Spiritual 2 X 4’s & the Power of Facebook

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Sometimes you just need to be hit with a freakin’ 2 x 4 to get these spiritual lessons!  A couple weeks ago I stepped on a bee, wasp, hornet or something (wasn’t looking too closely while I was hopping around yelling!) while Earthing outside in the backyard. Oooooo, that hurt!! I pulled out the stinger (or so I thought) & the pain subsided after 10 min.
Then I thought to myself, ” I need to go look up what Bee Medicine means, b/c obviously I need some.”
Yeah…..did I do that? Noooooo. Went about my merry way. 2 days later there’s a red line climbing up my leg.  I should’ve known better but was so busy with the sacred crystal biz & didn’t want to take time out. So I innocently ask on Facebook, hoping to hear differently

“Hey what do you think I should do about this red line climbing up my leg?”

Immediately, I had dozens of sweet souls responding, telling me to get to the doctor right away, it may be blood poisoning, call the Dr…..do something!  Durn! This is not what I wanted to hear. I reluctantly called my Dr. & she told me to get in STAT! Red lines are nothing to play around with. 

Turns out it was blood poisoning, probably b/c I didn’t get the entire stinger out. Sheesh! And my Facebook peeps saved the day b/c this stubborn Cappy wasn’t listening to the signs!!! Woooohooo for my FB Peeps!

Sooooo, after my treatment for that, I finally settled in & did some research on Wasp Medicine. Certain Native American Indian tribal myths coin the wasp as the creator of Mother Earth & also a symbol of order &  organization as well as productivity!

Whoa! HUGE message for me there at that time. I was spending way too much time doing many disjointed & unfocused projects (not like me at all) instead of focusing on the course download program for my Certified Crystal Healer Course.

But, did I listen? Not yet! I still kept working on so many disorganized patterns; purchasing inventory, special orders on crystals, Tucson Gem show itinerary stuff & just plain ole’ HUGE time wasters all over the place!!!

So Sunday morning I pull this GORGEOUS oracle card from my Earth Magic Deck that has a woman working with a crystal grid. Oohhhhh, perfection!

What that meant to me was to go pay attention to my Business & Career Path grid! Which I have been doing on a regular basis….& despite my disjointed work patterns (which is sort o uncharacteristic for me) has been working its magic quite nicely I must say!

But this was not enough & I think I missed the larger, more important message here: Invocation & Ceremony. I needed to do more to understand fully & I still hadn’t addressed the organization issue. I needed to STOP & refocus! Contemplate in ceremony & plan. Geeez! Talk about hard-headed.
THEN, I had recently listened to a recent podcast from Goddess Leonie about how physical pain finally stopped her & made her listen to the messages. I know all about that since I teach it for crying out loud & have experienced it myself several times! I thought to myself as I listened…”Oh, I hope that doesn’t happen to me anytime soon, I have so much to do right now.” Totally oblivious!

Then I even foresaw what the set back would be!!! I had envisioned it in several little flashes here & there. Instead of doing anything about it on an energetic level, I took those hints & I started doing my physical therapy prevention exercises.
“Paaah! Not gonna do it this time missy! You are being way too DENSE!”
Well, this Monday morning I awoke with a stiff neck…pretty bad, but I pressed on. Work to be done. (I am cracking up at myself in disbelief…how I missed all these signs…how totally oblivious I’ve been! I can see it so clearly when it comes to others…but for myself….?)

Each day its progressively gotten worse (instead of better as usual). I FINALLY GOT THE MESSAGE…Wednesday night as I lay in radiating neck & upper back pain, finally giving myself the attention I so so needed & craved all along. I meditated & listened…finally listened. I booked an accupucnture session, a sports massage (squeezed me in for tomorrow), an energy treatment & did my own crystal healing with red jasper & aventurine. Now the pain has finally crossed the threshold of peaking & is beginning to subside. Now, that the lesson has been taught.

I put my Etsy shop on Vacation mode & cleared out some scheduled events off my calendar.

I then set a clear & organized focus:

1. Crystal Healer Certification Program

2. Crystals & Our Sacred Spaces Free eBook

If it doesn’t directly tie into these 2 items then I am not working on it unless there’s nothing else I can do with those 2. Listen to the Bee!!! Yes, I’m finally listening to the bee. Do you also perhaps need a little Bee Medicine? 🙂

Have you had any 2 x 4’s lately? Please comment below & share.


43 Birthday Sparkles!

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I usually make no big deal ‘bout my birthday at all. I’ve always felt it’s such an inconvenience; right smack in the midst of the entire Holiday scramble. But today is the day.

I’m gonna be 43! Wooohey! It’s a par-tay!

And I’m damn proud of it!! I’m having the most fun I’ve ever had doing several things that I love to do, working with people that are amazing to work with, living with my ADORABLEZ hubby whom I’ve loved forever & have a cute GORGEOUS kitty to boot!

So this year, I’m shouting it out!!! Its my birthday! Its my birthday!

It does get a tad tiresome hearing others complaining about getting older. Who cares?! Older is so much better. Totally!

Now if all you care about your looks…well then…it will suck b/c that, my dear, will slip away no matter how hard you try to hold on. Smooth, tuck, suck, inflate…instead of just old, you’re gonna start to look old & WEIRD.

