Layers of Healing Energy and Amplifying Results

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Hi Crystal Hottie!

I’ve got another “Crystal Healer Interview” today! Yes, more fresh, new & inspiring crystal perspectives from others that are living & breathing this crystal path.

And just in case you’re not familiar with what exactly is goin’ down…these Crystal Healer Interviews allow me to introduce you to crystal healing from another perspective (other than my own). So we’ve got a few Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healers & Advanced Crystal Masters who are so generously sharing their stories with us.

Well, I’m excited to introduce Certified Crystal Healer  Jodi Cohen!

Jodi shares with us her journey with essential oils and crystals bringing layers of healing energy to her family & beyond.

And Here’s Jodi…

What brought you to the world of crystal healing?
I have always loved rocks. I had a rock collection as a kid, including crystals that I carried with me into adulthood.

After I started working with plant energies through essential oils, I started getting intuitive messages to work with other earth elements like crystals. I mentioned this to my friend and mentor Natalie Lussier and she immediately recommended Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. I loved Hibiscus Moon right away and signed up for all her classes to learn more.

Everything Hibiscus Moon taught completely resonated with my intuition.

I have long believed that minerals and plants share a similar innate intelligence, a kind of blueprint that can help us realign and balance the human mind, body, and spirit and I really loved the way Hibiscus articulated that in a such a clear way.

What crystal has the biggest effect on you?
Amethyst – purple has always been my favorite color and I feel like amethyst helps guide my intuition, ground and center me. I use it the most in my healing work, both on others and on myself. I have a beautiful large amethyst that I keep in my bedroom and often hold during meditation.

I actually use the amethyst when I meditate. I place it next to me or hold it near my heart with the intention that it helps to clear my intuitive channel and open my heart to receiving whatever information is most important for me to understand.

I also get a lot of intuitive downloads in the shower and often turn off the lights, light a candle and place the amethyst next to it. Our shower is glass and I can perfectly see the illumination of the candle and the crystal – I focus on them while I hold a question in mind and almost instantly the question is answered.
What do others in your life think about the path you are on?
They are super supportive and curious.

I am blessed with open minded friends and family members. They are also very curious and interested in the new information that I learn and synthesize. My 12-year-old daughter has become quite adept at using a pendulum and proudly shares her knowledge with her friends and teachers, opening minds and hearts in her wake.
What do you think made the biggest difference to you on this path?
Validation and Results.

I love when I stumble upon a book or program (like HMCA) that completely validates all of my intuitive guidance. Also, my health has improved.
The combination of diet, essential oils and crystals has really helped me improve my family’s health
You cannot argue with results!  I also feel like the oils and crystals have helped clients and customers return to balance so their bodies could heal.

How do you navigate being a crystal healer and a mama on a daily basis?
My youngest son and his health issues were the impetuous for me to begin exploring natural health options, so my children have been raised to be very open to and appreciative of crystals.

My son, like so many children on the planet today, is deeply sensitive, highly intuitive and easily affected by the energies of others, including the energies of genetically modified food, pesticides, and mold.  This presented as behavioral challenges, including poor focus, impulse control and aggression. Changing his diet and adding essential oils to help with digestion and attention helped a great deal.

I created my own essential oil company called Vibrant Blue Oils with proprietary blends that balance different organ systems. The oils that most help my son are Parasympathetic, Intestinal Mucosa and Anti-Inflammatory. He was doing better, but I knew that more was needed and really believe in layering modalities to amplify the results.

The addition of crystals helped ground him.  Placing them around his bed while he was sleeping, proved to be the missing piece of the puzzle. We live in an urban environment and I suspect his little system was still revving and feeding off that energy while he was sleeping. The combination of Hematite and Smokey Quartz which I placed at the foot of the bed was noticeable. He is very drawn to crystals on his own and has selected a large green jade crystal that I have noticed he likes to hold when he is feeling sad.

