How to Clear Negative Energy Out of Your Home FAST

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I’m often asked…
Can we clear negative energy out of our home or room using crystals?
Yep, yep…we totally can!

What do I mean by “clearing your room or home of negative energy”?
Well, a lot of the time, when people enter into a room they can actually physically feel what I like to call “yuck & stuck energies” from “negative energy or negativity” and they want to clear it out.

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There are many ways to clear the energy, like sage smudging or using sound acoustics (as I demo in the below video):

In this blog post I’m going to focus on how to clear negative energy specifically with *crystals*.
How do you clear energy using crystals?
To clarify, what I’m talking about is mainly “purifying” the energy in a space or transmuting the energy using crystals, because they’re so great at doing that.

You want to make sure you start with “re-tuned” crystals; meaning that the crystal has been cleared of any previous energy & reset back to its dominant oscillary rate (or base vibratory rate). (Click here for my preferred energy clearing technique for crystals).

Now, I don’t think that crystals need to be cleared all the time. (And here’s why.)

But if you’re using them specifically for the purpose of retuning energy, transmuting the energy, purifying the space then you want to start with crystals that have already been retuned.  So go ahead & CLEANSE AWAY!

I feel the best way to do that is:

  • Gather the crystals up you’re going to use in a bunch
  • Use a crystal singing bowl (I recommend & use these…use coupon code: HM10 for 10% off your order!), Tibetan singing bowl or some tingshas to bathe & reset those beauties in sound acoustics; clearing them w/ the vibrations of sound. Sound energy is my favorite way to re-tune the crystals! It’s the easiest and the safest way to do it, believe me.
  • Crystals in Your Space
    1 thing that you can do is to simply have crystals present in your space that are large enough to emit energy in all directions.

    The larger the space, the larger the crystal you want there.

    [caption id="attachment_17979" align="aligncenter" width="595"] Trying to climb into my large amethyst geode. ;)[/caption]

    Size does matter in this respect.

    For this purpose, I wouldn’t use a single crystal point b/c generally, that will just send the energy up through the apex (that’s what we call the point) in 1 direction.

    A better choice would be a cluster that can radiate the energy in many different directions. A cluster has  many different apexes (appices) that point in all different directions so the energy can be emanating all over.

    Or you can choose something that’s cut & polished for the purpose of radiating energy in all different directions…like a sphere; like my HANDSOME Lapis Lazuli specimen here…look at those pyrite sparkles!


    Remember, the larger the room the larger the crystal needed! So if you’re trying to do this for a very big space it might be better to have a few crystals or a larger single piece.

    If you want to do this for an average size home or office then I recommend putting 1 crystal in each room rather than relying on 1 crystal to do the job for the entire house.  Or even doing a crystal grid to surround the property (more on that below).

    Gem Elixir Sprays!
    Another sparkly option is to create a Gem Elixir Spray; a similar practice to sage smudging, but uses the power of crystal vibrations in water to clear your space.  You would create a gem elixir spray with the specific intended purpose of retuning, transmuting, purifying the energy in the space. 🙂

    [caption id="attachment_2303" align="aligncenter" width="570"] Sorry Crystal Hotties. Not for sale. I can’t keep up with production on these. They sell out as quickly as I can make them! So, YEAH! It works!![/caption]

    A gem elixir spray takes on the essence of the gem or crystal (& any other essences you might add to the mix).

    There are sooo many different, FUN & creative ways to make gem elixirs
    For energy-clearing your room you could try this gem elixir combo:

    • Smokey Quartz + Black Tourmaline Gem elixir spray.  You’d use those specifically  b/c those 2 crystals are well-known for transmuting & purifying energy in a space. These powerhouse crystals are ideal so that any kind of energy coming in gets transmuted to neutral.
    • Add some essential oils to compliment & enhance the energies choosing oils that are known for clearing space such as sage (specifically salvia officinalis or salvia apiana) for the purpose of transmuting energy in a space.

    Grid it!
    You can create a crystal grid to transmute the entire room, space or home!

    You can grid a room or space with either clear quartz to help purify that energy or even Black Tourmaline or Smokey Quartz to transmute.

    Gridding with Clear Quartz:

    • take 4 points of generally the same size
    • Put 1 crystal:
      • either in each corner pointing inwards
      • Or 1 on each wall, if it’s four walls, have one @ each wall pointing inwards

    Like I’ve said, this is not the only way to clear energy. There are many different methods.  But these are a few crystal tips you can try out, experiment & have fun with. 🙂

    Do you regularly clear the energy in your home? Do you use crystals to help w/ this purpose?  Please share with our community in the comments below.

    Crystal Blessings!


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