How to Make a Crystal Grid

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Today we’re going to talk to you about one of my favorite topics; Crystal Grids! Crystal grids are like a manifestation-amplifier for any area of your life — money, health, relationships, happiness. 

One of the first things I started to make videos about on YouTube back in 2007 was crystal grids and as you can see, it kind of led me down a path. 😉

At the time, I had no idea where this exploration was going to take me.  I’m so fortunate for the journey that it’s taken me on!

So back on YouTube, where we first became friends, I have a classic (that’s a good word for OLD) crystal grid video that’s still one of my most popular videos and I often refer people to it to answer specific grid questions, especially because it does such a good job highlighting just how simple all of this can be. In fact, if you’re looking for “complicated” you’ve come to the wrong lady because I like to keep things really practical and very simple.

Well anyway, I think I made that classic video about eight years ago in 2010 and it’s high time I updated it. ❤

Since then, lots has happened.

Based on that old video, I started teaching a class (because many asked me to). I was then asked by many people to write a book about this topic, so in 2011 I created this book, Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work and it’s been very successful. Thanks for your great idea! It was actually the first book ever written on the subject of Crystal Grids. Then I started an entire Certified Crystal Healing Course (again because many asked me to). Amazing opportunities have unfolded and doors have opened up for me.

Did I do a crystal grid to guide things in this direction? You better believe it!
Crystal Grid Step By Step
Here I simply explain how to set up and activate your own crystal grid.

First, let’s go over the grid components.

Again, we’re going to keep it really simple because that’s how I roll.  Not getting to get real complicated or EXTRA. You certainly can do that but it’s not necessary. 😉

  • Center Stone: The first component you want to have is your center stone. This piece is like your all-important communicator. It acts as a broadcaster for your grids intentions.  There are so many different intentions you can specify …as many as there are stars in the multiverse! If you can think of an intention, you can do a grid for it.
  • I’m using rainbow fluorite point as the center stone in this crystal grid.  I always recommend that you choose no more than three crystal types in a crystal grid because that tends to introduce some chaos. I call it “crystal chaos”; when there are too many different crystal energies. It kind of muddies up the message. You want to keep your intention really clear.

    2.  Surrounding Stones:  next you’re going to gather your surrounding stones.  So you need to decide what kinds of crystals you want to use for that. For this grid and demonstration, I’m sticking with fluorite and also introducing some clear quartz crystals for amplifying the energy.

    I really like the fluorite natural octahedron shape. It’s gorgeous, and yes, with fluorite, it grows naturally in this shape.  However, fluorite does not grow naturally as a point.  Therefore, if I want to use a fluorite point as my center stone, it will need to be a cut and polished one.  And I do want it to be a point for this grid so it can transmit the energy. Then I can use some natural octahedron stones as the surrounding stones.  Again, keeping this template very simple. I’m surrounding the center stone with six octahedrons.

    If it’s something that’s calling to you, you can build upon your basic template: you can make it more complex and intricate. For instance, I have more octahedrons, little small ones, so I can circle them on the interior and in between.  You just want to place the crystals mindfully before you activate the grid.

    It’s perfectly OK to layer on yet another ring of more stones as long as you adhere to your original design template. 💜
    I do feel that it’s important for your grid to be symmetrical.
    As I mentioned earlier, you can create a crystal grid for just about any purpose, any intention you can think of.

    Some good intentions aligned with fluorite’s specific energetic correspondences would be:

    • Help with making a very important decision
    • Assistance with studying and concentration. Perhaps you’re currently in a course or taking some classes and you want to enhance your ability to retain the info that you’re learning.  
    • Inviting in clear energy to your space

    Next, I’m just placing six clear quartz laser points and I’m facing them outward. I usually point them outwards so they can further radiate the energy torus of this grid in an outward direction.

    3.  Sacred Space:  another important component of your crystal grid is that you put it in a place that’s sacred. A place that is sacred to you. Maybe it’s a special room that you have, maybe it’s just a tiny corner in a closet, a place that’s designated your own, that the crystal grid will be safe from pets batting the stones around or kids playing with them or messing with them.

    Make sure your sacred space is cleansed both physically and energetically. Maybe that means you sweep and physically give it a good cleaning and then light some incense or a candle or smudge your space. You can play some relaxing music, do some chanting, meditating or perhaps do some praying in the space. Whatever it is, it’s important that it’s a place that you’ve designated and is sacred to you.

    4.  Activate Your Crystal Grid:  it’s time to activate your crystal grid.  I have a special little box that I keep my activation wand (plus some other grid supplies) in.  I use a clear Lemurian point for an activation wand. Now, it does not need to be a Lemurian crystal. All that you need for an activation wand is a natural crystal at least two inches long with a tapered point on the end so that it’s directing energy outwards.