Do any ridicule you for being interested in crystal healing? If so, how do you handle that?
Not really.

I have a pretty good gauge of how open people are to hearing about oils and crystals so I don’t really discuss it if I detect resistance. On the other hand, my friends have had a front row seat on my healing journey, so they have witnessed first-hand the benefits derived from crystals and essential oils.
What is the primary way you utilize crystals in your practice?
I use them to ground clients, open and clear chakras. I also use gem elixirs to support different organs. For example, pictured below is my altar which includes a crystal grid that I have been linking to the gem elixirs.

Charging the gem elixirs with the moon cycles…each vial contains charged water with specific crystals selected to enhance different chakra/organ centers. I then layered the sacred geometry/mandala energy of each chakra below the vial and color on top and charged them during the new moon and full moon cycles.

What do you love most about working with crystals?
I love the additional layer of healing that I can offer through crystals and gem elixirs.

In my nutritional practice, I was always impressed by how well trace elements helped to balance and heal. I believe the same energy resonates from the crystals and can be captured in gem elixirs. I feel like gem elixirs are very alive and balancing to the body.

From where do you draw inspiration in your crystal practice?
I wish I could tell you. I get downloads, mostly in the shower or during yoga and suddenly I just know what I am supposed to do!

I also get good and very clear results with the pendulum.

What 3 energy-work or spirituality books are you loving right now?
1. Healing is Voltage by Jerry Tennat
2. The Fourth Phase of Water by Gerald Pollack (also a Ted Talk)
3. The Fear Cure by Lissa Rankin
What are your BIG DREAMS now that you’ve graduated?
I want to empower people to take charge of their own health and help them learn to support their health with crystals and essential oils.

I really believe that we are all magnificent beings with unlimited potential and most of us have just forgotten about our amazing intuitive gifts and talents because we are so stuck in the minutia of our daily stressful lives.

I look at it like a dirty windshield which makes it hard to see.

It could be our diet and the consumption of food that triggers an inflammatory response and dims our intuition.  It might be external stressors; like work, relationships and children, or it could be negative thought cycles, like recalling traumatic events, or any unresolved fear, anger or grief that keeps our windshield dirty and blocks our access to our own light and power.

I believe that earth medicines, like nutrient dense whole food, organic or wild crafted essential oils and rocks, minerals and crystals, help shift us into balance, cleaning the windshield so that the light can shine in and we can experience our own power.

I don’t claim credit for empowering people. I think I am just helping to guide them to natural tools like crystals and essential oils that connect them to nature and their natural talents and abilities. In other words:
I help them find the natural tools they can then use to clear their windshield so they can wake up to their natural potential and talents.
I am very proud of the essential oil company I have created, Vibrant Blue Oils, as I feel it helps give people some clear guidance. That is one of the things that really resonated for me about Hibiscus Moon and her programs. She gives clear guidance in an area that has not been clear and allowed people to flounder while they were trying to find their way.

I really want to make it as easy, accessible and clear for people to connect to our natural earth medicine, be it food, crystals or essential oils. I think the easier you can make it and the more guidance and hand holding you can provide, the more people are able to bypass their internal excuses and step into their power and light.

Jodi’s Bio:  Jodi sells proprietary blends of essential oils designed to balance the body, brain, and emotions. Last year she started getting intuitive downloads about integrating other Earth Medicines, like gems and signed up for the Certified Crystal Healer Course. She has experience working with structured water and loves learning about gems and sacred geometry to incorporate into gem elixirs that can be used in combination with essential oils. Jodi believes that plants and minerals share similar healing energies and the combination of both enhances the synergies.  Jodi’s website is


Hibiscus again here…

Thank you, Jodi, for sharing your personal sparkly journey with us & all your wonderful insights!

