Crystals for EMF Pollution

Powerful Crystals for EMF Pollution

Have you noticed over the last few years people have become much more concerned with EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation and now a new possible threat; nuclear radiation in the atmosphere? AKA, EMF Pollution.

Some symptoms of excess EMF radiation are fatigue, joint & muscle pain, decreased attention span, memory loss, difficulty focusing & insomnia. Yuck.

In my analysis & research I noted these are the same symptoms of being ungrounded! Of feeling Yuck and Stuck!

Could it be that too much EMF causes us to become ungrounded?

crystals for emf pollution

EMF Pollution

If you’d like to learn more about how to lower your risk and avoid EMF exposure around your house, residual magnetism, static build-up, wireless EMF along with radioactivity, here’s a great recording of an interview with Vicki Warren, the past executive director of the Institute for Bau Biology & Ecology.  Here she talks about all of these things and gives excellent advice on examining your house for EMF dangers! Awesome stuffs!

I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book. Truly eye-opening! Be informed and get protected.

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