Crystal Healing with The Moon Mother

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Oh! I am so honored to bring to you a guest blog post from someone who I highly respect. I consider myself privileged to call her friend & mentor. I look forward to her teachings in whatever way I can get them!!!

This is Jacqueline DuBois aka The Moon Mother & I LOVE HER!! She & her husband Dan (Lover!) have done readings for me in various forms, sent me teachings, gifts & insights through her newsletter, in lovely cigar boxes & through her YouTube Channel. I could just listen to her all day.
But enough of my gushing! Let’s get to it!!!
[caption id="attachment_2116" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Look at this Hot Mama!? You can’t help but fall in love with her! Her positive vibe jumps off the page![/caption]

My first experience with crystals was when I was 18 years old!  Of course that was some time ago since I am sneakin’ up on 54 this year.  I worked in a stone cutting facility in the dust free room cleaning teeny tiny quartz tuning forks for watches!  In other areas of this building huge quartz crystals sat heaped one upon another awaiting a series of precision cuts in order to fuel this miracle of watches that ran on quartz energy!

Back then we were just coming out of the Hippy Generation and a few of us straggler Earth Mama’s were holding the fort.  I had just moved out of my parents home and in with Lover, who was a bit older than I and gave access to a plethora of incredible living experiences.  For instance, we lived in a pseudo hippy commune!  Lots of incense burning, house plant jungle, Indian tapestries hanging everywhere and yes, we even had a water bed!  Our lifestyle was that of natural foods (it was not even called health food yet), music of the day and beach living traveling to surf spots in California every weekend.
At that time having sea shell collections were much more hippy-esque in my realm than crystals.  To this day I still use Sea Shells in my magick!  I did not have actual crystal collections until my late 40’s.  However I was unknowingly building my knowledge of crystals by my study of herbs!
You see herbs were (and are now) a passion of mine since I was a child.  When one gets deep into the study of herbs for healing and magick, which is how I began my quest it does not take long until you drill down into the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water…which then float you out into the Universe of Planets as well!

Because of my obsession with studying herbs I naturally began to categorize each into indications and correspondences.  This is known as Rulership.  I was not so Internet savvy in those days…was there even an internet back then, I can’t remember, so I had books up the ying-yang and the most precious was The Rulership Book by Bills and 777 by Crowley. I was so excited to learn that the key unlocking the magickal properties of all things was in the simplicity of Earth, Air, Fire and Water!

I adored making my herbal concoctions and trying them out on the family.  Some of them worked and some…not so much.  It was not long before my Herbal Apothecary was hailed one of the largest this side of the Mississippi!  This then led me to Essential Oils as the next logical transition..then on it’s heals Flower Essences and Homeopathy!

I opened up an Hippy Shoppe with all my herbs, oils and Essences in town and taught classes on making remedies.  

It was here that I began working with crystals.  With my understanding of Vibrational Frequencies it was a complimentary jump to understanding the healing and wholing indications of crystals.
I remember just how much fun it was shootin’ the breeze with a friend of mine who was as jazzed about crystals as I was with herbs.  She would name the stone and it’s correspondences and I would match it with an herb!  That’s when it really clicked!  It’s all the same thing!
I started my little collection and it grew to some pretty big proportions!  Just like my apothecary gone wild!  I started to think that I would end up having to house all of these stones and crystals like I have my herbs and Lover got a bit nervous.  You see planet-wise I have both my sun and moon in the second house of possessions.  What that means is that if I shift my focus on anything in manifests…in spades!

So I began to give away the stones that I did not find useful in my daily life and now I am down to some favorites that I find useful in my mission.  I’m still working on skinny-ing up on the herbal apothecary but it looks like that will be an impossibility!

I’m a pretty simple lady and so I don’t try to crowd myself up with too wide a base.  I’ve narrowed down my crystal and stone choices to a handful.  Selenite, Amethyst, Quartz Crystal points, Rose Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, Citrine, Jade, Onyx, Snowflake Obsidian…O, hey…there’s more than I thought!  Urf!  I’ve gone and done it again!  I’m inundated with stones and crystals! And that little list was just the beginning!
So how do I use them?

