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Grab all of my digital eKits + crystal info products (many are not available for sale anywhere else) all in one juicy bundle for 1 crazy-great price!

The Summer Solstice Bundle (worth over $600) is packed with the most powerful crystal and manifestation tools EVER! For just $97.

This includes my brand new Advanced Chakra Balancing Class Elective,  and my Crystal Formations Class Elective. The value of that is $194… your purchase just paid for itself!

We’re celebrating the Summer Solstice with this epic Bundle! But please don’t wait …it’s only available for a short time and ends this Friday, June 19 @ 3:00 PM EST.

This is an exclusive specially-priced bundle that I only offer once a year. *Plus many of the info products in this kit are not for sale anywhere else at any other time*. But it’s Summer Solstice time and I do enjoy doing this every once in a while so you can stock up on these. In fact, there’s so much crystal-goodness here, you’ll be blinded by the light!

– Here’s what you get, in one amazing bundle –

✓ Advanced Chakra Balancing Class Elective – {VALUE $97…BAM! This Summer Solstice Bundle’s already paid for itself right here} Ready to take your chakra balancing skills to the next level? We’ll take our knowledge of basic crystal chakra balancing even further, going way beyond the seven main chakras, as we explore the body’s transpersonal energetic system; includes 1.5 hour video class, mp3 audio of class, pdf transcript, class resources, chakra chart + more!

✓ Crystal Formations Class Elective – {VALUE $97} Certain crystal formations may work exponentially better for certain uses, making your crystal work highly effective. Being adept at recognizing and identifying crystal formations adds depth of knowledge to your level of crystal expertise, wisdom, and proficiency: includes 1 hour 23 min. video class, mp3 audio of class, pdf transcript + mp3 Lemurian audio meditation plus so much more.

✓ Crystal Grids Template Package – {VALUE $27} Have you tried The Secret, visualizations and similar exercises, but just can’t get the focus or the right mojo going for you? These SUPER-simple step-by-step crystal layout instructions (includes over 12 popular crystal grid templates) will bust you through to the next level. ALSO INCLUDES THESE SWEET BONUSES: My personal business success grid, sacred biz-focus grid, crystal grid mandala templates, cut n’ go affirmations + Grid Planning Sheets!!: pdf format

✓ Gem Elixir eKit – {VALUE $47, NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE} This baby is now retired and not available anywhere else. Create some UBER-powerful crystal potions for just about ANYTHING!! Create gem elixirs for ANY purpose — money, health, relationships, happiness. Work the sacred science of imbuing water with the built-in energetic blueprint of crystals: pdf eBook, how-to videos, planning/inspiration sheets, recipes

✓ Ancestor Connection eKit – {VALUE $47, A POPULAR RETIRED PRODUCT, NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE} Allows you to get the most from your ancestor meditations by allowing you to use crystals as guides and supports to more easily connect: video guide, alpha brain wave binaural beat meditation mp3, eBooklet

✓ Grow Your Own Crystal Geodes Lab Instructions – {VALUE $27} My highly requested step-by-step science classroom super-fun lab that allows you to grow your own crystal “geodes”: pdf instructions + video

✓ Crystal Fakes Reference Guide eBook – {VALUE $47} The EXACT eBook you need in order to navigate the gem shows, crystal shops and eBay so you get the REAL thing and get what you paid for. Don’t get scammed or duped into buying FAKES!

✓ Summer Solstice Meditation eKit – {VALUE $27} Powerfully moving and juicy! Enjoy and bask in the glow of this strong energy! Crystal, essential oils and herb suggestions: video meditation, transcript pdf

✓ Get to Know Your Crystal eKit – {VALUE $27} Once you work with and entrain with your crystals the way I show you here, you’ll witness the powerful magic and learn to work with your stones to manifest all sorts of dreams, intentions and needs…specific to you! pdf eBooklet, 1 hour Alpha-inducing binaural beat guided meditation.mp3

✓ Crystalline Cohort Sacred Spaces eBook – {VALUE $27} This limited edition 50 pg eBook was lovingly created by students in our Certified Crystal Healer Course showing off their personal use of crystals in their sacred spaces with gorgeous photos and detailed descriptions: pdf

✓ Crystal Savvy Top Gem Show Shopping Tips Insider’s Guide – {VALUE $27} This insiders guide, chock full of tips, will provide valuable details for the best gem shopping experience! After reading this, you’ll confidently go to the showcase knowing: exactly what to expect, how to properly plan your trip to make the most out it, savvy smart shopper tips, and how to get the best deals: pdf

