    I’ve got a little something to say about MONEY and Spirituality

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    money and spirituality

    Ever get that nagging feeling that something is bubbling up inside of you needing to be said?

    Before I go any further…

    PLEASE NOTE: I’m taking a risk here again…but I feel it needs to be addressed. This of course, is my opinion. It doesn’t mean that my opinion is the best 1 or the only 1, it’s just mine, that’s all. Flaming will not be tolerated here. This is a negativity-free zone. Although I enjoy a healthy, respectful & mature debate be forewarned that any nasty, negative or demeaning comments here on MY BLOG will be promptly deleted so don’t waste your energy.

    I recently had this feeling + a number of signs prompting me to get my opinion on this money matter out there into our community. I know many others have done this before but I wanted to add to the mix with my humble take on it since it seemed so many in my circle were/are having trouble around it.

    Have you noticed this undercurrent belief in the new age/spiritual community that big abundance should not be made off of big dreams or anything to do with new age-y stuffs?

    This whole “$ is a no-no & frowned upon” thinking?
    I feel this thinking is powerfully keeping many in a false poverty mindsetunnecessarily.
    A sure-fire way to sabotage yourself from ever being prosperous is to keep the embarrassment & shame around making money & charging what your worth. Yep, that will put the nail in the coffin for ya.

    I’m also realizing that wishy-washy boundaries is all wrapped up with this money-thing. So, I’ve made it a small mission of mine to empower the spiritual community with FIRM BOUNDARIES.

    BTW, amazonite is a great stone to help you with that!!

    [caption id="attachment_10677" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Your Boundary Ally! Amazonite (photo credit: Rob Levinsky of[/caption]

    Join me in my video below as I push this hot button topic of money, spirituality & simply doing what you’re meant to do on Mama Earth. You’re here to make an impact.

    CLICK TO TWEET IT OUT: Your prosperity & success will benefit others @Hibiscus Moon
    MONEY and Spirituality

    Yes, I feel money CAN be a vehicle for love, for our good intentions & a way to be of BIG service to others. I feel that money in the hands of conscious people is a magical catalust for change. Can we get our spiritual community to get over the idea that Money = Evil? Can we have more spiritual practices organized around making money & then HOW to use it to make those big changes?

    Is it possible?
    “…a reverent businessman or businesswoman is a person who infuses a new energy into the archetype of entrepreneur, shifting it from a dynamic that is motivated by profits that are generated by serving others to a dynamic of serving others that is made possible by profits.” ~ author Gary Zukav, The Seat of the Soul
    Here are the inspiring resources that I mentioned in my video from people I admire:

    • VIDEO/AUDIO: Discussion between Marianne Williamson & Marie Forleo, very enlightening
    • VIDEO/BLOG: 3 Ways Your Money Blocks are Killing Your Business by my fav money mindset maven, Denise Duffield Thomas
    • VIDEO: How to Set Boundaries by Marie Forleo
    • AUDIO: Wealthy, Healthy & Wise Interview with Rev. Michael Beckwith & my biz coach, Lindsay Wilson
    • BOOK: Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life by Henry Cloud *this book has a religious Christian slant*
    • BOOK: Setting Boundaries with Difficult People: Six Steps to SANITY for Challenging Relationships by Allison Bottke *this book has a religious Christian slant*
    • BOOK: Sacred Success by Barbara Stanny
    • BLOG: Spirituality and Money by Jim Tolles
    • BLOG: How To Change The World Through Business by Leonie Dawson
    • BLOG: How to Use Crystals for Abundance by me!
    • EKIT: my Attracting Abundance & Prosperity with Crystals eKit

    So…are you FINALLY ready to let this schist go??
    In the comments below tell me (& all the other Crystal Hotties) what’s your limiting belief around money that you want to KICK TO THE CURB?! Please leave a comment below & share your story — including your biggest take-away lesson learned. This helps to pay it forward to the entire community!

    Thank you so very much for watching, sharing & contributing, Jelly Bean.

    Now, release it, Baby!