If you resonate with anything Jodi has shared with us here please leave a comment below. 🙂

Crystal Blessings,

Hibiscus Moon

A Crystal Mix to Fire up Your Creativity

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creativity crystal mix

Ever feel like you’ve hit a creative dry spell or like you have nothing new to make, say, do? Today, I’m gonna to talk to you about a vibrational frequency combo we can use to give ourselves a boost of creativity when we really need it.


OK, so this is for those of us that create… create anything, whether you’re writing a book or painting a painting or sewing something up — anything at all! We create in so many different glorious ways.

But, sometimes you run across periods of time where your creativity-well dries up, and we’ve all run into those times where you’re just plain blocked. You’ve hit the Creativity Wall. 🙁

Maybe you set aside a specific time to sit down and do your creative work, so you sit down and you can’t think of a single freakin’ thing to sculpt, you can’t think of what to write, to make; it’s just not flowing to you as you know it has in the past… you know, when you’re in the zone.

This often happens to me when I’m writing my crystal content. I strictly schedule out my week so I write on certain days; I don’t just go and do it when it strikes my fancy. I find sticking to a planned out schedule is what USUALLY works best for me and sticking to this system like glue is great for my boundaries and consistency, but it’s NOT always the best for inspiring creativity.  Yeah, there are those times when it just doesn’t happen and I sit down and my Creativity Muse is nowhere to be found.

Luckily, I do feel there are some things we can do, energetically, to help kind of coax that creativity back & get back into your Zone of Genius.

And of course, for me, that usually involves crystals!
Crystal Creativity Mix
I’ve spoken about Carnelian quite a bit before related to boosting creativity.

This stone is closely related to your sacral chakra, the second chakra. Carnelian is all about supporting and inviting in creative flow and allowing that creation energy to travel freely.

Using carnelian helps to balance out that chakra so its working at its best and gets those creative juices flowing again.

Another favorite crystal of mine for this is Spessartine Garnet (that’s the geometric-little number, top right crystal below). Also pictured below the garnet in order are:

  • orange calcite
  • honey calcite
  • carnelian (over to the left)

This specific garnet is one that supports not only the sacral chakra but also the 2 neighboring chakras; the root below it as well as the solar plexus above it. This crystal is all about attraction; both sexual as well as creative!

I have a little Spessartine Garnet, that I show you in the video that’s a natural geometric shape, it wasn’t carved. It so easily expresses its sacred geometry. All crystals have sacred geometry at their core, but this one easily expresses it. It’s obviously in the orange color family, that’s the specific light frequency that helps to boost our creativity.

So, say I’m sitting here in front of my computer & I really need that creativity mojo-boost right then, or I’m having a hard time with a creative block… here are a few ways I may choose to work with these crystals:

  • Just place them nearby while you work
  • Do a quick 5 minute creative meditation with it while holding it in your hand
  • Or plop a non-toxic crystal choice into water and make a gem elixir drink or tea.  (Carnelian is very safe choice for doing that. 😉 )

Then I’ll also layer in other vibrational frequencies to pack a more powerful punch.
Essential Oils
My favorites for layering up the vibrational frequencies are specific essential oils that correspond & play well with Carnelian + Spessartine Garnet. I have three of them I feature in my video and I usually do all 3 in my own special little blend. I’ll burn them in an oil burner or diffuse them in a diffuser. If you’d like to learn more about playing with essential oils you can join me in my doTERRA Essential Oils Facebook group over here.

My three choices for this are:

  • Sweet Orange (or you could just go with regular orange, tangerine, or a blend like Citrus Bliss… those are all sort of interchangeable in my mind for the vibrational frequency aspect of it)
  • Bergamot
  • Jasmine

You can even dilute them with some fractionated coconut oil & make a gorgeous perfume out of it; plop in a few carnelian gemstone chips and watch how that turns up the dial on your creativity!! These scents together with the vibrational frequency of the Spessartine Garnet and the Carnelian—oh my goodness, it’s just absolutely amazing!