  • Welp, I wear them in necklaces, bracelets and rings.
  • I slip them into Magick-Miracle-Mojo-Bags as place keepers for prayerful intentions.
  • I use some (not all) for my structured water to make elixirs.
  • I utilize them in my readings as remedies that assist in moving energy around on the Morphogenic Field with the cards.
  • I create Crystal Grids.
  • I grind crystal points and use the dust in my garden (google Rudolf Steiner and Biodynamics).
  • I surround sacred spots at the Monastery with large crystal points like the Buddha Pond.
  • I cook with rose quartz when I make “stone soup”.
  • I put small points in my sprouting trays for my kitchen garden.
  • I keep two huge-mungous rose quartz rocks in my Baptismal Tub of Love!
  • I have strung crystal beads on my pendulum.
  • My Magick Wand is made up of stones and crystals.
  • My Besom is decorated with stones.
  • I scry with a Black Onyx Sphere with a crystal window in it…I call it the Omphalos Stone and it stays at the center of the Main Altar in the Chapel at Mother Moon Pagan Monastery.
  • I keep a dish of stones to give as gifts for visitors.
  • In rituals we have used crystal points and acupressure points to imagine up our intentions together.
  • We are now using exact 51 degree pyramids surrounded with a grid of amethyst with herkimer diamonds for expanding our dream time under our beds.
  • When I wildcraft herbs I always leave a little gift for the Mother Plants of a tumbled stone.
  • When I’m meditating I hold Moqui Stones to assist my precious body to go to balance.

O Gosh, so I could go on and on! 

If someone is looking to begin I always say just find a nice quartz crystal point!  Going back to the first stone that I worked with!  They are programable, they have the ability to transmit energy and information and they are receptive to our intentions!  You can program a Quartz Crystal Point to vibrate any energy you desire!

The world is a wonderfully mysterious rich adventure!  I’m jazzed about it all!  
Love and Bless Bless, J

OK, back to me (Hibiscus). Isn’t she great?! You can hook up with Jacquie by visiting her on her site or on her YouTube Channel.

I love my Jacquie lots & lots!!!

And heaps of Sparkly& Crystal Love to all you Crystal Hotties too!


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Crystal Healing with Angels

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Helloooo Gorgeous Crystal Hotties! Today we have a guest post from the lovely Lori-Lyn Hurley. She’s a spiritual intuitive, empath & Reiki Master whose energy I just fell in love with. I really wanted to have her visit here b/c I know many of you are attracted to working with crystals along with Angels & this is her expertise. I’m anxious to learn here too so I’m grabbin’ a comfy chair, sitting in the front row with BIG EYES & all ears!

Accessing the Wisdom of Angels With Crystals
“Long before I knew I could communicate with spirit guides and angels, I knew that I loved my birthstone, amethyst. I loved its deep purple color and its calming energy. Every time I went with my mom to the children’s clothing store in our small downtown, I eyed the tray of sparkling birthstone rings. I received one for my eighth birthday, and I treasured that ring. (My pieces of amethyst jewelry are still my favorite.)

Years later, when I began to develop as an intuitive, I was intrigued (but not entirely surprised) to learn of the spiritual properties of amethyst. I had always been a person who collected crystals and polished stones, especially drawn to crystal points, and much of what I owned was amethyst, but I hadn’t given this much thought. I didn’t actually do anything with crystals other than admire them.
My introduction into working with angels came by way of the Archangel Michael, who was loud enough that I couldn’t ignore him, and powerful enough to assist me in transforming my chronic anxiety. As I began to study AA Michael, I learned that one of the stones he was associated with was my beloved amethyst.
Just as AA Michael can be called upon for protection, amethyst is a protective stone, an excellent meditation tool and an accelerator for psychic abilities. So, I surrounded myself with it. I kept amethyst points and clusters on my meditation altar. I stored my angel oracle cards with chunks of amethyst on top, and I began to hold a sphere of polished amethyst in my left hand (my receiving hand) when I meditated, pulled cards, or attempted to communicate with my guides and angels.

