What To Do if you think You May Be a Crystal Hoarder

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Crystal Hoarding | Part 2
In case you missed Part 1 of this 2 part blog series here’s the link for you: 9 Signs You May be a Crystal Hoarder, Part 1

Listen. I don’t want to “should” on you.

If you feel that being a Crystal Hoarder is perfect for your life path then who am I to tell you any different?

You have to try to go with what your heart is telling you is right for you.  Your heart always knows exactly what is perfect for you…and what’s perfect for your living space. 😉

But if this whole “hoarding” thing is bothering you; thinking that you could possibly be in that “hoarder” category…or maybe you’re someone who is just now looking around & realizing that maybe you’ve been over-collecting without even knowing it (perhaps on the verge of hoarding?)…then let’s look at some steps you can take to get that crystal collection back under control.

6 Tips to Control your Crystal “Clutter” & get out of “Hoarding” Energy
1.  Assess & Inventory

  • Do you have so many crystals that you could open up your own store? (*hey! there’s an idea if you’re an action-taker!*)
  • Do you have stones that you don’t even remember purchasing?

If so, you’ve probably been more focused on the acquiring aspect rather than actually putting the crystals to good use.

And don’t get me wrong; I know how tempting it can be to buy whatever crystal might strike your fancy.

But be intentional with your purchases. Instead of buying the first thing that catches your eye, take a mental inventory first.

2.  Take a physical inventory of your specimens
If you have a large collection, take the time now to go through it. You may find yourself discovering crystals you didn’t even realize you had!

By doing a good job at this & knowing exactly what you already have, you might just realize that you already have one—or even several!—crystals that you could utilize in place of something you’re thinking about purchasing…a suitable alternative. So you don’t really NEED to buy that crystal.
3.  Organize your crystals

Keep Pile– Have one pile that you’re going to keep. These are the crystals that you know you’ll use or that have very special meaning to you.

Get Rid of Pile– The other pile can be crystals that you don’t anticipate using any time in the foreseeable future; that you don’t feel a connection with and wouldn’t mind letting go of. You might choose to sell, trade, or gift them to someone (or to Mama Earth)….more on this in a bit.
The sorting that you do here is actually another special bonding experience you’ll have with your crystals…even those you’re planning on parting ways with.

And the time you dedicate to this activity is an opportunity to not only clean out, but really dive in & get organized with your Crystal Collection. Have fun with this, but stay focused on your priorities!

BTW, I have some more crystal organizing tips over here for the ones you’re keeping.
4.  Be Mindful Before You Buy

  • What do you plan to do with this crystal?
  • How are you going to use it?

This might seem like it’s taking some of the fun out of buying—but in being mindful first,  you’ll keep yourself from making unnecessary purchases & feel really good about the crystals you do very selectively choose to buy.

Take some time to ask yourself: 

  • What is it that you really need?
  • What crystals are going to enhance your capabilities as a healer or in doing self-healing?
  • What are your specific goals with the crystals you currently have, and with any crystals you might possess in the future?

*Sparkle Tip* Journal or jot down your answers.  This can help you remember & keep your goals in mind to avoid future impulse crystal purchases.
5.  Shopping Tips
Something else you might find helpful is to set a budget. And once you set it, commit yourself to sticking to it! This could be a monthly crystal budget or a set limit you impose on yourself before hitting a gem show. Let others know your budget too so they can hold you accountable.

This goes hand-in-hand with being mindful—when you have a set amount of money that you’re going to allow yourself to spend, you’ll want to really consider where you’re putting that money.

I have more smart crystal shopping tips over here.
6.  Purge the Excess
For crystals that are badly damaged or bits & pieces that have chipped off, I like to make an offering by giving them back to the Earth by simply planting them in the soil & letting them become part of the Rock Cycle once more.

Gifting crystals to others is such a heartfelt & beautiful experience for the giver & the receiver. Giving one of your crystals to someone can open that person up to a whole new world of sparkles! It’s a feel good way to lighten your load and share the love of crystals at the same time. Sometimes I like to leave little crystals with a cute note in unexpected places for people to find later: on a park bench or in my cubbie at my exercise class. 🙂

Here I was having some Lemurian points blessed to boost their life force energy on the altar of an ancient Hawaiian heiau (sacred place). I had purchased way too many of them & gifted almost all of them away, while leaving one behind there on the altar

Sometimes, I decide to sell my overabundance of crystals. (This is how I started selling on Etsy back in 2009. And look at where that road has led to now!! I know…insane, right?)

Perhaps they are crystals I never really bonded with & I purchased with the precise intention of selling (**that’s how I dangerously justify the purchases to myself at times…watch out for that one!), but they just ended up hanging around longer than they should have. I tend to do that a lot these days since I only get around to selling about once or twice a year now.

