Want to know how it all began? How I started working with Crystals

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Transcript of the video:
First, I want to tell you about a couple of things.
A lot of you ask me about crystal skulls.
We actually get pretty in-depth into that in my Advanced Crystal Master Course. A magazine that I subscribe to Rock & Gem, in its August 2014 issue, had a really good article on crystal skulls called Art or Artifacts.

They tried to keep it relatively based in fact so that you can get a good overview as far as what’s what with the crystal skulls (giving you the facts) & then you can make up your mind from there. So, I thought that was a good article & I wanted to bring that up and tell you about that.

Then there’s the gem shows! The Tucson Gem Show is held every year in the end of January-February. There are some great online resources for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Fossil Showcase. They always have different things that are happening.

Sometimes the major places, the meeting spots move from spot to spot, but generally around all of Tucson; there are Gem Shows happening all over the place. And if you go to my YouTube Channel I have many years-worth of my escapades in Tucson.
Crystal Cohort Meet up!

This year, I was really looking forward to having a meet up with my Hibiscus Moon Crystalline Cohorts from my courses and really looking forward to meeting many of them in real life and hooking up in the “crystal-meca” of Tucson! About 25 of us gathered in a suite overlooking the gorgeous Tucson desert valley.

We had a little crystal show & tell, showing each other what we bought & what we found and our best finds of the year for Tucson 2015. If you go to Tucson Gem & Mineral site they regularly update info on all of the different main shows throughout Tucson. There is always a theme;  every year they have a theme.

In 2014,  I wasn’t really too excited because it was a very broad theme. It was like “silver and gold and gems”. Well…I was like, “isn’t that what we are here for?” They didn’t laser focus on anything for a theme, in my opinion.

The year before it was Fluorite. Now that’s a theme! I like a theme like that. 🙂 You know, really laser focus in.
OMG!! Just found out the 2016 theme!!!: “Shades of Blue – Minerals of the World”
For 2015, they took a kind of broader view, but I liked it. The  2015 theme was Minerals of Western Europe. Download the poster here!

They showcased different minerals  specifically from Western Europe. That’s kind of cool. And you can check out the show details with their brand new website that’s Tucson.org. And here’s a visitor’s guide link also for different tips for staying up to date: VisitTucson.org

If you’re not planning on heading out to Tucson for 2016, then you can check out the Gem & Mineral shows and events in your area. Here’s a website called the-vug.com with links for checking out some other great gem shows around the world. If you’re a geo-geek, like me, you know what a vug is. 😉

There they list different shows according to area and state and different things that are coming up. There are a lot. Make sure to not miss any that are coming to your local area b/c THAT is the place to be for a Crystal Hottie in the know!
How I got started working with crystals
If you read my book Crystal Grids, you have a general idea.

You know that at a very young age I was enthralled with this coffee table book that my father had from a museum & it had all of these pages and pages of beautiful photographs of different rough minerals and then faceted gems made from the rough minerals. And I was just riveted to this book. I was always in it, 3-years-old looking at it, and couldn’t believe that these were things that came from Mama Earth because they showed them in a rock matrix. And as I got a little older I started to learn a little bit more about them.

Always fascinated.

Absolutely fascinated.

We started learning about geology in school &…again totally riveted.

When I went to college, I took a lot of geology focused courses. You know, I was in different science majors. And then when I got out of college, well actually when I was in high school, I started dabbling in metaphysics, more than dabbling I got really into it. But I didn’t make the connection of crystals + metaphysics yet.

In fact it all started when I began reading my mother’s copy of this book! I’ve since read it about 6 times & will liklely read it again many more. I’ve got some sort of soul-connection to it:

And as the years went on…I don’t know, I think I was around 28, late-20s or so going to events and classes and things that I went to having to deal with lightworking and metaphysics and things that I was really interested in; just really anything that was “on the fringe” or considered occult (hidden info).

I would either read books or go to classes and events and find out more & more. I started realizing there was a connection with the crystals. I started working with them on my own reading books and doing a lot of introspective work and research on my own.

And I had this science background, because by then I had started teaching Science and my favorite thing was to dive deeply into Geology. But then I started realizing this whole “crystal healing thing” and the more and more I learned about crystal healing, crystal therapy and the more I read about metaphysics, the more I realized there were these common threads and these ways that it could merge together with science and physics specifically.