✓ Space Clearing eKit – {VALUE $27} Not available at any other time of year; includes a GORGEOUS 19 page pdf eBook bursting with tips, ideas, photos and SUPER-simple step-by-step instructions including “How to do a Space-Clearing Ceremony in 10 Easy Steps for Energetically Clearing Your Space” + my “Top 10 List of Space Clearing Crystals” and a MEGA-POWERFUL Energy Clearing mp3 audio track: pdf, mp3 audio

✓ Creating in Alpha Meditation mp3 – {VALUE $47} 1 hour Alpha-inducing binaural beat mp3, guiding you on a gentle crystal cave journey allowing you to bust through any creative blocks: mp3 audio

✓ Self Love Meditation mp3 – {VALUE $20} a practical crystal meditation allowing you to tap into sacred self-care and overcome the challenges of sending love to yourself: mp3 audio

✓ Juicy Creative Sacral Chakra Immersion eKit – {VALUE $27} balance and bring out the full potential of your Sacral Chakra: your body’s energetic center for your emotions, creativity and sexuality. Includes a 14 min. mp3 guided crystal meditation, info pdf and a Flower of Life pdf for playful coloring: pdf, mp3 audio

Total Retail Value for my Summer Solstice Bundle: $618 …but you’ll only be paying $97! The Crystal Formations class all by itself is usually $97.

That’s a whole treasure trove of resources to propel you forward on your crystal path while having a total BLAST! These info products could quite literally become your “go-to-keys” on your personal crystal journey.

I know, I know…glitter must have gotten in our ears and eyes while we created this bundle! We only do this bundle once a year…so the time is NOW.

Not sure what to do with crystals? Want to open up to them and their wondrous energies? This bundle will get you busy immediately.

A value of $618…but you’ll get all 15 digital products in this impressive Summer Solstice Bundle for just $97! WHAT? Yes, but for a very limited time; an exclusive discount bundle that I only do once a year …that’s it. *Plus most of these products are retired or simply not available anywhere else at any other time!*

Shanna Wallace Testimonial

Bring it on!


Loving my Summer Solstice Bundle. I’ve been enjoying the meditations & grids all weekend. Thanks, this is super fun & I really appreciate all the scientific bits. Bring it on! Blessings & Love.”

Shanna Mcm Wallace

Dee Vlahos Testimonial

You will just LOVE IT!!!


It is absolutely the BEST PURCHASE you can make! I still refer to the info all the time. Get it before it’s gone because you will just LOVE IT!!! Thank you! ♥

Dee Vlahos

Ann-Marie Seward Testimonial

Merry Christmas to me!


I just treated myself to this sparkly Summer Solstice Bundle so its Merry Christmas to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. xxx”

Ann-marie Seward

Boundaries + Minding the Energy We Bring into this Transaction

After doing this lovely transaction several years in a row, there are a few common questions that come up that I’d like to address to avoid any unnecessary emails, questions or hassles for you. There are some things that you may think would be easy but are actually a big ole’ honking admin headache so we need to avoid them completely in order to make this offer available to everyone…so let’s cover that shizzle now:

✓ The bundle ends at 3:00 PM EST, Friday, June 19, 2020. Sorry, no exceptions on that. If you’re out of town, didn’t get the email, forgot…then I’m really sorry you missed out. In order to do this, we need to keep it simple.

✓ This bundle is 100% DIGITAL products and your access will be sent to the email address you used to purchase.

✓ Sorry, this offer is not retroactive — even if you bought one of the included products yesterday. Again, in order to be able to offer this bundle we need to keep it simple.

We cannot create custom bundle prices that don’t include one of the products. It’s sold only as a set of all 15 products. *can you imagine the admin insanity if we had to try to make special bundles for peeps?…no can do* The deal is as is. Thanks for understanding.

I do this offer only once per year, so if you want it…don’t wait.

✓ If you have a question please submit a support request HERE and we’ll do our very best to get back to you within 24 business hours.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital product. In order to make this product as accessible and easily affordable as possible, this a non-refundable purchase. Please understand that when you invest in yourself, this purchase is final.

You can be assured this online transaction is 100% secure. After your purchase, you’ll immediately get a receipt sent via email followed by an access email with login details to get all of your downloads in one place in the Crystal Cave! If you do not receive that email after 30 minutes has passed, please check your spam or junk mail folder first before contacting us. Remember, the products are yours FOREVER. So get to downloading! ***

Let’s get to giving those crystal dreams SUPER-MOJO. If you have any questions, please let us know.