Solar Eclipse, Summer Solstice & Much More!

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THere’s a blog I’ve recently fallen in love with and this link points to a particular post that does a great job explaining the power of a Solar Eclipse and how it acts as a sort of “micro-year” condensed in a very short period of time. Just a great post with a wealth of info.!

So many celestial and powerful events are coming up!

So first is the Summer solstice on June 21st at 7:28am EDT for the Northern Hemi, then a Partial Lunar Eclipse on June 26. Here’s NASA’s info and locations for that event. I will be eagerly watching. 🙂 This will all be followed by the grand finale of the Total Solar Eclipse on July 11!
(Photo courtesy of NASA)

Very powerful stuff and something that I don’t feel comfortable messing around with myself but I do and will have my pyrite and citrine around me from the Summer Solstice on through to the Solar eclipse. to attune my energies to these events. Here’s my YT vid that explains more if you haven’t seen it:

And lastly, you can catch Mercury in early June just before sunrise low in the Eastern sky. It’s never far from the Sun so its hard to catch a view of this little planet. Then there’s gorgeous Venus. Have you been catching it bright in the evening Western sky? It will be setting 3 hours after the Sun so its easy to view and should be the brightest object.

Crystal Blessings!

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  1. It probably sounds weird, but I am so happy on the solstice, but not for the reasons most are. I like things dark and cold and so I think it's fantastic that I just finished the longest day of the year and each one after will be shorter. I do a lot of celebrating. Thanks for sharing the altar. I am now following that awesome blog too.

  2. I enjoy the waning part of the year, like Autumnforest too, but for the harvests, not necessarily the darkness.

    Looking forward to viewing the lunar and solar events! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. We miss most of the lunar and solar events here so close to the equator. I'll have to check to see if those are visible here.

  4. I agree with everyone else. I love sun, and the long days, but the waning part of the year is definitely my favorite. I love the harvests and the atmosphere as we head towards Fall (my fav).

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