And I was like:
Wow! I wonder if anybody else is noticing this or understanding this and seeing these correlations?
So, I couldn’t really do anything about that until I discovered YouTube. I discovered YouTube in 2007, and right around then made my first video. And I knew there were other people dabbling in other things, but not really so much into the crystals but I put the videos out there with just my hands showing, not my face because I was still a teacher at the time and I was really afraid to “come out”. (I was a science department chair in what was at the time the largest school district in the US. Teachers doing social media in a big way is not a safe idea no matter what the topic.)

And I started realizing, finding and making friends with other people on the same wavelength and making connections that way. Then…like the world just opened up. I started telling them about everything. I was like “well what about this? And what about crystal grids? And what about…”

It just kind of exploded from there. Those of you that have been with me awhile you know the whole story, watched the whole thing unfold and you know exactly how it happened step-by-step and it’s like I always explain it this way:
It was like the universe was just pulling me along and  really saying “just follow your intuition and I’ll keep opening the doors.”
The business? That all unfolded the same way. I just listened & if it resonated for me, I followed.

Did it feel scary? Hell, yes!

Did I feel ready? No way!!!

But the fear felt exciting too & it felt RIGHT.

And that’s how it has always been for me on this path with the crystals.

And more and more things happen throughout my life that keep reminding me of this…because sometimes I forget to follow, remind my brain to follow my intuition…which comes from my heart. Because when I don’t, that’s when I get into little messes & things. Know what I mean?

When I follow my heart & follow my intuition things always seem to work out. And, go ahead and start before you feel ready.

That’s my message here to you today. I hope you do the same.

Follow your heart, follow your intuition wherever that path may lead.

It can only bring you to good positive things.

So let’s hear it Crystal Hottie ~ How did you start working with crystals? Please tell us about it in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings!



P.S. If you’d like my solid step by step system for starting a heart & soul-centered biz, take a look at my Energize Mastermind here.

The MacGyver Approach to Crystal Healing

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Teenagers sure are funny.

I miss teaching them science in the classroom. It was so amusing to me that they had discovered older 80’s shows on Netflix that my generation used to enjoy; Walker, Texas Ranger, Magnum PI & MacGyver to name a few. And they would often come to me in the very hands-on, unconventional classroom that I ran, wanting to try to “MacGyver” something up.

Of course, I always encouraged it (as long as it didn’t involve blowing something up!) So off they went with duct tape & paper clips seeing what they could cobble together. Hysterical!!

Years later, this “MacGyver” term has seeped its way firmly into our everyday vocab:
From the Urban Dictionary:

MacGyver (verb): v. 1. To use ingenuity to fix or remedy a problem using only the tools available at hand. 2. To jury-rig
Many of you have asked me this question on my Facebook page;
“Why can’t I just teach myself all this crystal healing stuff with books or the info available online?”
So, you want to MacGyver it up?

My answer?

Nothing’s stopping you. You can totally do that! Many have…including me. 🙂

Maybe you feel you can do a great job gathering up all the info yourself from books & the internet.

I mean, hey…I recently thought this myself…Why should I pay for that barre method training when I can just YouTube it up for free?!” (Well…I learned quickly that was NOT the way to go…talkin’ swollen painful right knee cap for a few weeks). Oy.

So you may do a really great job or you may not. It all depends…on you really.
6 Reasons why you may NOT want to MacGyver your Crystal Healing Education:

