Signs are Everywhere! Lessons Learned

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THIS WAS A SIGN!! Most definitely.

On the evening of Aug. 7 I looked up over our house while outside & saw a phosphorescent glowing blue heart-shaped or angel-winged cloud above our home. It was beaming with glow! Even though it was way too blue to be Moon glow I thought about it for a sec but immediately ruled that out since it was nowhere near the ecliptic (the normal path the moon follows through the sky..along with the Sun & all the other planets).

So…Frank (my hubs) & I pondered it for a few seconds but just kept coming back to “Its a UFO!” I’m no stranger to them & seem to have seen more than my fair share of them. I kept watching the glowing cloud closely, hoping the UFO would make itself known by peeking out from behind…all the while reaching for my iPhone to snap a pic:

Then smacked that pic right up to all my social media Crystal Hotties:

Immediately I got dozens of response on what it might be! Then I started getting other local Crystal Hotties telling me they are looking at the same thing right at that moment. I was overjoyed!!

We were all worked up into a frenzy over this amazing glow over the South Florida early evening sky!! We were all throwing around ideas of what it coud be; an angel, a portal opening, UFO, cosmic energy disturbances.
At the time of this writing:

  • 22,000 people saw that post!
  • 215 have commented on it
  • 917 “liked” it & 101 shared it.

Somewhere about 30 min. in or so along came super-smart chica, Tara, who not only questioned but felt into it & then did a little research (*gasp!*). Here’s what my friend Tara had to say about it:

She figured out all of us seeing this thing were in Florida & perhaps used some of her prior knowledge or did a little Google-ing (AMAZING what you find on the Interwebs…wow, to think I grew up only encyclopedias at our disposal for immediate info cravings…sheeesh!) & quickly figured out that this was most likely from a rocket that was just launched from the Kennedy Space Center & what we were going on about were the glowing chemical left-overs from the launch fuel clinging to the atmosphere.

SIDE-NOTE: So you may be saying…“big whoop. What’s so smart about that?” Point taken, but how often do we remember to do what Tara did? I teach this stuffs & I didn’t do it!

WELL! That totally burst my bubble, but I am a scientist at heart & I always look at the empirical evidence if it’s reliable. I like to think that I keep an open yet skeptical mind. I verified it & yes, indeedy, The Delta IV rocket had just launched & was the most likely culprit of the Cosmic Glow.
Realization & the Lesson
Then I thought to myself:

“Oh My…look at the frenzy that got going. What did I do?”

Actually. not that big a deal since it was all in fun & certainly didn’t hurt anyone or anything but I still jumped on to all the questions on my Facebook page…doing a little damage control & posted that this was a case of mistaken identity. Doh!

I love Tara for doing that! I’ve always noticed a correlation…I’ve noticed the smartest people on Earth are those that ask the MOST questions!!

So many of us just willingly accept whatever is said without really questioning, without looking at the facts, without doing any of our own research. Why? Because, perhaps, we want to. It fits our bias on the situation or it will entertain us with some drama. I LOVE UFO’s & the whole thought of them (or a portal opening up into another dimension) was too damn romantic for me to pass up, so I immediately went with that.

How many times do we do that? Do you just believe something that someone says because they said it? Sounds like fun to believe it? Because getting caught up in the frenzy & the community of it is fun or you feel like you belong now that you & the others are caught in the hoop-lah? Could it even all be LIES that you’re buying into?

I always used to teach my teenage science students to QUESTION EVERYTHING! (Their parents may not have liked that in certain situations. But I still think it was an important life-lesson).

This quote used to hang above my white board in my old science classroom:

“It’s not that I’m so smart , it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” ~ Albert Einstein

Yes, I’ve even brought this thinking over into my current teachings with my students in my Certified Crystal Healer Courses. Don’t just accept it b/c I’m saying it or anyone else is saying it. Do your own experimenting & research & feel into it. Then make up your own mind.

Don’t accept it just because the media is shoving it down your throat or someone said it on Facebook or wherever. If you follow blindly without doing your own research what does that say about you…about me?

Before you make up your mind about someone or something based on something you heard:

  • please check all the facts
  • truly consider the source
  • ask questions
  • do your own research

especially if this involves possibly hurting someone else (not that this Glowing Cloud situation did that…just putting that in there b/c I recently personally experienced some hurt caused by lies & think it’s just plain good advice, you know?) The things I know about the people trying to hurt me would make your toes curl but I’m going to be the bigger person. NO DRAMA. And please don’t bring drama or gossip to my space b/c you will be promptly deleted & banned. It’s my house & I keep it clean. My mantra through something like this is:

I send love & compassion to all while still protecting myself.♥

The Glowing Cloud frenzy really brought to light an important lesson for me. So, I thought I should take advantage of the platform I have here to impart this lesson to you, if you’re resonating with all of this. Maybe you’re already one of those smart-cookies like Tara & so this is all preaching to the choir. If so…I am in deep admiration of you!♥

If you’re more like I was with the Glowing Cloud…please remember, there may be MUCH MORE to the story than you know. There may be many calculated lies & drama b/c that’s what certain people thrive on…it’s oxygen to some. Know anyone like that? Is there a history of a similar pattern repeating itself over & over with certain people? Careful who you give your credence to. Did you do your due diligence? Or are you just ready to BELIEVE hook, line & sinker b/c someone said it? Please don’t go through life that way.

And when you’re just totally confused by what you’ve turned up through your questioning & research…simply ask your intuition.

Trust your heart, Jelly Bean. It does KNOW. No matter what. ♥

Have a lovely GLOWING day, Chick Pea! 😉