Sacred Native Studies for Healing

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I’ve been enthralled with Native American (all of the Americas) studies for quite some time now & have sought out teachings of all sorts; college classes, Peruvian Shaman Ceremonies, books, lectures &, most recently, a local Native American Spiritual teacher who teaches us many tools (both physical & non-physical) to assist us in awakening while encourage self healing & spiritual growth. My bestie & I have held circles incorporating these teachings, Goddess Gatherings, fun shops…& its all so soul-healing & fullfilling.
Now, for whatever reason, we instinctively drew inward &  my BFF, Cathy, holds these events less frequently & for just a small group of us. This feels right & comfortable this way & verrrrry nurturing.
I’ve done lots of spiritual growth through all these exercises & its even expanded my relationships & understandings of the crystals (Stone People). Gotta luv that!  But there’s still so, so much to learn!
I’ve participated in powerful drum circles & experienced as well as witnessed the drum being used as medicine as it does its healing.

I reeeeeally want to incorporate the drum healing with crystals. Seems so natural to me! Wouldn’t that be great!?
I’ve been to lectures on ancestors crossing over & how various Native American tribes interpret this. Oh! I did a guest post over @ AnEmpoweredLife regarding Crystals to Help with Grieving.
I’ve learned the lessons of dreamtime from the weaving of a dream catcher & weaving select crystals & feathers from my very own birds into it:

And all about the power 0f energetic space clearing, healing & calling the spirits with my own handmade rattle (yup, made by me):

Now, I’ve recently made my own healing drum from elk skin (this was so empowering):




[caption id="attachment_819" align="alignnone" width="712" caption="The completed project"][/caption]

 All this work has deepened my connection with Mother Earth & the Nature Kingdoms, has allowed healing & so much learning to better commune with plants, stones, trees, herbs & animal helpers!
I am so grateful to have always, somehow, been surrounded by these teachings. I have learned so very much & look forward to learning so so much more.
OK, changing topic gear…
I just wanted to give a quickee heads up that the newly revamped Crystal Grid Template Package will be out verrry soon. Many of you have asked where the old one went since I took her down. She’s been getting a bit of a makeover & its almost time for the reveal!!!! Weeee.

The new grids package will be out before the waning Moon, of course. Like any good farmer, I mind when to plant the crops. 😉

So, have you dabbled in Sacred Native studies or have more to teach us all? Please share!

Stone People Blessings to you,