  • Sifting through many viewpoints & conflicting info – be prepared to sift through tons of random or conflicting information (or bunk internet info with no credibility…remember to always consider your source!) I had quite a time doing this & had to learn from trial & error over many years what was bunk info or just wasn’t going to work for me. (CAUTION: the internet is crawling with this).And that was years ago when there was a lot less info out there than there is now! I mean, what good is FREE bunk info? Also, be prepared to spend lots of time experimenting & researching on your own. Nothing wrong with that method. I did it, but that’s what I do. There are also inexpensive crystal healing classes. Some great, some “meh” (have you taken any of those “meh” ones?) So think about it: are you prepared to possibly waste time on crystal healing teachings & methods that may or may not work?
  • De-coding the SCIENCE – OK, so you get the top books recommended by Amazon on Crystal Healing. They must be good, right? “I’ll just read these & then I’m good to go!” Well, besides the conflicting info & some books being better than others, some of the science may not be explained in a way that you can understand, if there’s any science to it at all. Or perhaps you’d like to have the scientific stuffs clarified in way that you can easily digest. Can a book or website do that?
  • Info Arrangement – once you have all the info that you think is right for you, you need to piece it together, creating a system or structure. A lot of us like to have a strong foundation; steps to follow.  If you’d rather not reinvent the wheel, then MacGyvering may not be for you. For example, my course keeps all our curriculum, content & methods presented & painstakingly prepared & organized in a very specific way.  My Masters of Science is in Curriculum, Instruction & Technology, so doing that kind of shiz is my pride & joy, Baby!
  • Going it alone –  “MacGyvering” it means you’ll most likely be going it alone, Jelly Bean…with no community & no mentor. The value of having a community in place is immeasurable. You get built-in motivation, inspiration & accountability partners! In my course, you also get reliable mentors to coach you through. That’s totally absent when you go it alone. Not to mention the fabulous friendships that spring up from just such a community. 🙂
  • Certification – hey…I’m the first to say that certification is not necessary, but some are looking specifically for an accredited & approved certification to take you seriously… and you can’t get 1 of those suckers on your own. Now, offering a serious certification makes it much harder to run my sacred crystal biz, but due to my level of integrity, I feel this is the only way to do it. It brings a whole other level of complexity & accountability to my biz. For me, certification means the HMCA is responsible for the people certifying through us & making sure that my graduation process is one of integrity, so we have lots of checks & balances in place along with a strict grading process & verification checks. 
  • You don’t know what you don’t know – You can only hunt & research for what you already know to research, right? Through my years of working with the crystals, having case studies & also benefiting greatly from my students’ & alumni case studies there are things I’ve learned, verified & include in our curriculum that you won’t know to investigate on your own. What I teach is a specific method that you won’t find online.
  • “Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.”
    ~Daniel J. Boorstin

    Blood, Sweat & Tears (and some glitter!)
    To create a genuinely superior crystal healing certification & education takes constant contemplation, planning, effort, passion, commitment + energy all dedicated to the success of our Crystalline Cohorts. It never ends. This is a constantly evolving organism that needs continuous care…as do I. I’m always investing in myself to learn more so I can bring that to my academy. Like I said, no part of the HMCA is static. I’m confident in saying that I provide a ROCK-solid education & I’m committed & happy to do it!

    You know…the HMCA has really grown up over the years. It’s matured into an extremely successful & well-known go-to resource for all things “crystal healing”. We have grads from 33 countries, many of which are listed here on the alumni page. Crystal Healing is all over Mama Earth & touching lives everywhere!

    My Certified Crystal Healing Course has been providing confidence & igniting transformations for our students for 5 years now! We just did a complete upheaval & upgrade on our systems & tech making the course the best it can be for our students in order to to give them the best learning environment. We choose to do that on a regular basis b/c that’s how we roll ’round here.

    One of our recent grads summed up how “MacGyver’ing” her way through was working out for her,
    “I had read some of it (crystal healing) in several of the books I have, but it just didn’t seem to stick with me. I didn’t absorb it, but when explained by Hibiscus Moon during this course, everything started falling into place for me and I totally understood and retained it!”  ~ T. Stroh, CCH

    What To Do Right Now
    Review the steps above. Does “MacGyvering” your education on crystals sound like it’s for you? Maybe it is! Then go for it.

    But if it doesn’t…then don’t keep wasting money on a little class here & yet another stack of books, not knowing where you’ll eventually land. If you’re ready to get it all figured out once & for all, while making some serious crystal realizations & transformations then make the commitment to have someone properly guide you.

    If you’d like to learn the Hibiscus Moon Method & become a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer, you may be interested in my Certified Crystal Healer Course.  Are you ready to join?


    Crystal Blessings!




    P.S. If you know this is right for you & don’t want to MacGyver your way through, you can find out more info here & get on my Wait List so you’ll be notified next time I enroll for this course.

    Grounded in Science – The Crystal Healer Interviews

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    Today we’ve got a fabulous Crystal Healer guest blog post from HMCA Certified Crystal Healer, Shannon Caldwell. I’m so proud that Shannon is a part of the HMCA community b/c in her “everyday life” she’s also a lab tech & science nerd (woooo-hey!) employed as a transmission electron microscopist at Cornell University. Yep! She can get-down with some crystal healing science…and we love that!