Light Frequency
Something else I wanted to add (that I forgot to mention in the video) that I like to do is to bathe my immediate environment in the orange light frequency since it carries the specific vibrational wavelengths of creativity. A very easy way to do this is to use an easy color changing light bulb like this one!

I talk about using these in crystal healing sessions with students in my Certified Crystal Healing Course and it’s always a big hit!

Give some of these ideas a go if you run into one of those creative blocks, and let me know how it goes for you? Please tell me about it in the comments below. 🙂

Crystal Blessings,

Hibiscus Moon

How to Ground using Crystals + Other Tips & Techniques

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BORING DISCLAIMER: I think you already know that I’m not a doctor & am not giving medical advice. Crystals should be used as a compliment to & not as a replacement for regular medical care & consultations. Let me also disclose that this is a link-rich post. I have lots of good resources here to refer you to. ALL of the products that I recommend are products that I have personally used & HIGHLY recommend. Some of the links below are affiliate links that will earn me a commission if you purchase through them, but you can certainly purchase through a different link. Just wanted you to know that I wouldn’t have them here if I didn’t totally believe in them.

Some of us struggle to stay grounded, to stay connected, balanced & centered.  Sometimes you just feel like a total space cadet.

I find I get un-grounded when I’m at an event around a lot of people if I know the focus is on me…b/c I’m an introvert. Or when I’m overloaded with work.

There are many ways to ground yourself. Here in this blog post, I’ll share what works for me. 🙂

CAUTION: In my experience though, you sometimes need to be careful to not to OVERDO the grounding. As in everything, we’re looking for balance. Doing too much grounding can possibly have a negative impact on some, making them feel too “low” & “heavy”…sometimes even depressed. But only you can determine what is best for you.

I teach several grounding techniques in my Certified Crystal Healer Courses and some that are specifically tailored for professional crystal healing sessions…to keep the therapist well-protected.
Why do we need to be grounded at all?

I whole-heartedly believe that in order to physically manifest what you want here on the physical plane, you must be solidly grounded. This isn’t necessary  “all of the time”, nor is it recommended. Hey, sometimes, being ungrounded is exactly what’s needed. But being able to re-establish that grounding when needed is key.

It’s also part of your energetic hygiene, b/c when you’re not grounded…that’s when your electromagnetic field (aka your aura) can become vulnerable and even “rip”, “tear” or “leak” your energy…or allow energetic cords to become attached.
Physical Symptoms of Being Un-Grounded

If you have 2 or more of the below symptoms, you may be currently ungrounded.; the more symptoms, the more un-grounded you may be. (BTW these same symptoms manifest when we’re exposed to too much EMF radiation and/or have various types of auto-immune diseases…chicken or the egg scenario? Just sayin’)

  • varying levels of depression
  • decreased dopamine levels
  • increased levels of adrenaline & cortisol (no bueno!)
  • undisciplined
  • fatigue
  • leg cramps or restless legs
  • headaches or migraines
  • muscle pain
  • insomnia
  • disorganized
  • unfocused & decreased attention span, cannot finish projects or see anything through
  • low stamina

Grounding is a standard & important safety procedure among electricians. With both electrical wiring as well as with our own electromagnetic fields (auras), grounding creates a direct physical connection to our planet!
This is CRITICAL, b/c Mama Earth acts as a reservoir of charges & can neutralize any excess electrical current or energy.

Grounding literally dissipates excess energy to the ground. When our homes + appliances are grounded (to a lightning rod) it protects us from shocks, shorts & interference. You can verify that with any electrician you know!

When you’re properly grounded you have a neutral charge, meaning your energy is balanced. Plus, when we’re well-grounded it’s also beneficial to us for self-protection; it helps keeps our energy focused & un-scattered.
My Go-To Grounding Stones + Mineral Treatments
One thing I like to do personally is to increase my magnesium uptake both internally as well as externally.