I found that the calming energy I’d sensed from amethyst since childhood allowed me to quiet my mind of chatter and focus on the loving guidance that was coming through for me, and when I began to do readings for other people, I used amethyst as my talisman.

Amethyst, I learned is also associated with the Archangel Zadkiel, the angel of self-transformation, spiritual growth and alchemy. Simply knowing this, deepened my relationship to the stone I’d always loved. I began to meditate on my amethyst clusters, peering into the heart of the stones, as if scrying with a crystal ball. What I found there was not about the outside world, but very much about me and my soul.

The next of my angel crystals came to me by accident. At a psychic fair, I purchased a large chunk of Celestite. It called to me with its beautiful pale blue color and twinkling light. I didn’t realize, until I got it home and placed it on my altar that celestite is a powerful angelic messenger. A stone associated with the Archangels Gabriel and Raguel, celestite is a door opener, a bridge to the higher self, and a great help in accessing angelic guidance.
With Amethyst and Celestite at my hands, my intuitive and psychic skills evolved and expanded, and so did my awareness of the use of stones and crystals. I saw them not so much as tools, but as soul reminders. I began to feel crystals as living entities, gifts of the Mother Earth, and the angels.
And they began to show up in my meditations. When I meditate, I experience what I think of as “third-eye downloads” – visions of angels and spirit guides. In these visions, the angels are often working with me in some way, touching or moving my body. As time goes on and my work develops, these visions have become more and more esoteric.

I often see angels placing crystals into my hands or pushing them into my forehead. Even when I have no idea in my conscious mind what this is all about, my heart resonates with these images and trusts that healing is taking place.

My work as an intuitive and Reiki practitioner is focused in the heart chakra. Spiritual and healing energy is processed in the heart – for the heart is where the truth lives. With my focus turned to my heart, I found myself drawn to rose quartz, a beautiful pink stone associated with the Archangel Ariel, a healing angel, and Archangel Chamuel, the angel of the heart who assists with relationship issues of all sorts.

I had started to experience a pressure in my chest whenever I conducted readings. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to this sensation, other than recognizing it as a sign that I was “tapped in”, but eventually, I realized that I needed a better system for clearing my energy body after conducting healings and readings. I added rose quartz to my meditation altar and began to put chunks of it in my salt baths. I also purchased a rose quartz pendulum to use in energy clearing and I found that simply looking at this peaceful stone or holding it for a moment, brought me into a tranquil space.

I wear rose quartz whenever I need to remind myself to align with love, to open my heart, to flow with softness, forgiveness and connection – the energy of the angels. It is a stone that feels completely aligned with love.

Crystals and stones had become such an important part of my intuitive practice, I wanted to bring them into my Reiki practice as well. I practice Usui Reiki, but for me, this practice is also closely tied to the angels.

Angels work with me in every healing session, surrounding me and my clients with love and support. For that reason, I chose Selenite, a fragile clear crystal associated with the Archangels Michael and Haniel, to assist me in my healing work.

I began placing a strip of selenite beneath the Reiki table and could feel an immediate difference in the depth and scope of the energy that moved through that space. Selenite accesses the information of the cosmos, helps to dispel negativity and fears, and assists with cleansing and alignment.

I discovered it to be a wonderful stone to use when cutting etheric cords (those energy-draining attachments we form through day to day living.) And because of its clearing abilities, I also keep a piece of selenite in front of my computer, to help dispel the fear and negativity I sometimes encounter on the internet.
Communicating with angels is as natural as breathing. You don’t need any special tools in order to open your heart to your angels and feel their presence in your life.  Connecting with the subtle, powerful energy of crystals, however, can deepen your relationship with the angelic world.
Arranging crystals on your meditation altar, carrying them in your pocket, placing them in trays around your house, holding them as you speak to your angels will naturally attune you to the spiritual realms.