    Are you ready? Here’s Shannon…
    What brought you to the world of crystal healing?
    Through my spiritual path, I’ve been passively interested in crystals for a long time; however, as an avid organic gardener and environmentalist, plants and herbs were my primary focus for years. It wasn’t until after I started sound healing training in 2012 that I decided to pursue more formalized instruction in crystal healing. Several of the sound healing teachers also used crystals in various ways, and it was immediately apparent that, when combined, these two modalities could have a powerful, synergistic effect. I’d seen an ad for Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy in a Reiki magazine. When I visited the HM web site and saw that the course emphasized the science of crystal healing, my inner nerd knew it was the right program for me!
    What crystal has the biggest effect on you?
    That’s easy – quartz crystal!

    Without it, we wouldn’t have any of the many electronic devices that have so profoundly shaped our world and will continue to do so more and more into the future. Not only is it essential for our modern lifestyle, it’s also great metaphysically. While it certainly can’t be used for everything, quartz comes close to being an all-purpose stone. It can substitute for unavailable or more expensive stones; it can strengthen the energy or effect of other crystals, and it comes in several forms that can be used for different purposes. Furthermore, it works very well with sound and amplifies the influence of manufactured quartz crystal singing bowls. Finally, it’s common, abundant, and generally quite affordable. All in all, it’s my go-to stone. For example, after the abundance and prosperity class, I wanted to set up a grid for that purpose. However, I didn’t have any of the recommended stones, but I did have lots of quartz. I used what I had on hand and created a grid that has proven very successful for me.

    What do others in your life think about the path you are on?
    My family is universally supportive – but then again, my parents were hippies, so this really isn’t all that far out there in comparison. I am selective about to whom I reveal my alternative side, but I’ve found that, in general, most people are very open-minded, including a fellow lab tech that I thought would be very critical. To my surprise, when she found out about my ‘other job’, she was at first curious, then interested. Finally, after a demonstration, she volunteered to be my test subject for new sessions!

    Of course there are naysayers out there, but with the increasing failure of conventional medicine to address chronic health issues, more and more people are opening up to alternatives like crystal healing.
    What fears came up for you on this path?
    My first fear was, “What have you done?! You’re already too busy and now this? How are you possibly going to finish?” The only reason this was even remotely possible for me is because the program takes into account that real life is busy and stuff happens. The year to completion date was the only thing that allowed me to finish, yet another plus for this program.

    Other than that, there’s always that fear and insecurity that happens when starting a new endeavor: will I have customers? Will I be successful? Will I make enough money to at least cover expenses? And on and on. But with time and practice, that starts to fade.

    Crystal healing can be done part-time at first, so many of the fears associated with starting a new business are lessened to some extent, which is, again, another plus.
    Do any ridicule you for being interested in crystal healing? If so, how do you handle that?
    If I sense any impending ridicule, the nerd in me comes out, and I toss around terms like biomagnetic field, dominant oscillary rate, crystal lattice, entrainment, etc. If the criticism persists, it’s usually along the lines of “but there are no scientific studies that show that crystal healing works”. To this, I have two responses:

  • First, for many reasons beyond the scope of this question, there is a strong disincentive to fund and study alternative healing methods in academia. Indeed, there is such a bias against it that it becomes a catch 22: crystal healing doesn’t work because there are no studies that prove that it works, but there are no studies that prove that it works because the (unproven) assumption is that it couldn’t possibly work and therefore shouldn’t be studied. This prevents non-biased scientific inquiry. Without this, the actual effectiveness, or not, of this modality can’t truly be known.
  • After this quick explanation, I then ask the critic to explain why crystal healing should be held to a higher scientific standard than conventional medical procedures. The resulting blank look generally turns to disbelief when I explain that the Mayo Clinic Proceedings recently found that more than 40% of the established, conventional medical practices that were examined were found to be ineffective or harmful. That conventional medical practices are often NOT subject to controlled studies before they’re adopted for widespread use comes as a shock to most people, myself included when I first learned about this. The assumption is that conventional medical procedures have been studied and have met certain scientific criteria for efficacy. This is what should happen for ALL procedures, both conventional and alternative. If, however, even conventional, mainstream procedures often fail to meet this benchmark, then faulting crystal healing for the exact same failure is an irrational, untenable position. Needless to say, this ends any potential ridicule immediately and completely. You can read more about that here.
  • (NOTE FROM HIBISCUS: “Oh my…this is a woman I can RAP with!!! Thank you Ms. Shannon. Major Gratitude to you for shining your light on this issue!”)

