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A community with a totally healthy (unless you ask my husband) addiction to all things crystals and stones!

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Whether you’re just starting to explore your fascination with crystals or you have a crystal collection that requires a second mortgage, I’ve got a goldmine of resources you’re going to love.

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Ashley Hanner Testimonial

I feel super blessed to have had this opportunity to take a huge step forward in my spiritual journey. This class has offered me SO much. From obtaining a great amount of knowledge on Crystals in general and to transforming me into a much more confident crystal healer. I cannot thank Hibiscus Moon and her team enough for allowing me to bloom into my higher self.

– Ashley Hanner, CCP

Nicole Dantzler Testimonial

I’m very excited to be an OFFICIAL Hibiscus Moon CCP! The course was great and I learned a lot, especially the science behind why crystal healing is an effective healing modality. The information was well organized and there were tons of resources that you get to enjoy forever. The experience really touched my soul and I learned several ways of working with crystals that I’d never explored before. The HBCC really opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities of working with our crystal friends. It’s also a great course for newbies, I recommend it.

– Nicole Dantzler, CCP