When I gaze into the large amethyst cluster on my altar or hold rose quartz in my hand, I remember who I am, where I come from, and the abundant support that surrounds each of us.”
Lori-Lyn Hurley is a spiritual intuitive, empath and Reiki master who helps you align with love. You can find her on facebook, twitter or her website. She blogs the dream life.
Thank you to Lori-Lyn for such wonderful & USEFUL info!! I loved learning all about this. Have you done any work with crystals & angels? Please share & let us know. I love to here how others work crystals into their lives!

Angel Kisses & Sparkles to EVERYONE!

How To Create Sacred Space with Crystals

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In preparing for my free Crystals & Sacred Spaces eKit, I  really got into reevaluating my sacred space & how I use crystals in it.

Part of the reason we love crystals so very much is that many of them resonate with the frequencies that influence a quiet, inspiring space for rituals like prayer,  meditation, yoga or quiet time for creating & journaling.

Maybe you’re just craving a little spot to relax & let go. A place to renew. We have an innate need for nourishing our spirit, don’t we? A place that allows you to feel more centered, grounded & happy! 🙂 Ah, sweet pea….you can create just that with crystals to help you along. Its within your reach.

Oh yes, a sacred space allows you to express your creativity too. It allows you to get creative with a sensory experience too. Let this just be a little spring board for you. You can set it up once or change it up with the seasons or special holidays you celebrate. Do whatever feels good! It can also change as your ideas of what’s sacred change or as your needs do.

And you can create this space wherever you are…and I do mean wherever! I’ve had my SUPER-CREATIVE Crystalline Cohort students create these in a closet, a desk drawer at work or a glove compartment in their car!!! So Yep’sirree…ANYWHERE. 🙂

Here’s your How To Steps:

  • Figure out where this space will be. Is it a whole room or does it need to be portable (a traveling space togo…link in a hotel room)? Then plan accordingly.
  • Sacredly clean your space. If you’re able to, open a window or two first. Let that stank, stale out, out, out! Then do a physical cleaning; dust, vacuum, scrub, whatever…just get it clean & fresh. Mmmmmm. Next, you can use any method you prefer to clear your space energetically; sage smudging, ringing a crystal singing bell or even a Negativity Neutralizer Spray Smudge that incorporates transmuting crystals such as Smokey Quartz or Black Tourmaline. Remember to do your cleaning again whenever you feel your space needs it or whenever the energy just feel “stuck or yuck”.
  • Now, gather up all your “sacred” objects. This changes from person to person. We all have items that feel spiritual or sacred or carry a special meaning for us, however since you’re here…I’m sure this list will include some very special crystals….right? In fact, some crystals are a must-have for this type of space; rose quartz, amethyst & smokey quartz are great choices. You may choose to use an altar or a crystal grid here too. Its all up to you & what feels right.  
  • Make it comfy! If your space isn’t someplace you just LURVE, if its empty & bare or just messy & cluttered…then it won’t feel sacred to you. Put some comfy pillows for seating, get rid of the clutter, use pretty candles & have some great things to look at….like GORGEOUS SPARKLY CRYSTALS (hee hee hee hee). Wait! Is this just an excuse to buy more crystals? Nooooooooo. yes.
  • Now introduce some Sacred Sounds: this can be sounds you make yourself, again, with a crystal singing bowl or tingsha bells or get some CDs that can really get you in the space. I have some audio that I highly recommend listed here.
  • Sacred calming scents can also be used such as herbs, incense and essential oils. Use whatever makes your space feel sacred to you, Sweet Crystal Hottie.  Ahhhhhh.
  • Now your Sacred Space is ready for you. How you use it is totally up to you.

    If you feel inspired to get your Sacred Space mojo on….go grab your Creating Sacred Space with Crystals FREE kit now. Nurturing good stuffs there.

    If you’re interested in learning more on this subject in one of my On Demand online classes, take a look at Creating Sacred Space & Self Protection Using Crystals. Its available for download & you can watch & learn right now. Wooot to that! 🙂

    If you have a sacred space, please share how you use it OR if you have plans for one, we’d love to hear those too!