    What is your go-to crystal for grounding?
    Black tourmaline.

    It’s subtle and gentle, good for long-term use. It always makes me feel better; I’ve even slept with it under my pillow.

    I also have a small banded iron stone; however, its energy is much stronger.

    [caption id="attachment_14746" align="aligncenter" width="600"] “Black-band ironstone (aka)” by André Karwath aka Aka – Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons.[/caption]

    In fact, when I first got it, I could tell that it was too much for me at the time, so I put it in my purse in the same pocket as my watch. When I needed my watch a week later, I was surprised to discover that the time was 3 hours behind! The battery in it was only a month old, and it’s been fine ever since I took that stone out of my bag. Now, I save the banded iron for when I really need grounding and use the black tourmaline on a more regular basis.
    What is the primary way you utilize crystals in your practice?
    I’ll be adding chakra balancing using the Hibiscus Moon method to my repertoire of services. Also, I’ve combined 3 different body layouts (grounding, relaxation, and self-love) with live instruments and recorded sounds to create 3 different sessions that synergistically blend the two modes, sound and crystals, for greater healing and transformation.
    What do you love most about working with crystals?
    I think I love most the fact that they’re so versatile and accessible: even if I only stayed within the quartz and related family of stones, there are enough there for most purposes. Limited only by my own effort and imagination (and budget of course!), working with crystals can be as easy or as complex as I want it to be.
    What energy-work or spirituality books are you loving right now?
    Right now, I’m reading two books: Energy Work by Robert Bruce, and Masters of the Living Energy by Joan Parisi Wilcox.

    In some respects, they compliment each other. Both discuss techniques and practices for healing and spiritual growth via energy body development and energy use. However, Energy Work does this in a stripped down, clinical manner. That is, all terms and aspects of the Eastern philosophy from which much of it is derived have been removed and/or converted into plain, straightforward language and concepts. Simple, progressive practices are provided so the individual can develop her own skills and abilities. Practices are also given in Masters of the Living Energy. However, here, unlike in the other book, they’re presented within the context and world-view of the indigenous Q’ero people of Peru. While the differences are interesting, more so are the similarities between these two systems that originated in diverse cultures on distant continents.
    Do you have any advice for anyone who is considering this path?
    Stay grounded in the science as much as possible.

    The spiritual aspect of working with crystals is also important, but this, in my opinion, is totally subjective and therefore not particularly reliable. That’s not to say that it’s not meaningful or important, but the spiritual component is only truly significant to the individual that directly experiences it. For example, in class we’re taught to value intuition over written source material when the two conflict. I agree; however, one person’s intuition may vary from another person’s. This doesn’t make either wrong or invalid in any way, but it does, in some respects, make it harder to legitimize crystal healing.

    “Well, this expert uses channeled information from Atlantis. This one directly communicates with the stones, but they say different things.

    Must be the whole thing is bunk since they don’t agree at all.”

    While this is not necessarily the case – different types of information can be true at the same time in specific circumstances about which we can’t know everything – the information may be true only for that particular individual and his or her specific life experience.

    Adding the scientific component, and more importantly being able to speak to this, will help make crystal healing more appealing to a wider audience, an audience that may be skeptical, or perhaps even opposed to, the spiritual aspects of this modality.
    How did you celebrate or reward yourself once you graduated?
    By buying more crystals, of course! Actually, at the time, I hadn’t quite finished up but was dangerously close, so when the big annual gem show sponsored by the regional lapidary society came around, I grabbed some like-minded friends, and we went on a crystal buying road trip. It was very successful, but I’m already thinking about what I would like next, of course!
    Shannon’s Bio: Shannon Caldwell is a lab tech and science nerd with a life long interest in non-conventional reality and spirituality. The techy, nerdy part of her is employed as a transmission electron microscopist at Cornell University, while her alternative side serves both as an initiated Priestess of the Divine Feminine as well as a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor. Her recent training in, and subsequent work with, both sound and crystal healing help to integrate these seemingly disparate parts.
    Thank you Sweet Mary Anne!! Thank you for sharing your sparkling inspiration + your gifts with the world! – See more at: http://hibiscusmooncrystalacademy.com/the-crystal-healer-interviews-mary-anne/#sthash.LAGGFDhF.dpuf
    Thank you, Shannon, for sharing your sparkling inspiration + your gifts with the world!