    A crystal always directs energy towards the point if it’s a natural point.  Your activation wand is the tool or device you’re going to use to direct your intentions and energy into your crystal grid.

    This step is going to actually kind of “turn it on”. Activating your grid with a wand allows you to project your intention into your grid.

    5.  Affirmation:  come up with an affirmation, a short affirmation of a positive phrase or a positive word that is a statement that summarizes what it is you would like your crystal grid to bring about.  You might want to write that affirmation down and then with your activation wand in hand while stating your affirmation, point the activation wand at the center stone and you’re going to visualize energy beaming from your body into the wand and out through its point, the apex, and into your center stone.

    For example, for my fluorite grid, I could say something like this:

    “I’m very smart and capable of making the best and wisest decision for my highest good.”

    Then you slowly move your wand from stone to stone as if you were just connecting the dots.

    I like to go from like stones to like stones.  So I go through all my large fluorite octahedrons connecting them first and then back to my center stone, just as if you were cutting a piece of pie.  Then I go to my small octahedrons and so on. You go around and do the same thing all the way around the grid. You’re just playing energetic connect the dots until you’ve connected all the stones within your grid with energy, and all the while you’re stating your affirmation, you also want to be visualizing your intention coming to fruition.

    I hope this video and blog were helpful in getting you started on your Crystal Grid journey. Your well on your way to realizing their fantastic potential!

    And if you’re very intrigued by all of this and would like to get your hands on a bunch of  different crystal grid templates that will allow you to delve right into the untapped power of communicating your dreams to the Universe and MANIFESTING with clarity… I’ve got my Crystal Grids Template Package right over here for you to check out. 

    If you feel inspired to share the details of your Crystal Grid, I’d love to hear what you’re manifesting, what crystals you’re using and your intention in the comments below.

    Crystal Blessings,



    Crystals for the Color of the Year | 2018 | Ultraviolet

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    Today I want to talk to you about Pantone’s Color of the Year and my crystal matchup for 2018. We’re talking ultraviolet crystals here… or more specifically, fluorescent crystals.

    I started doing this Color of the Year Crystal matchup a few years ago… starting in 2013 with the color Emerald.  It’s always fun to do this; it allows me to get a little creative, digging around and finding a cool match up for it.

    Here are the links to the past five years in case you’d like to check those out too:

    • Emerald: Color of the Year 2013
    • Radiant Orchid: Color of the Year 2014
    • Marsala: Color of the Year 2015
    • Serenity and Rose Quartz: Color of the Year 2016
    • Greenery: Color of the Year 2017

    Ultraviolet Crystals …That’s a Color?

    Pantone’s color choice for 2018 is the color “Ultraviolet”.  And I put that in quotes because ultraviolet ain’t no color. It’s technically a particular type of frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum, just beyond and slightly higher frequency than the visible light spectrum. Of course, leave it to me to get geeky about it, but it’s not really a color. 😉

    However, Pantone has interpreted it as a color, as most people probably do, because of the word “violet” being included in “ultraviolet”, as a VIOLET-PURPLEY color.


    I just want to share a little bit of their specific description:
    “We are living in a time that requires inventiveness and imagination. It is this kind of creative inspiration that is indigenous to Pantone UltraViolet, a blue-based purple that takes our awareness and potential to a higher level.”
    Do you sense and feel the mysticism that they’re pulling into this description here?

    This goes along with the whole idea of mysticism, spirituality, and crystals, and how they all kind of interplay with each other. It seems to be a popular trend for 2018 and Pantone jumped on the bandwagon, or maybe they helped spur the bandwagon forward. Anyhow, they present Ultraviolet very cosmically, don’t they?

    Well, spirituality, mysticism, crystals all of it; this is the stuff we’ve been talking about for years! What we love and talk about has hit the mainstream now, full force, in 2018. And here it is now represented in the Color of the Year.
    My Crystal Pick
    Instead of going for… well, I was going to say “a literal translation of ultraviolet” (but as I said, it isn’t a translation of the color ultraviolet because there’s no such thing)… I’m going to go to the scientific explanation of what ultraviolet technically is and chose the minerals and crystals that actually, physically have the capacity to glow under ultraviolet light; the fluorescent specimens.

    How about that? So let’s get into it!
    Fluorescent Crystals
    Some minerals actually have the characteristic of being fluorescent under ultraviolet light.

    Click here for a list of many fluorescent crystals.

    Out of approximately 4500 minerals that we know of on planet Earth, about 500 of them have this characteristic. This characteristic is actually a really useful one for easily identifying minerals from others that closely resemble them.

