Peridot Paradise

On my recent Hawaiian Travels I caught hard-core PERIDOT FEVER!!

Before going, I already knew that it was on my hot list since I was going to 1 of peridot’s most enchanting birth places but I had no idea that my respect & love for this crystal would deepen as much as it did. This trip introduced me to the magic & spirit of aloha & peridot is now so much a part of that for me. ♥

Find out why in this week’s featured video. In it I discuss:

  • Peridot’s scientific & metaphysical qualities
  • Chakra alignments
  • It’s volcanic roots
  • Unicorns, Curses & Magic Green Sandyep, you read that right
  • My signature spitting at the end (I’m not proud of that. What’re you gonna do?)

Peridot Paradise

Here’s that other video I refer to in the video. 😉

A Challenge to You: What 1972 TV Show did I make reference to in the video? Please post your answer (or guess!) in the comments below! Also, please tell me about your experiences with peridot.

011 I could not stay away from this spot…visiting almost daily, finding endless peridot embedded in […]