    Are you as blown away by Shannon’s Interview as I am?  Tell us what you think in the comments below!

    Crystal Blessings!

    The Ultimate Guide to your Most Embarrassing Crystal Healer Situations & Questions

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    Over the years of certifying others in the art & science of crystal healing, I think I’ve heard it all.

    I’ve been in the unique position of being able to collect some great info & tips to share with not only Crystal Healers, but also those looking to receive a crystal healing session as a client.

    Actually, these tips can apply to any energy worker or body worker. I feel sharing these with our community is a great service to all involved. Maybe there’s some stuff here that you’ve been wondering about…or stuff you hadn’t even thought of yet!

    I have to say a BIG “thank you” to those of you have submitted stories to use in this blog post. You just can’t make some of this stuff up!

    OK, let’s dive right in.
    Embarrassing Questions/Situations for the Crystal Healer
    How do you place the root chakra stone on your client?


    The root chakra is located at the base of the tail bone. In between the anus & the genitals.

    In our course, I teach our students to either let the client place this stone themselves or use 2 stones & place them were the leg joins the torso.

    That’s it. Awkwardness avoided.
    What do you do if a client farts?
    Go ahead & snicker, you know you want to.

    Passing gas during any sort of energy or body work is normal. It’s a form of energy release. So get used to it.

    Won’t happen all the time, but it will happen.

    “I had someone release by giggling on the table. Like uncontrollable church giggles. Before my sessions, I always tell my clients that release is normal–crying, laughing, stomach grumbling and passing gas, as well as falling asleep or snoring. One of my clients said, “Oh, I will definitely fart, maybe fall asleep. I had a burger for lunch!”

    ~Advanced Crystal Master and Crystal Coach, Angie Yingst, The Moon and Stone Healing

    How do you handle it if a client has really bad body odor or wears a strong perfume/cologne?
    As for perfumes & other strong scents, you could have some prep material ready to go (whether you provide it in an email, brochure or verbally) that instructs on what to expect during a crystal healing session (we provide this lingo to our students) & also explains how to prepare for a session.

    For example: peeps should arrive clean & with no scents or perfumes.

    Perhaps you can even add some gentle guidelines regarding showering & grooming as a good idea before a session; letting them understand that strong odors of any sort (perfume, body odors, lotions, etc) will interfere with the energy vibrations of your session. How you communicate this is totally up to you & your style. You can also choose to include this info in a mass emailing to your clients; talking about body odor & perfumes, why it interferes & some solutions.

    If the offending client has ignored this advice when they arrive, you can simply inform them that part of the prep is to use your bathroom to wash their hands & rinse off any added scents or strong odors. Actually, this is a good idea anyway for everyone to do.

    Worst case scenario? Crack a window during the sesh, use a fan & spray some essential oils to help you get through (always get client permission before using the essential oils), then afterwards (if you have the nerve) take a straightforward, matter-of-fact approach to help this person by having a soft, supportive but inquisitive convo. 

    What if someone comes in with a really strange request? Or wants you to cure a physical ailment on the spot? 
    First, explain to your client that you are not a doctor & you’re not curing, giving medical advice or care.

    Crystals should be used as a compliment to & not as a replacement for regular medical care & consultations. Our Certified Crystal Healers have been expertly coached on this & provided paperwork that explains all this to their clients.

    I explain a whole lot more on this topic in this post here.

    “I had a bikini-clad, sun burned client come in and ask ‘Can you stop the itching?’……Oh, how I love living in a tourist town during season.”

    ~Certified Crystal Healer, Rev. Brian J Glenn

    keep a bottle of aromatherapy oil close by. If an offending odor should start to permeate the space – See more at: http://www.massagemag.com/awkward-massage-moments-4402/#sthash.ttTbG0ek.dpuf

    How do I handle it if my client falls asleep?
    It’s totally normal & means it’s needed & some deep healing is being done. It may be disappointing for the client since they don’t get to remember the experience consciously, but much-needed therapy did indeed occur.

