How She Used Crystals to Manifest Six Figures & Buy Her Dream Home

You’re in for a treat today.

It’s the story of one of our grads, Karina, who used what she learned in the Certified Crystal Healer Course to create an entirely new life for herself.

Because I don’t know what stage you’re at in your journey, it’s SUPER important to me that I share this with you in case you haven’t witnessed the power of crystals firsthand (don’t worry, you will).

I want you to see what’s possible for you when you learn how to harness the power of Mother Nature’s treasures (which is exactly what I teach you in CCH).

So here it goes…

Meet Karina.

Karina is a RN and newly certified Crystal Healer from Australia. Just less than a year ago, she was at a very difficult point in her life.

Not only had she just lost her main source of income, she was in the middle of battling NINE debilitating health issues that conventional medicine struggled to treat.

She was completely fed up with life and dealt with energy drain, pain and brain fog on a daily basis. Worse, she began spiraling into depression and had no idea where to look to try and turn her life around.

Despite the fact that she’s an amazing crystal-obsessed healer now, at that point in her life, Karina was incredibly skeptical and even cynical about crystals and really anything metaphysical.

If science didn’t validate something, she didn’t believe in it (this was definitely before she met me).

Yet, because Karina was at such a desperate point in her life, she made the decision to embark on a metaphysical journey as a last-ditch effort to find relief for her health issues and live her life victoriously.

Her journey started with practicing mindfulness and soon enough, she began weaving crystal mediation and crystal healing into her life.

That’s when, despite her skepticism, her life finally started to take a turn for the better…

Over the course of a few weeks and without any prior knowledge of crystal healing except what she read in a few books, Karina began to notice dramatic shifts in her overall well-being.

She went from nearly dysfunctional and severely depressed to fully functional during a very small window of time. Crystal therapy was working her her, but she didn’t quite understand why.As if that isn’t remarkable enough, after noticing these changes in her health and watching her life start to fall into place in a way she never experienced before, Karina decided it was time to kick it up a notch.

She started manifesting with crystals in hopes of also pulling herself out of financial despair.

And again, within just a few short weeks, she succeeded.

She was able to manifest a very specific amount of money – the exact amount of money she needed to purchase her dream home in full and gain financial stability.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself…


It was at this point that Karina knew she just HAD to take her learning further and stumbled across my YouTube videos. That’s when everything started to make sense for her.

“I began reading Hibiscus Moon’s articles and watching her videos and I was immediately drawn to her logical, rational style and scientific explanations. I’m naturally skeptical and articles that are too ‘out there’ do not appeal to me at all. With Hibiscus Moon, I felt that finally, what is commonly misunderstood as woo-woo metaphysical stuff actually had a solid scientific basis!”

After just a few weeks of following me online, Karina enrolled in the Certified Crystal Healer Course.

She was eager to perfect her skills and validate her beliefs with science. She needed to understand WHY crystals were working for her. And she wanted to able to confidently share all of her knowledge with others.

Throughout her time in CCH, Karina soaked up every bit of what we taught her. She refined her skills and has been able to experience an even bigger transformation.

She says she has never been happier and more at peace with her life than she is right now…and she says she has crystals and the Certified Crystal Healer Course to thank for it.

“Because I actively apply what I’ve learnt in the CCH course to my life, a lot of issues are now water off a duck’s back for me and my ability to handle and manage stress has made quantum leaps! The CCH course has also made a huge impact on my health. I have managed to heal and meditate myself into a state where I am now fully functional in life despite my illnesses. My doctors and specialists are amazed at the transformation I’ve undergone in the short space of a year!”

She says that her friends, even the ones who were most skeptical and used to poke fun at her, have noticed her transformation and actually listen to her when she talks about her journey with crystals. Many of her friends who used to hide their spirituality now openly talk to her about crystals and chakras.

Of course, she still faces skepticism from some who don’t know her story, but that doesn’t bother her.

“Understanding the scientific explanations behind why and how crystal healing works has given me the ability to stand proud in the face of skeptical and sarcastic remarks that are intended to discredit crystals healing. Plus, after listening to my scientific explanations, most people are tongue-tied and a bit awe-stricken.”

As a recent graduate with newfound purpose in life, she plans to open her own crystal healing practice and share her passion with others.

She says that the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy has given her the knowledge and skills she needed to start her new journey with confidence.

“I realize now that I am meant to be a healer and my goal of opening my own practice is within reach! I accomplished this all with the knowledge I gained in the Certified Crystal Healer Course. I am a living testimonial of the power of crystal meditation and crystal healing! It’s been quite an amazing journey so far… and the journey has just begun!”

Within the span of a year, Karina used crystal healing to relieve herself of debilitating health issues, manifest the funds to purchase her dream home, unlock peace and happiness, and discover her purpose in life…

What will happen when YOU learn how to harness crystal energy?

I hope you’re just as excited as I am to find out…