The Magic Pill…or Crystal?

One question I often get is:

“How can I use crystals to help heal this, that, or the other ailment?”

At first…I used just give the one-off crystal recommendation.HBGraphic4

And then I realized…well, no, I knew…I knew all along that I wasn’t giving the entire picture. That I wasn’t giving the whole story & it was really doing people a huge disservice. My crystal recommendations were usually given in a short YouTube comment or Facebook post & that’s all that a post really allowed for most of the time; and people on smartphones or whatever don’t really want to read anything longer than that anyway so I just recommended this or that stone. Plus, people came right out & said it; they really just wanted a 1 crystal answer. Yeah. If I got too complicated in my suggestions, they often told me this!

Everybody’s looking for the magic pill…or the magic crystal in this instance!

magic pill

Well, Chick Pea: I no longer do that.

For a while now,  I’ve prefaced my “crystal-cure” answers by stating that crystal healing is part of a […]