    [caption id="attachment_21085" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Fluorescent opal[/caption]

    Sir George Stokes was the physicist and mathematician who first realized that some minerals have the ability to fluoresce under ultraviolet light.  He first discovered it with the mineral fluorite, which he noted was actually able to glow; emit this powerful vibrancy under ultraviolet light. So, he called this characteristic; the ability for a mineral to do this, “fluorescence”, naming it after the mineral he first noted it in.

    He then tested many others and realized that fluorite wasn’t the only mineral that could do this.

    It’s amazing to see these minerals that do have this property of fluorescence, to glow under ultraviolet light. They look completely different from how they look under regular light to our eyes!
    The Science
    There are actually different wavelengths of ultraviolet light:

    • shortwave
    • medium-wave
    • long-wave

    All of these waves are a higher frequency than visible light wavelengths, so just a step above the colors that we can see on the electromagnetic spectrum.

    These higher-frequency waves are just outside of what we’re able to detect and measure with our eyes. But we can measure and see their effects on certain minerals; the ones that fluoresce. What might appear as a dull, gray rock might actually vibrantly glow in all kinds of beautiful, bright, vibrant colors under ultraviolet light.


    [caption id="attachment_21086" align="aligncenter" width="800"] By (Hgrobe 06:16, 26 April 2006 (UTC)) – credit: Hannes Grobe/AWI (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons[/caption]You might remember back in science class when you started learning about chemistry. What happens is the ultraviolet frequency will cause some electrons in some of the electron shells of the atoms that make up the mineral to temporarily gather up some extra energy from the ultraviolet higher frequency. They’ll actually jump up to the next higher electron shell… and then fall back down.
    Quantum Sidebar:
    When an electron in an atom has either increased or decreased in energy, it jumps electron shells within the atom (we call that a “quantum leap”). That certain amount of energy can be described as a literal “little bundle of energy” — no matter, just energy. Now, it’s that actual teeny-tiny bundle of electromagnetic energy that we call a “quantum” aka a photon of light. EM energy = light…one and the same.

    When the electron falls back to its original electron shell, it actually leaves behind an energetic imprint.
    Remember that energy can never be created nor destroyed, only transformed from one form to another; AKA First Law of Thermodynamics AKA Law of Conservation fo Energy!
    So, as already mentioned, that atom leaves behind some energy in that higher electron shell. Some of that leftover energy is what’s actually giving off this light that we’re able to see! Pretty cool, right?

    Also, the different wavelengths of ultraviolet, the short, the medium, or the long-waves will affect minerals differently as far as what colors they fluoresce. The reason is that the various wavelengths will cause different electrons to excite in different ways.

    If you have a UV light or black light you can witness this for yourself.
    A Metaphysical Side to This?
    I do feel that there’s a special energetic property inherent to minerals that fluoresce under ultraviolet light that we can tap into on a metaphysical level because they possess this special characteristic that not all minerals do.

    What do you think?

    I encourage you to start working with fluorescent crystals and see if you notice any unique metaphysical properties about these minerals because I would like to share that in our community and see if we can collectively come up with some meaningful data on that.

    Let’s experience this together and see what we can come up with. Please jump in and share your findings or comments below.

    Crystal Blessings,




    2 More Cool Crystal Properties to Prove that Crystal Energy Ain’t No Scam!

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    A while ago I wrote a blog post answering the question:
    “Is the power of crystals & quartz energy a scam?”
    This is that post.

    Well, my usual MO on questions like these is to simply throw some science at it. That usually gets the skeptics to sit up & listen. 😉

    In that post, I dove deep into piezoelectricity; a scientific property of quartz crystals that explains 1 way they give off energy.

    That blog post certainly was (surprisingly to me)…a big hit!

    What I thought would be a topic that would sort of quietly disappear into internet wasteland (yeah… I needed to write it anyway simply b/c it brings me so much joy to share the sparkly musings in my head)…with me blissfully spouting off my science mumbo jumbo as I tend to do from time to time…ended up being a very popular post with it sort of getting viraly shared about…and had many of you in the comments asking for more info about the other scientific properties of quartz that I had mentioned.

    Well you don’t need to ask me twice!

    I’m on it.

    Just took me a while to get around to this post. (You should see the pile of backed up draft blog posts I have going on over here.) I don’t think I’ll ever run out of crystal content to write about on my blog…for joy’s sake! I have so much fun doing this shizzle. 😀

    OK, here we go.
    What is Pyroelectricity?
    Similar to piezoelectricity…pyroelectricity is the ability to transduce (**transform 1 kind of energy from 1 form to another) a temporary voltage when certain crystals are heated or cooled. So we’re talkin’ transforming heat energy into electrical energy or vice versa.