    Falling asleep during a session has actually become very common since our culture has so many poor sleep-deprived people in need of deep healing.

    Continue with your session as normal. The client usually wakes up at some point, but if they’re still snoozing by the end of your time together, leave the room & close the door. Allow for 5 min. rest time then knock & say “It’s time to wake up.” & listen for response. If you don’t get one then go back in & gently shake them awake explaining that you have another client arriving soon. Also, explain to them what occurred & how important it is that you allowed them that time to rest.

    So, really…anything can happen.

    Be prepared.

    We’ve even had one of our cert. crystal healer’s report that she had a client who, at the end of the session, gathered all the practitioner’s crystals up & popped them in her purse! She assumed they were part of the session price. LOL! 😀
    Embarrassing Questions/Situations for the Client

    Lots of people don’t have crystal healing sessions & the like b/c they so unsure of what to expect & they may be too embarrassed to ask. 

    Here are some common questions:

    Do I have to take off all my clothes?
    I cannot speak for other modalities, but a Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing Session conducted by a Certified Crystal Healer is a clothing-on therapy, so “no”, you do not take off any of your clothing, except for your shoes so you can get comfy.

    You’ll even generally have a sheet and/or blanket draped over you as well. It’s usually recommended that you leave your socks on too as you tend to get cold during any sort of energy session.

    Do I need to leave a tip? And if so, how much?
    Of course, tipping is totally up to the customer.

    I asked this question on my Facebook Page & the general consensus among our Crystal Hottie community is that: it’s not expected, but it’s gratefully accepted.

    A tip is a show of gratitude for a service well done. If you do choose to tip, it’s generally accepted to do so at 15-20% of the service fee.
    I’m ticklish & don’t like to be touched. Can I still do this?
    Again, I cannot speak for other modalities, but a Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing Session conducted by a Certified Crystal Healer is a minimal contact therapy of placing crystals & stones on the body in relaxation.

    This is a no-touch therapy so anyone with this concern should be fine.
    What if the session gives me an erection?
    OK, this is something that no one ever wants to talk about. All the more reason why it needs to be brought up. PUN INTENDED!

    Erections are part of being human & we need to keep in mind that erections are usually not about the practitioner at all. *Get over yourself* 😉

    It’s just something that happens so we need to grow up & move on. Generally, if your client has an erection, but behaves appropriately…and the crystal healer feels comfortable continuing with the session, then simply ignore & continue.

    Now, there may be instances where someone is behaving inappropriately. In that case, you’re fully entitled (and I HIGHLY encourage you) to stop the session cold.

    How? 3 Easy Steps:

  • Ring your tingshas loudly
  • Say “Take a few minutes to slowly get up. I’ll be waiting outside to end your session.”
  • Then leave the room.
  • They’ll get the picture!

    What if I snore during the session?
    Hey, it happens to all of us. You loll off to sleep then suddenly your startled awake by an awful grow-ly noise only to realize…it’s YOU! Believe me!!! You will not be the first to have ever done this. I’ve done it over & over again.

    As I said above, it’s very common to fall asleep during any sort of energy or body work & even the best of us have been caught doing it.

    You’re practitioner will be very used to it & not mind 1 bit. They’re not going to run out & tell everyone else how loudly you snored b/c it will be OLD NEWS. No one cares.

    Besides, your snoring tells your practitioner that you were able to completely release,  relax, unwind & leave your stress behind. What a compliment!
    Do I carry on a conversation during the session?
    Generally, no, this is not appropriate during a crystal healing session. Talking will be distracting to the energy work taking place. You should be prepared to have a discussion of your goals for the session before hand & discuss any findings afterward, but try to keep the talking to a bare minimum during the session.

    However, don’t be too shy to speak up during the session if anything seems out-of-place, you’re cold, something is hurting or bothering you. Your practitioner will greatly appreciate you speaking up in the moment rather than waiting until afterwards.

    So keep the open communication flowing at the appropriate times.  You become a better crystal healer &/or client by being open & honest.

    I hope these “embarrassing or awkward” questions & situations will help you feel more confident whether as a client or practitioner.

    Please, remember: no question is stupid & that you shouldn’t ever feel embarrassed about expressing your concerns, Jelly Bean.

    Sparkly Blessings!


    P.S. If you have more situations or questions to add to this please add them to the comments below. Maybe we can do a Part 2!