She turned her husband into a believer..and potential biz partner?

As crystal healers, it’s not uncommon for us to face skepticism from others.

Yet, when those closest to us – our spouses, children, friends and loved ones – doubt something that we wholeheartedly believe in…it can be frustrating and even cause our confidence to take a tumble.

This is how Certified Crystal Healer Course graduate, Olga, felt for so long.

Let me tell you Olga’s story.

Olga joined the course last term to start her crystal healing journey. She had previously experienced the benefits of energy healing firsthand, and was eager to add another layer to her learning.

She chose the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Course for the same reason that most students do, to learn how to properly use crystals and substantiate her beliefs with scientific research.

She wasn’t quite sure where her journey would take her…but she was aware that she didn’t have the full support of the person who mattered most to her – her husband.

Though her loving and devoted husband supported her passion in a “whatever makes you happy” kind of way, he didn’t view it as a legit healing modality and certainly didn’t see it really going anywhere.

Olga was determined to prove him wrong.

As the course progressed, she committed to mastering the materials. And as the time for her to conduct her required volunteer sessions approached, she asked that her husband be her first volunteer for a chakra balancing session.

Being the doting husband that he is, he agreed.

But before I can tell you what happened, know that since registering for the course, Olga was absolutely dreading the volunteer sessions that are required for students.

“I wasn’t looking forward to them. I was so worried that I’d fail and realize that I wasn’t a true healer and it was only meant for certain ‘gifted’ people.”

Yet, despite her anxiety, she pushed forward and conducted the session using the techniques taught in the Certified Crystal Healer Course.

And the results? They were nothing like he or Olga expected.

Within just a few moments of completing the session, her husband turned to her and said: “So honey, how often should we be doing these sessions because I feel great!”

“I was in disbelief. Receiving this validation from my husband is exactly what I needed to develop my self-trust and push forward with even more momentum.”

Not only did her husband feel more relaxed after just one session, he was much less affected by the stress he was dealing with at work.

Also, after months of continuously giving into his cravings for sweets, he suddenly developed willpower and stuck to his diet (which she attributes to balancing his solar plexus chakra).

“Despite my interest in energy healing, I was always worried I wasn’t one of the gifted ones. But working on my skeptical husband and seeing his results made me believe that I can do this…anyone can do this. Like Hibiscus Moon says, I’m not doing the work. I am simply the facilitator, the hollow bone for the crystal energy to go through to the other person.”

With her renewed confidence and her husband’s full support, Olga plans to start an energy healing business on the side, add more layers to her healing work, and create an Etsy shop selling crystal healing products.

“I was never the type of person who would start a business. Now, I believe so much that this is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. I’m so pleased with the direction my life has taken. Before I started the course, crystals were just rocks. I believed they were helping me, but I didn’t know why. Now, I see crystals as beings with vibrations that I need to take care of and respect. And most importantly, I know how to use them to help myself and others.”

And as for her once-skeptical husband?

“He’s been the one giving me all my best crystal business ideas.”

As a student in the Certified Crystal Healer Course, you’ll have the expertise and experience to convert the biggest skeptics into believers, just like Olga.

And soon enough, those who doubt you and challenge you on your beliefs will look to you for guidance.

But even more importantly, you’ll develop unwavering confidence in yourself.

You’ll come to realize that crystal healing isn’t just for ‘gifted people’ – it’s a modality than anyone willing to put in the work can master.

And boy, does it feel so good!