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Last Monday I attended a Crystal Meditation at a local New Age store. It was my first crystal meditation in a group and it was amazing. It was just what I needed after the hard weekend I had just had. I was in the perfect place at the perfect time. I really needed my chakras balanced. I did a chakra meditation on my own a couple times using one of these (can’t remember which one it was), but the one I did Monday was so good b/c I’m not very good at meditating on my own, although I keep trying. I plan on attending one group event a month from one of 2 local new age shops. This feels very spiritually fulfilling to me right now. Ahhhhhh.

I took 3 naps today. I feel like taking another one now….wait a minute, that would just mean going to sleep for the night. LOL. I think I really needed the sleep today. It was raining hard on and off too so it was perfect. I got some of housework done some how in between as well: scrubbed the soap layers off the glass shower doors in 2 bathrooms, folded several loads of laundry, went grocery shopping and cooked up a pork chop dinner.

Oh, in between my naps, I watched “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, the recent remake of the 1951 film, not that I ever saw the original.
It was OK. The premise of the movie has Keannu Reeves playing an alien sent to save the Earth…from the humans that are destroying it. Keannu is so good at playing roles where no emotion is necessary. 😉 However, his character said a line that resonated with the scientist in me: “Nothing ever truly dies. The universe wastes nothing. Everything is simply, transformed.” I tell this to my students all the time quoting the “Law of Conservation of Energy”. I love it when science meshes neatly with the spiritual like that. That seems to be happening more and more often now.

I also squeezed in watching a show about the Crystal Skulls today. Amazing artifacts, those are.
Hmmm, I spent $41.53 food shopping for the week and saved $51.54 using my coupons. Weeeee. That $41 included a 20 lb. bag of premium dog food too! I get so excited about my grocery shopping trips and the money I save.

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  1. Very, very interesting. In fact, though I am not a Wiccan I feel a lot of affinity with the practice (plus my favorite cousin is a Wiccan). Though I don’t believe entirely the same, I still feel that the whole earth, everything in it and everything in the universe has a spirit and is interconnected. 😀

    Cool Beans that you were able to save on groceries like that!!

    Plus, it’s been raining here as well, been nice. 😀

  2. What a great post! I need to find some sort of group like that around here…

    As for the movie I’ve seen it and show you watched! (we seem to have the same interests) I think I liked the idea behind the movie more than I actually liked the movie itself.

    As for grocery shopping, where do you get your coupons? I get mine from but there’s an American version too I’ll need to find you the link.


  3. In that movie (the day the earth stood still) did you not hate how spoiled was that little boy? Seriously! SOMEONE needed to act like a parent for that poor misguided brat for a child.

    Regarding your need to sleep: rain does that to me (makes me tired). I think it has to do with barometric pressure but doing any kind of spiritual work ALSO drains energy — as your meditation obviously required much of you even while it was a blessing.

  4. Strawberry Girl, I’ve decided not to label myslef as Wiccan any longer. However, I have always been Pagan….self-realization occured in m late teens and made offical recently. I’ve decided that although I love the Wiccan rituals which I subscribe to, I don’t want to paint myself into any one religion b/c I identify w/ many things just generally Pagan. 🙂

    Dolly, yes, I think we do have the same entertainment tastes! Email re the couponing thing. I’ve got it down to a science. 😉 Its a game for me. I used to hate food shopping, now I wait to see how much I can get for how little money…and I don’t scam or try to push through expired coupons or anything like that. If its not done 100% honestly then I don’t want any part of it, plus it wouldn’t be any fun that way.

    SunTiger: I TOTALLY agree w/ you about that not-nosed kid. I wanted to slap him at the beginning. It was making me nuts. Unfortuantley, as a teacher of middle school students, I see more and more kids getting away w/ this kind of behavior w/ their parents. Its a crying shame. I attribute it to parents feeling guilty about having to work so much and not being there for their kids so they let them get away w/ more and spoil them. Veruca Salt anyone?

  5. New to your blog, glad I found you!

    That line…”Nothing ever truly dies. The universe wastes nothing. Everything is simply, transformed.” I love that!

  6. Hey there, mia sorella Italiana. Wow, you got a whole lotta stuff crammed into one day! That’s what I call time-management. And you’ve got formidable coupon-wielding skills, too! I need lessons from you. Heck, you are entitled to as many catnaps as you need. Thanks for that pointer to the meditation podcast site. I need stuff like that.

    I love all those kinds of movies too, the ones where spirituality and science merge. The way I see it, they’re both talking about the same thing, anyway. They just have different words for it. And how reassuring is that, to know that there is no waste in the universe…energy cannot be created or destroyed…maybe my logic skills are faulty, but doesn’t it follow then that death is just some kind of illusion? If only we could really see things as they are…

    I am hoping that the time goes nice and slowly before Summer Solstice, because then the days begin getting shorter again. Boo hoo. I’ve been so miserable this winter, I just want summer to last as long as possible.

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  8. you needed three cat naps after all that running around! I have tagged you on my blog, hope you dont mind and hope it will cheer you up a wee bit!

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