Does My Crystal Not Want to Work with Me?

So maybe you’ve experienced this…

You try to wear or work with a crystal but it keeps getting lost or falling off & or it even breaks. Multiple times. Is this a message for you?

What does this mean?

Well, this week I answer this common question for a Crystal Hottie my new BFF; it can mean several different things.

Does My Crystal Not Want to Work with Me?

As I discussed in the vid, it can mean:

  • maybe this is the wrong time for you to be working with this stone, timing is off (to test this out, try working with different crystal pieces of the same exact type)
  • It may just need to be vibrationally recalibrated. It needs a re-tuning (what some call “cleansing”)
  • It’s not ever going to be a vibrational match for you

I also mention some things you can try to prevent these sorts of things from happening:

  • Ease into working with the new stone more slowly or more gently than trying to force yourself to wear it all day long right off the bat (meditate with it for 5-10 min./day first, then try sleeping with it […]