Celebrities And Crystal Healing Secrets Revealed!

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Not to be like the National Enquirer or anything, but ever since I did a popular blog post a while back on Robert Downey Jr.’s love of crystal healing, I’ve been keeping my eyes & ears open to any rumors of other celebrity crystal healing stories…well-known celebrities who are into it too.

Before we get to the celebs, I recently stumbled across this journalist’s article bashing the use of crystal healing among the celeb-folk. He seems to think that turning to crystals is total bunk AND a complete dismissal of God or belief in any religion. I completely disagree, but I’ll save that argument for when I meet up with this dude. Just wanted to interject a differing point of view for a little healthy debate!

All right, let’s get to it. Here are a few that I’ve been able to sleuth out…(with some hidden celeb gems in the links).
1. Kate Hudson
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“I have a crystal my mom gave me for Christmas years ago and I take it everywhere with me. She’s really into energy and stones. It’s Rose Quartz, and heart-shaped and it represents love.” – according to ZenJewels.com…which of course set me off hunting for mommie, Goldie Hawn. YUP!!! Jackpot! (go ahead & click…you’re gonna die!!)
2. Victoria and David Beckham
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Both have an interest in crystal healing. “We’ve both been into crystals since moving to LA,” said David. Victoria elaborated, ‘‘We both like crystals, as in crystal energy. I have lots of Pink Quartz and Black Tourmaline in my bathroom. It’s quite spiritual out here in Los Angeles, all very positive.” as quoted in ok.co.uk
3. Anne Hathaway
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People.com reported that Ms. Hathaway shopped & purchased 2 special crystal pieces with a friend at the Crystalarium in West Hollywood on Melrose. Apparently, it’s quite the celeb hot spot.
4. Heidi Klum
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Friend of the Beckhams, Ms. Klum reportedly gave David Beckham a special gem bracelet to help him heal up some injuries. – according to HelloMagazine.com.
5. Oprah Winfrey
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Ms. Winfrey has confessed that her greatest indulgence is a crystal bath in this article, “Bathing is my hobby. I love creating bathing experiences—bath gels, bubbles, crystals, salts, lavender milks…”

[caption id="attachment_13575" align="aligncenter" width="606"] Oprah even included this article about Crystal Healing in the Jan. 2014 issue of Oprah!![/caption]
6. Angelina Jolie

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According to a friend’s report in EntertainmentWise.com, ““She believes they hold sacred, ancient energy and wants that around her. She’s spent hundreds and thousands of pounds on them”, but supposedly, partner, Brad Pitt isn’t too keen on it. He should book himself a session with one of our Certified Crystal Healers. That will change his tune! 😉
7. Shirley MacLaine

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This sweet lady is my personal mentor. She’s the person who hooked me deeply into metaphysics at the tender age of 16 with her book Out on a Limb. She’s been into crystals for a long time…this ain’t no secret. She details her journey with crystals in her book, Going Within.
8. Princess Diana

The Princess “swore by the healing power of crystals.” – according to The Free Library. In fact, I recently watched the movie, Diana, & there was a scene in which she was trying to calm down & relax and she had her crystals & candles on a side table. Yeah, I got a little excited.
9. Sheryl Crow

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She apparently chose to wear some citrine & aquamarine gem necklaces.  And CrystalAge.com says that Ms. Crow is a “self-confessed citrine enthusiast.”

10. Katy Perry
Katy Perry was reported by Handbag.com as saying:

“I have rose quartz a crystal in my purse at all times, to make sure I attract the right kind of love.”

Apparently, Katy talked about it in her Cosmopolitan cover interview;  she says Madonna turned her on to crystal therapy & even gave her the phone number for her personal crystal healer! Could it be one of our own recommended Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healers??

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11. Buzz Aldrin

Bigger than any celebrity to me, astronaut Buzz Aldrin wears several skull bracelets for protection: clear quartz (to which he’s added red & blue stones to the eyes to show his patriotism), turquoise & the 3rd one of a matte black stone (not sure what it is). He’s always photographed wearing them & on a talk show he stated they were for good luck & to ward off evil spirits.
12. Joan Jett
I was so excited to find out recently that one of my fav rockers, Joan Jett, has been into crystals for a long time! She was quoted as saying this in an online interview (and I really resonate with the part about working in conjunction with spirituality!!):
“Crystals are a gemstone, like a ruby or diamond, so to speak. But there are people, including me, that believe these stones can retain positive or negative thoughts. And there are many different kinds of these stones besides Quartz crystal. Amethyst, Obsidian, Tigers Eye, and Agate. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. But these stones work only in conjunction with spirituality. Not just Church on Sunday and Temple on Saturday, but from within. I suggest you get a book on the subject, because there’s a lot of them out there” quoted from interview on JoanJettBadRep.com

13. Meranda Kerr
I absolutely LOVE this! Meranda Kerr has created an organic skin care line infused with the vibrations of rose quartz.♥ She talks a bit about it here…

So do you know of any others I could add to this list? Please post any juicy tidbits in the comments below! Let’s dish!!

Sparkly Crystal Blessings!