Immersing your body in ionic minerals, such as magnesium, will allow you to ground by picking up any excess charge. I do things like take ionic magnesium concentrate (taken internally; about 8 drops/day), magnesium bath salts or even magnesium oils (to rub on the skin or to bathe in).

I also really love to use ferromagnetic (aka iron-containing) stones as they are very effective grounders.

Remember that we have high amounts of iron in our blood which harmonizes more easily with the humongous iron core crystal at the center of our planet…yes, the very planet we’re trying to ground with…there’s a freakin’ big hexagonal iron crystal hanging out below our feet, hotter than the sun & about the size of Texas!!

***I don’t know about you but I think that’s some pretty cool shizzle!***

Good to know, right? B/c working with ferromagnetic crystals allows us to more easily entrain with the grounded energy of Earth.
A few great stones to choose from:

  • lodestone
  • hematite
  • pyrite
  • black tourmaline

In order to stay ground & balanced, another great thing to do is have skin-to-Earth contact, picking up the earth’s natural plethora of negative ions.

Because most of us are almost always in shoes, your feet don’t get to touch the Earth & pick up the negative ions that our great planet provides aplenty. Really all you need to do to ground is walk around barefoot on the Earth(I recommend doing this as much as possible).

And if you’re in a cold climate & don’t want your feet frozen to the ground, you can always go hug a tree with your bare hands. Yep! That makes the same sort of grounding circuit with the Earth.

If you wanna learn more about grounding with Mama Earth’s energy (Earthing), there’s a whole book about this that I highly recommend:

Weighted Blanket Technique
Have you heard of the weighted blanket phenomenon? It’s a safe & effective non-drug therapy known to help those with insomnia, sensory processing disorder, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, anxiety and so much more.

“Historically, Native Americans and other indigenous tribes from around the world automatically wrapped their babies snuggly in a swaddle or cradle board to ease fussiness.” stated by Tori Boucher, an autism spectrum counselor. You can check out more info on the weighted blanket technique here.

But I want to take this idea a step further specifically for grounding!

You may be familiar with the BioMat and the BioMat amethyst & black tourmaline pillow. Well…the pillow’s crystals are actually encased in a special removable quilted cover that zips off & can be used as a mini-weighted AMETHYST + BLACK TOURMALINE blanket placed over various areas of the body!! Yeah, I know~~!

Specifically for grounding, I’ve placed it over or under the legs or feet, whichever feels the most comfy. Doesn’t get any more grounding than that, huh?

I’ve been telling my Crystal Healing students about this BioMat technique for years & all who try it, tell me they love it. ♥
Grounding Gem Elixir Oil
For days when I feel a little extra grounding is in order I have my Grounding Gem Elixir Oil that I can use in a number of different ways. I can diffuse it in a space with an oil burner or diffuser, I can wear it as a perfume or I can anoint my stones & meditation altar objects. I even just like looking at it b/c its just so damn sparkly pretty!

So let me give you the recipe for this special stuffs.

BTW, I didn’t measure on this…I just added random drops of different ingredients until I liked it. We’re not baking cookies here so feel free to play with it. 😉  I  recommend that all essential oils listed should be organic, fair-trade & sustainably harvested whenever possible.

  • jojoba oil as the carrier oil base
  • several drops of magnesium oil
  • several drops of juniper berry essential oil
  • cedar wood essential oil
  • clove bud essential oil
  • patchouli essential oil
  • 3 whole cloves
  • gemstone chips of red garnet, hematite, black onyx or black tourmaline

This oil has a very comforting & calming energy while connecting us solidly to Mama Earth.  It’s potent stuffs & it smells soooo good!

So tell me Sparkly One…do you practice grounding techniques on a regular basis?  Do you work with the crystals only? Or a combo of Earthing tools?  Did you try any of my techniques listed above? Please tell me what you do to ground & balance in the comments below. 