You may be thinking…
What if you regret selling or gifting them later?
Yes, I’ve regretted selling off or gifting out certain pieces.

BUT!…I prepared for it. I knew that would be the case & was at peace with it. If you go into selling or gifting knowing that you’ll probably also bump into some regret then it’s not as big a deal when it hits you.

You already knew you’d have a few regrets possibly pop up.

No biggie.

You can handle them more easily when you’re prepared for them, Lima Bean. 😉

You know what really helps me? Having photos of my crystals that I’ve parted ways with. I can look at them longingly whenever I want to and remember their beauty & know that I made the absolute right decision & that those crystals are now with exactly who they were meant to be with.

In fact, here…let me show one that I have mega regrets about & think back on all the time.

This Smokey Quartz & Citrine Double Terminated Penetrator Twin with Rainbows…

GEO GEEK ALERT: Let me just take a sec to tell you WHY this piece is so special: B/c its an amazing feat of geology! Here you see a Double Terminated Penetrator Twin that got fractured during its growth process & self healed while turning into golden citrine only above the fracture while growing into another smokey quartz! Yep…freakin’ AMAZING & I’ve never seen anything like it! Not to mention all the astounding rainbows that are in this specimen.

So, a few years ago I sold that to a dear sweet soul & I KNOW that crystal is with exactly who it was meant for. I was simply the “foster parent” to facilitate that beautiful union & was honored to do so. 🙂

PLUS! I have photos I can always look at. That makes all this selling stuff a whole lot easier for me; having the photos to look at any time I like. I can even use the photos to tap into the energy of that piece as well!

You can def. do the crystal selling thing too if you wish to…the internet, eBay & Facebook just make it all so freakin’ easy. You can do it!

**But only take this on if you know you’re an action-taker! If you tend to say you’ll do stuff but never actually get around to it then stay away from this option.

Orrrr…you may like to do what I did recently to clear out your stash…

My De-stash for Charity Post/Video

The highest bidder ended up bidding $500 so Hibiscus Moon, LLC matched that with $500 and together we donated the $1K total to 1 of the wonderful charities that we, as a company support, the National Wildlife Federation (this charity was chosen by a  community vote to decide who it would go to).

A win-win all around!

Maybe you could do something similar and it will make you feel really good that so much good is coming from you clearing out space. 🙂

Yeah it was hard for me to do, but I just kept reminding myself that:
simplicity is the path to peace.
By de-cluttering, I’m  creating more space for other things & energies to come into my life. Clutter of any sort can cause energy to stagnate. After de-cluttering your crystal stash…you’ll see.

You’ll get this enormous sense of clarity, lightness & freedom. Peace of mind comes from a clutter-free environment.

And passing the crystal-love on is good.

And charity is good! I know I’ll be doing this cycle again & again in my crystal work/collecting. 

BTW, prehnite (below) is a gemstone that is known to help people who hoard possessions.


Then again…isn’t that stone that Sharon added to her collection in that Crystal Hoarder video from part 1?

Hmmmm, forget I said that. 😉

Are you ready to take these steps to get out of hoarding-energy, de-clutter & mindfully move forward as a Crystal Lover?  Are you willing to release the crystals that you no longer need, or you feel belong with someone else?  You can do it, Crystal Hottie!  Please share your journey with us in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings,

P.S. If you think this post can help someone else, please feel free to share it on to them or post on social media. Thanks for sharing the love!♥

9 Signs You May be a Crystal Hoarder | Part 1

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Have you seen or heard of that show “Hoarders“?

OR perhaps you know of some hoarders in your life.  Some of us have family members or loved ones that just popped into our heads, right? 

OR…are you getting that little niggly feeling that perhaps YOU might be a Crystal Hoarder?

Hey, it’s OK if you are…many of us get that feeling. I know b/c I hang with a pretty crystal-obsessed bunch of which I may be the worst obsessor of them all. 😉

OK, I know I like to joke around…but this is serious shizzle here. Watch this …

Sharon could be me

…she could be you.

It’s not comfortable to think about but yeah, she’s one of us Crystal Hotties!
**Sharon, if you’re reading this…you are loved, you’re one of us & we’re here to support you.**
I know from experience that it can be all too easy for this passion of ours to take on a life of its own and before you realize it, you’ve amassed a huge collection of stones & rocks you barely ever use…if at all.

Some may be packed away, some may be collecting dust or you may just have too damn many!

There’s no denying that there are just so many beautiful crystals & gemstones out there! Many that you might feel a strong pull toward or an inextricable connection to….or a compulsion to collect THEM ALL!

If you take a look around your space & realize that you have more crystals than you do flat surfaces, it’s very possible that you’ve entered the realm of a Crystal Hoarder, rather than that of a Crystal Healer or a Crystal Collector.