Aches & pains? Ok, yes. No getting away from that, but work on yourself.  Take good care & you’ll have so much less of it. PLUS, being happy & freeing your mind of unnecessary worry also takes care of a lot of that junk anyway. I’ve learned that lesson the VERY HARD way, my Sweet. Yep, it hurt. But no more.
I was with an 84 year old woman who I have not seen in over 25 years the other night & she looked so happy & not a day older. She was running around, laughing, not worried about a thing & oozing happiness!!! I so look forward to that.
So you’re one of those that think “getting old sucks”. Well, it does… if that’s how you set it up! YOU create your own reality, Sweet Pea. That’s what I feel we’re here on Mother Earth to figure out. If you leave without that lesson learned, you’re coming back for some more hard lessons & virtual 2 x 4’s till you get it right. So, if your reality is that getting older sucks. Then, you know what? IT WILL! Congrats.

43. I think I’m more immature now than I’ve ever been but I have the good sense now to know when I can get away with it & when I can’t! I also have grown to be a much more compassionate person who finally gets that we are all ONE. That we are all here in this together. Yeah, I finally got that.
Sometimes, I forget it & get all sucked into the matrix but deep down I remember tha’s all a big joke & wake myself up. Phew!
I am so grateful that I am at that level! And it didn’t just happen by itself. That took a lot of hard work on my part; spiritual learning, diving in, reading, learning from other teachers (including the stone people), doing the work, meditating & contemplating. So I’m very very proud of that work & how far I’ve come. And so happy that there is still so much more to learn. How exciting! Happy Birthday!!!

Now, I know how to change my reality. I’ve kind of always known, but I have a much better handle on it now. My spirituality & working with crystals is a big part of what & how I do it now. There are so many ways to do it but that’s the way I choose. And it WORKS! My dreams are all falling into place every day. Every day. Happy Birthday!!!

43. Growing, maturing & yet getting mentally younger every day. Remembering what we all knew when we were all conceived! Its amazing & it will only get better & better as long as I continue to work at it. 🙂

Now, please go have a super fun HAPPY DAY!


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The synchro-mystic signs last week were so numerous there was no way to ignore their message. It all started when I drew the Volcano: volatility card from my  deck. I had an uneasy feeling seeing this card, besides the fact that it says “volatility” on it, there’s the artwork of a gorgeous Mother Earth mount, blowing her stack, yet amid the pyroclastic flow in the atmosphere…barely there…is the most gorgeous Goddess face looking like she’s in ecstasy. So I knew this meant “change”, but would lead to ecstatically good things!

Next, came the most lovely lunch with an online friend I’ve been wanting to meet up, chat up, hang out with for a long time, my Flora.
Firstly, she is such an amazing soul & reminds me of a bright beautiful pixie but I felt like I had always known her & just hadn’t seen her for a really long time.
Yepsies, that’s it! But at the end of our lunch at a scrumptious outdoor cafe, I pick up my Buick-of-a-purse from my lap & beneath it was this caterpillar!

Oh yeah, he’s adorable yet he can cause quite the allergic reaction, especially if he happens to bite you. But he didn’t & I just left him be on the table. So, a wee bit of Caterpillar Medicine: Transformation/Metamorphosis medicine. Hmmm, what could be changing so drastically?

After that the messages came flooding in all week>> Butterflies everywhere, a snake in my dream & in the grass as hubby (HBL) & I puttered round the yard.
All of these messages shouting “TRANSFORMATION”!!
Yes, I did speak of many changes taking place here in my biz; was this a reference to that? What about the volatility aspect? That’s a little scary

Was it referencing to the shifting energies? 11/11/11? I certainly was creating up a CRYSTAL STORM on that day!! I made gem elixirs, essences, oils, you name it, I made it. The Sun’s pranic energies were perfectly intense on that day for making such powerful stuffs.

I also got a Mac & I’m this close to throwing in the towel; trying to learn but I know its the right move for the future of my sacred crystal biz,
so I’m pulling up my big girl panties up to my armpits & sticking it out.
I’m still contemplating what the deeper meaning of this transformation is all about & will be meditating on it…&, of course, getting a little help from my crystals on this: moldavite & clear quartz Baby!

So, my Crystal Hotties, tell me I’m not alone in this…have you been having any Transformational Growing Pains as well? Please tell me all about it.

Crystal Blessings!

View on the Afterlife

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Just my 2 cents here…feel free to debate, comment or disagree. I totally enjoy conversations like these even if they’re online. As long as it stays civil, I do not mind disagreement in the least because my beliefs are never set in stone and although they may be right for me, they may not be right for all. My beliefs morph and change depending on new ideas and new information that may come to light. So please do comment on your thoughts! Again, this was prompted by a YouTube response that I made and another blog response that I kind of edited and merged and thought…”hey, this belongs on my blog”.

As far an afterlife and what I believe in…I believe in a collective consciousness (or unconsciousness). Science is starting to actually prove that such a phenomena actually exists. This was presented to me as I learned about Quantum Physics, String Theory, the postulating of various scientists such as Werner Heisenberg,
John Stewart Bell and Richard Feynman, etc. I think that we can and do tap in and out of the collective consciousness at any time (while physically alive or after)…going forward, backward, experiencing anything, all and nothing all at the same time. I think this is what accounts for deja vu and can explain why some very gifted psychics can see certain things. What I’m not too sure about is whether we experience the “afterlife” as an individual entity or does our “soul/spirit” or energy merge with and become part of a greater entity and lose our individual perspective? I’ve always wondered about that.

As far as what the afterlife “looks” like, I don’t think our energy will experience things in the “afterlife” with the same senses we use here in our physical life. So I don’t think we will actually be “seeing” in that way, but I do think it will be all about perfect and absolute love. What do you think?