Crystal Blessings,

Hibiscus Moon

Do Others Think You’re Woo-Woo Weird? 3 Steps to Own Your Sparkly Shit!

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Are you uncomfy coming out of the “crystal closet“?

Afraid others will think you’re weird, not get you or think that you’re just totally out to lunch?
“What is all this sage burning, crystal collecting, essential oil rubbing wacko-ness?”

I get it. It’s hard when everyone around you is not doing the same thing.

And they don’t really get it.
Story Time!
This 1 time I went to the doctor’s office & had my doc probing around with her stethoscope to check my heartbeat and had to explain to her what those hard lumps were protruding from my bra. She had a complete & total poker face while I told her that “those were my crystal companions for the day’s energies that I wanted to infuse into my electromagnetic field”.

She didn’t say another word about it & went on to the next thing.

THAT was uncomfy even for me (**I’m not going to pretend that “Oh, I’m so confident, I don’t have a problem telling ANYONE about my crystals“. Just being real with ya here), but I just put it out there anyway. **I have no idea what she made of it, but I’m hysterical laughing right now thinking about it again & typing this out!**

I even find it difficult to just explain why I don’t like to use a microwave or the regular laundry detergent that everyone else is using. That is, unless I know someone really well & don’t mind lovingly antagonizing them (like my parents). It’s also so much easier to discuss with someone who is obviously receptive & wanting to learn. But when they’re not receptive…well…having to explain yourself in these situations ain’t my idea of a good time. It’s usually met with resistance or a tinge of ridicule.

Am I right?
1. Confidence through Science
I do have a healthy amount of confidence around discussing what I do when I’m directly asked or it’s unavoidable. And I know that’s b/c I can explain the science behind how & why the crystals work.

And this is what I teach to students in my courses as well.

2. Make Peace with Who You Are
A while back I wrote a blog post about being me, the real me.

Oh, I felt quite un-easy writing that at the time.

But contrary to what I thought, the real me was welcomed with open arms. That blog post went viral and as you can see from how many comments I got on it, struck a very real chord with the Crystal Hottie Community. 🙂

So my advice now is just own it!

And guess what? You’d be surprised how many people come out of the woo-woo closet themselves when they know its safe to talk about this shizzle with you!

I had lots of experience with this while I was still a science teacher.

You would think those in the academic community would be very closed off to this sort of thing, but when it was last resort time on many situations, many in that community (even a school police resource officer) came to me to ask what crystals & other energetic work they could do to remedy their problem.
3. Find a Community
Being in a group of other like-minded people who are also cuckoo-for-crystals can be so empowering & nourishing b/c they’re all going through the same stuff as you. We need each other b/c being part of a community also gives us confidence & strength!

Yeah, this may also mean that you need to spend less time (or remove yourself completely) from hanging with people who are holding you back & won’t accept who you are.

Try to find a group either in person or online that have these 3 things going for them (b/c not all groups do!):

  • members are supportive
  • offers motivation & inspiration
  • holds a positive vibe (no gossiping, negativity is frowned on & moderated, etc.)

Finding a group like this does WONDERS for allowing you to be YOU and encouraging you to grow into your full potential. It can be an in-person group or even a virtual online one.

I can help you with #1 & #3 from above. And I’ve seen #2 come naturally as a result of providing #1 & #3 to my students in my Certified Crystal Healer Course.

Not to say you cannot achieve those things on your own. You most certainly can! All you have to do is put your mind & energy towards it.

But if you’d like me to help along on this path, my course will be opening up for enrollment very soon & this will be the last enrollment for 2016. Enrollment will only be open for a few days so if you’d like to take a look, check it out here.

Are you ready to fling those doors open, Crystal Hottie?  Maybe you already have and you’re merrily cruising along the glitter highway.  Or, maybe you’ve been looking for a tribe like ours? A Crystal Community to sparkle, shine, transform & grow with?  Where do you stand right now?  Tell us in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings,