Is this course for everyone?

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I want to make sure that we attract the right kind of student here at the HMCA. I love you all but we’re not all cut out to do the same things, you know?

  • First & foremost, I totally get that not everyone is cut out to do this light healer or crystal healer type of work. Sometimes there are other things that need to get worked on first. No judgements there at all.
  • That being said, I know that many get intimidated thinking “Who am I to be healing anyone?” Here at the HMCA, we realize & teach that we can all heal each other & that healing is a 2-way street…both the facilitator & the “heal-ee” exchange & receive. If we waited for all the healers to be PERFECT before they did any “healing” for anyone else….we’d all be waiting a LONG TIME!
  • Next, if you’re looking for a course that simply spews out crystal properties for you to memorize then this is not the course for you. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that but there are other courses out there for you if that’s more of what you resonate with. Our method teaches you to really get to know your crystals & we take a more personal approach to that.

OK, now that we’ve covered who it’s for and who it’s not for just wanted to also let you know that this is your last chance to enroll for the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Course! We’re closing the doors soon:

Do you have a calling to work with the crystals? A calling that could totally change your life’s path? This course will allow you to create a life in total alignment with your biggest dreams + desires. Yes…it can totally do that.

We have students from all over Mama Earth for you to connect with. They’re there waiting in our private forum; The Crystal Cave, to mentor, create friendships & talk about sparkly crystals. Our students are simply the BEST peeps in the world!! And, I’m there too ready to answer your questions & mentor you daily throughout the 10 week course.

The course closes tomorrow, Saturday, Aug. 31 precisely @ 11:59pm EST. No exception on that Sweet Pea. Sorry.
Have Questions?
Please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions here!

Once the course officially begins on Sep. 1, you’ll take 1 class per week & I’ll be cheer-leading & inspiring you through, getting you certified in 10 weeks…if you follow the course pace. Whoop~! You Crystal-Rockstar!!Or you can take up to 1 year to finish up. It’s totally up to you.

This is an incredibly in-depth, experiential, profoundly informative yet FUN online course taught by me, Certified Crystal Master & best-selling author, Hibiscus Moon, all from the comfort of your HOME; pparticipate any time of the day, according to YOUR schedule.

There’s a lot of recent buzz around using crystals for bettering our lives & we’re right in the middle of it. Did you catch Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy being mentioned in this article in the latest issue of Massage & Bodywork magazine? Oooooo, major excitement around here about crystal healing being used more & more frequently in the holistic & healing arts.

Also, we’re an Approved Provider for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. That means through this program you’ll be receiving quality instruction of the highest standards & even earn 18 CE’s if you’re a massage therapist, reiki practitioner, yoga instructor or body worker. Click here to learn more. BUT…you don’t have to already be licensed in anything at all to become a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer. 🙂
So, would you like to start a wonderful & exciting career helping people to improve their lives using crystals?
Here you’ll find a place that you can call your glittery home with classmates who may become lifelong friends (has happened too many times to count) in our sparkly community of Crystalline Cohorts. Take a gander at our FAQ’s & peruse all the goodies here. This course isn’t for everybody but if you find that this Certification is really calling to you then consider enrolling with us today. There isn’t much time left.

This course will CERTIFY you & teach you the SCIENCE behind crystal healing, while still keeping it fun. Believe me, its fun!

What’s In It For You?

  • Boost your CONFIDENCE in working with the crystals by learning the science behind how & why they work
  • FINALLY learn how to ROCK Mother Earth’s gifts as an energy healing tool & support!!
  • Satisfy your love of crystals, fill your spiritual love cup
  • Help yourself + others all around you to improve their lives using crystals!!
  • Reap the Ohhhm-azing benefits of spiritual healing, grounding, being happy + joyful
  • Increase your intuition + perception
  • Create a wildly successful career as a creative spiritual person
  • Earn GLORIOUS income doing something you absolutely LOVE

Learn more + enroll right here, Chick Pea.

If you’re ready to take charge of your future, learning about & expressing your special gifts, talents & spiritual abilities while also making a positive difference on Mother Earth, I’d be honored to help you make that happen!

I also want you to know that if this course isn’t right for you – for whatever reason – I hope to still have the opportunity to serve you, Crystal Hottie. 😉

Many Crystal Blessings!! Mwaaaaah!

Last Chance Saloon, Crystal Hottie!

Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healer, Crystal Healing

OK, this is it…in less than 5 days, my Crystal Healer Certification Course begins on Sunday, Sep. 1!! So the very last day to enroll for 2013 is this Saturday, August 31.

It’s back-to-school time & we’re starting the school year off right,  turning big dreams into reality, making HUGE transformations with a new crew of Crystalline Cohorts joining in on the SPARKLY FUN! Just take a look at what some of our Cohorts have to say about it:

Still looking for some good reasons to become a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer?

  • You’ll be learning from a highly acclaimed Academy with integrity. One that’s worked hard at earning its credentials. We’re approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. This ensures that you’ll be receiving quality instruction of the highest standards. In addition, if you’re already a massage therapist, reiki practitioner, yoga instructor or body worker this course will earn you 18 CE’s. Learn more all about that here. Or learn more about my credentials as a teacher here.
  • Our classes are recorded while the monthly Live Q & A sessions are live! The classes are meant to be downloaded, referred to & viewed at anytime, anywhere, as many times as you like…FOREVER! Each class is approx. 90 minutes or longer. BUT, the best way to totally GET what we do is to view a sample. So here’s 15 min. of 1 of our classes:
  • Want to join the most joyful + positive band of crystal lovers on Mother Earth? Well, we’d love to have you! Our Crystalline Cohorts are a loving, supportive + sparkly community of like-minded Crystal Hotties, such as yourself just waiting for you to jump into & get CRYSTAL-GIDDY with! In our private members-only “Crystal Cave” you’ll explore & discover plenty of quality inspiration & encouragement from your fellow Cohorts, not to mention all the glorious new friends you’ll make! All of this sprinkled with crystal delight & FUN.

Have some questions, Chick Pea??
Check out our FAQ here & if your answer isn’t there, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

I completely & totally believe in everything that I’ve created here with my sacred crystal academy & I know you’ll LOVE it too!:

So come join in our GLITTERY fun. You’ll be so radiantly happy that you did!

Enrollment ends this Saturday, August 31 @ 11:59 EST & its the last term for 2013.

The course can be completed in as little as 10 weeks…or you may take up to 1 full year (whatever is comfy for you). If this is your dream, to make a change this year, join us, enroll now… & let the sparkles begin!

Any questions? Concerns? I’m here for ya, Sweets. Contact us!

Wanna read through the Fun FAQ’s? Right over here.

Learn more + register right here… I’d love to help you start a wonderful & exciting career…helping people to improve their lives using crystals!!

You’ve GOT this, Sparkly One!!

Last Enrollment for 2013: Certified Crystal Healer Course

Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healer, Crystal Healing

Too cool for school? Well, how about this SPARKLY-GLITTERY school? Where you get to become a Certified Crystal Healer? Bet ya never went to school like this. 😉

Yep, we’ve once again rolled out the virtual red carpet, flung open the doors & we’re warmly welcoming some new students into our Certified Crystal Healer Course.
Enrollment is open now & our next term begins on Sunday, Sep. 1. This is the very last session for 2013.

  • Are your pencils sharpened?
  • New notebooks ready?
  • Shiny new crystals & stones all set? ♥

Then come join our Crystalline Cohorts & find out what all the Sparkly Excitement is all about! Enrollment is open for just a week and a half more!

What is the Certified Crystal Healer Course?
Crystal Healing or Crystal Therapy is a new & exciting healing modality. I, Hibiscus Moon, have developed a curriculum & certification program to teach you the art & science of crystal healing & get you Certified. Its a Crystal Healing Course like no other! Believe me when I tell you…like no other!

  • Are you drawn to working with the energies of crystals & stones but just not sure how to use them & what to do with them?
  • Do you feel you have a special connection with them & would like to enhance that connection?
  • Would you like to use Mother Earth’s gifts as an energy healing tool & supports to help others?
  • You may even like to help others realize these powerful healing benefits by becoming a Certified & Accredited Crystal Healer earning GLORIOUS income doing something you absolutely LOVE or adding to your existing services!

Here’s a list of our Frequently Asked Questions regarding this course…go ahead read it…lots of juicy details!

See? I’m tellin’ ya! This is not your run-of-the-mill crystal healer program. This course brings together physics & metaphysics to explain why & how crystals work while also serving up a healthy dose of FUN! And you’ll meet many other like-minded Crystal Hotties such as yourself making sparkly friendships along the way. 🙂

  • What Does This Course Include?
  • What Happens When You Graduate?
  • What are the Program Requirements?
  • What Supplies Do You Need?

Find all that out & much more by clicking here for all the deets! I’d love for you to join our sparkly family if this is the right time for you, Jelly Bean. But I do want you to know that this is it for 2013.

And even if you choose not to join us I want you to know that I am so happy that you’re a part of our Crystal Hottie community & that you take the time to stop by & read my blog. ♥

Super Sparkles to you today!!!

When are you ready to heal others?

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May I address something? This “something” has been poking at me for a little while so I just need to get it out.

Something that I’ve been hearing come up more frequently with my students?

Its this whole thing about some people feeling like this:

“OK, I’ve taken a class, completed a certification, received a certificate…I may even have several different types of healing modality certifications under my sparkly belt…but I’m still not ready nor prepared to heal others. Who am I to heal others?

and–by the way, I don’t feel certification is necessary at all, yeah even though I am the founder of an Academy that certifies peeps! I go over my views on that in this interview I gave a while back w/ a few other cool chicas.

Some people are born healers and may know it & they’ve got the confidence that goes along with it and…more power to you. I love that.

Some people feel like they can they can teach themselves & learn it all on their own & they become extraordinary healers!

What I’m saying is, I don’t feel certification is a necessity, nor that it’s for everyone-we’ve talked a little bit about that before.

So why bother with certifications & academies & the whole she-bang? That’s b/c a lot of us- and this is just human nature, Lima Bean- a lot of us like to have a foundation, a lot of us like to have steps to follow. We like some kind of–not that I deliver formulas at all, but some kind of a format.

And hey, I love it too! That’s why I love to teach & I love to build curricula & I just freakin’ love this sort of thing. I’ve been a teacher my whole life.

So this whole thing about:

‘Okay, I’ve got all these certifications, I still don’t feel like I’m ready to be a healer. I still don’t feel like I’ve mastered it. I still don’t feel like I’m ready. I still feel like there’s so much more to learn before I should be out there healing other people. I still feel like I have so much to heal within myself before I can go out there and heal others.’

That is just plain bullshiz! Yeah, I am calling bullshiz on that. Get over it. Get over it.

That’s what I say to that because, hey, guess what?

None of us are perfect.

Even the highest ascended masters & Source Energy itself have some imperfections, and if we’re going to wait around for all of us to become ascended masters, to get people out there healing & helping other people, then…Frick!…none of us are going to benefit from any of it.

And by the way, I don’t think being a healer-my students know this; they know this well– being a healer is not a one way street.

It’s most certainly a two way street.

So, when we call ourselves ‘healer’, it’s really a misnomer. We just use that to give a label because, as humans, we also like to have labels so we can compartmentalize things & know what everyone is talking about. So that’s a good idea. But you are a healer as well as the ‘healee’-yeah, that’s a weird word-but when we are healing others we are also receiving healing in return.

It’s a 2 way conduit to source energy. We’re giving & we are receiving; and sure as heck we need it. We need that healing just as much as everybody else does. I know I do!
So please, please get over this notion, Sweet Pea. Do not wait until you feel that you are perfectly ready–

  • all your chakras are balanced
  • you are perfectly healed
  • you do everything wonderfully well
  • you don’t do anything wrong
  • you’re in heart center 100% of the time
  • and– oh, forget it!!

It’s unattainable.

So please, get out there, share your gifts, and heal other people…and be healed. 🙂


Crystal blessings!