    This word comes from a Greek prefix: “pyr” which means FIRE…so we’re literally talking about fire-electricity here!

    It’s hard to demo this for you b/c the temp change has to happen slowly & uniformly…so all over the crystal at the same time.

    But here’s a graphic I made that helps to visualize it…

    So it’s the change in temperature that causes the crystal’s atoms to gain or lose energy, thereby changing their positions in the crystalline matrix.

    For whatever reason it makes the atoms want to polarize.

    Polarizing is when all the negatively charged atoms want to go hang out together on one end & all the positively charged ones want to go hang out together at the other.
    When said polarization happens, the change & movement of the atoms generates electrical potential! The effect is commonly known as static electricity.

    This property was first noticed in tourmalines in the 1700’s when it was noted they could be used for cleaning ash from tobacco pipes…b/c when briefly heated, the tourmaline would polarize & then they’d easily attract & then repel the hot ashes like a magnet. Tourmaline can also attract bits of paper, dust & straw. Amber can do this too!

    SIDE NOTE: It’s this property that makes tourmaline crystal such a great choice for flat irons & curling irons…yeah, the ones we use on our hair!

    Tourmaline hair straighteners have plates made from actual ground up tourmaline crystals. (Always choose these over the ceramic or metal irons for your hair.)


    Well, now you know that the pyroelectric property means that when tourmaline on the iron is heated up, it will polarize…so 1 end will be negatively charged & the other will be positively charged. It’s the negatively charged end that will be making the hair pretty here by making your hair look super shiny & smoothing down the cuticles.
    Pyroelectric Crystals

    • Colemantie
    • Dipotase
    • Amber
    • Hemimorphite
    • All tourmalines
    • All quartz

    This scientific property is an exciting visual one where we actually see a flash of light!…best seen in the dark.

    Here I am in our bathroom with 2 rose quartz chunks demo’ing this very cool property for you….

    With this property we can see the energy with our own eyes being transduced from mechanical energy into light energy…we actually see the internal & external flash of light. This is a property that about 50% of minerals have. And with over 4500 minerals and counting, that’s quite a lot!

    Science can’t explain everything (**gasp!**) & this property isn’t really well understood in physics…yet anyway.

    Some think that triboluminescence is much like lightning, in that the impact causes an electrical current that travels through the crystal allowing trapped molecules of gas to emit light. Some explain it by saying that the impact adds energy to the system which excites the crystals’ electrons. Eventually, the electrons fall back to the original state & when they do, you get that flash of light. 
    Try It Yourself!

  • Wear some safety glass just in case…small shards of quartz can go flying
  • Grab 2 rose quartz OR milky quartz crystals (not your prized pieces b/c this will damage them somewhat)
  • Go to a darkened room
  • Now take the edge or side of 1 of your crystals & strike it against the other crystal. Use force…like you’re striking a match
  • Since this is something that can damage your crystals, you may want to think twice before trying this out with specimens that you are very protective of
  • You’ll see that characteristic orange-yellow spark/glow inside the crystal! You’ll also get a strange metallic smell in the air. Totally normal, Chick Pea. 🙂

    Triboluminescent Crystals

    • quartz
    • sphalerite
    • fluorite
    • diamond
    • calcite
    • muscovite
    • opal

    You can get different energy glow colors too! It all depends on the type of crystal.

    So how does all this scientific property mumbo-jumbo help us with Crystal Healing?
    Now that I’ve explained how this energy transduction works, can you see how crystals can most certainly affect our environment on an energetic level?

    And as I said before, I feel that understanding (at least on some level) the very real power that our crystals have…power that can be proven scientifically and is taught in physics and used in technology is the key to 2 things:

  • getting others to accept it as a healing modality
  • giving crystal healers the confidence that they sometimes lack
  • Not to mention that the piezo, pyro and tribolumenescent properties of certain crystals are highly beneficial to our energy fields.

    In my Hibiscus Moon Method, I teach a very specific technique in detail that allows our Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healers to tap into all the power inherent in these properties…and I teach you more on the physics behind why it works. We involve the transducing aspect, allowing it to play a big role in crystal therapy!

    So please let me know … Did this blog helped you to learn a bit more about the science behind crystal healing?  Or did it bore you to tears?  …let me know that too in the comments below!

    Crystal Blessings,




    P.S. If this sort of thing appeals to you & you’d like to go way deeper in your crystal practice this is just a taste of the type of info I teach in the Certified Crystal Healer Course. We’ll be enrolling again for our fall term very soon. You can get on the Wait List here.