It’s much like any addiction…yeah I said it: ADDICTION…buying crystals just makes us damn happy…in the short term anyway.

Hey, maybe you have all good intentions…you’ve got all these crystals, but you’re just not sure what to do with them. If that’s you…I’ve got a blog post that can help with that over here.
Justifying your HUGE Collection with a Rational Reason
It’s a valuable investment. Right?

Some justify their compulsion with this sort of thinking…
“Well, this crystal collection I have is worth a lot of money! It’s an INVESTMENT.”
Hate to break it to ya, but it just don’t work like that. Metaphysical woo-woo’s like you & I who are willing to pay top dollar for an entire collection are VERY few & far between. Like a “needle in a hey stack” far between.

So you think…
“Oh well, you know…those geeky mineral collectors will def. pay top dollar for my sparkly collection!”
Think again!

If your collection is not kept pristine, all in boxes with proper mineral labels then your collection has a ZERO dollar value to them.

And usually there’s a big difference between the minerals that geo-geeky mineral collectors are interested in and the kind us WOO-FOLK are into.

Annnnnnd…unless you plan on selling each specimen individually & know a whole lot of geology about it, most mineral dealers looking to purchase the entire lot will only be willing to give you from 50%-1%  of the value of the entire collection (yeah! I know redick!…and depressing.)

So forget that whole “investment” idea.  Just let that one go…

[Let’s take a little break to look at a snippet of my “higher end” cabinet collection pieces below:]

9 Signs You’re a Crystal Hoarder
This may come off as funny, but for some of us these are very real scenarios…ahem…personal experiences included here!

  • You consider yourself a Crystal Junkie who has their very own Rock Dealer…”Say my name.” (you know I had to squeeze in a Breaking Bad reference in here!)
  • Your monthly bill at your local or online rock shop beats your monthly food bill
  • You’re thinking/talking about adding on an addition to your home…you know…a sacred space Crystal Room. You’d rather have that Crystal Room than the extra bathroom your family so needs to get ready in a timely manner in the morning.  Yes, I seriously considered this.
  • You’re embarrassed by it & avoid letting others see or know about it…like the full extent of it. I know we really shouldn’t care what others think about us, but often times this embarrassment creeps in as a way to actually help us out. It may be a sign that this is something you need to take a closer look at b/c you’re feeling badly about having over-collected or over-spent & you may need some support in dealing with this issue.
  • You keep acquiring more crystals, but don’t really use them or properly display the ones you already have.
  • You regularly empty your bank account on MORE CRYSTALS, maxing out credit cards & incurring extreme debt over them.
  • You know you have what you need somewhere…but your collection is so big or so disorganized you can’t find it. 
  • You have obsessive thoughts or fears of running out of a crystal, misplacing it or getting rid of it & then needing it later
  • You have a really hard time getting rid of the crystals you really know you should get rid of: like duplicates, ones you never use, or simply ones that you know really aren’t for you….but you just can’t bring yourself to part with them. 
  • If you’re seeing yourself as a hoarder & think you may like some helpful tips, stay tuned b/c next week here on my blog I’ll be delivering just that.

    Now, keep in mind… you can still have tons of crystals & not be a hoarder.

    So how do we tell the diff?
    Harmless Crystal Lover or Hoarder; Which are You?
    Signs of a healthy Crystal Lover & collector:

    • You have a sense of pride about your crystal collection + showing it to others; experiencing joy & gratitude in displaying them & you’re happy to show n’ tell
    • Your crystals are kept clean, well-inventoried, cared for & organized
    • You have a strong sense of accomplishment & satisfaction when adding to your collection; rather than dread, loathing or self-disappointment
    • You carefully budget your time, space allotment & the money devoted to your crystal collecting
    • You make great use of your collection, you work with it regularly, finding it to be quite practical & functional

    Let it be known that this is a fine line I often find myself walking between: Crystal Lover & Hoarder.
    Real talk here. My crystal-collection-mindset is something I have to remember to be aware of & work on all the time. I don’t think there’ll ever come a time when I just won’t need to pay attention to it b/c that is exactly when my collection will get seriously OUT OF CONTROL!

    I know it & own it.

    So what usually happens is I’ll sneak over into the “Crystal Hoarder” department, realize it (b/c I’m regularly assessing myself), clear out some of my collection back down to a more practical & manageable collection (more on that coming up next week) and then get myself back on the Lover side…for a while anyway. 😉

    This ended up being a HUGE topic that I had a lot to say about so Part 2 on:  ‘What to do if you think you may be a Crystal Hoarder’ is here. 🙂 

    Let me know in the comments if anything I wrote about here sparked off an “aha” for you. Do you have Crystal Hoarder tendencies? Do you see yourself as a Crystal Lover or a Crystal Hoarder?

    Crystal Blessings & Much Love,