7 Reasons NOT to Slap Together Your Crystal Healing Education

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New Course Supply Kit

First off… because so many of you have been asking about it; here’s the new school supply kit for the upcoming Fall term: check it out here!

certified crystal healer course supply kit

In this week’s livestream we discussed why you shouldn’t (or perhaps you SHOULD) slap together your crystal healing education all on your own…

Constant Evolving and Improvement

My Certified Crystal Healer Academy has really grown up over the years.

Started this baby back in 2010.

With the help of my cherished Team HM, I’m so proud to see how it’s matured into an extraordinarily successful PLUS well-known go-to crystal healing resource.

You know, to create what’s considered by many the “gold-standard” crystal healing certification takes constant research, planning, contemplation, effort, passion, commitment + energy all dedicated to the success of our Crystalline Cohort graduates.

It’s a beloved job that’s never done.

This is a constantly evolving organism that needs continuous care, which I’m more than happy to give. I’m continually investing in myself to learn more so I can bring that to my academy.

No part of the HMCA is static. I’m confident in saying that we provide a ROCK-solid education and I’m committed to our students… happy to do it!

My Certified Crystal Healing Course has been providing confidence and igniting transformations for almost a decade now! Once again, we just did a complete overhaul and upgrade to our student portal making the course super simple to navigate and be the best it can be for our students, giving them a first-class learning environment.

Not into Slapping your Crystal Education Together? What to Do Right Now

Review the 7 points I’ve just outlined in the above livestream.

Does “Slapping Together” your crystal education sound like it’s for you? Maybe it is! Then go for it. I did it!

But if it doesn’t…

then don’t keep wasting money on a little class here and yet another stack of books, not knowing where you’ll eventually land.

If you’re ready to get it all figured out once and for all, while fully understanding and being able to explain the science of how crystals work to others (confidence builder!) then make the commitment to have someone properly and efficiently guide you.

Get on the Interest List

If you’d like to approach these sorts of crystal topics from BOTH a scientific yet metaphysical perspective with ME teaching you in my Certified Crystal Healer Course, then get on my Interest List here. We’ll be opening registration for my Live Coaching Round and the last term of 2019 very soon!

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  1. Sure wish I lived closer to you so I could take your Crystal Healing course! As a beginner, I find myself getting confused on what stones are what and what they do. Love watching your YouTube channel and learning new things from you. Keep up with that wonderful personality of yours and all the great work you do!

    1. Stephanie, it’s an online course. You can take it from anywhere on planet 🌎That’s how we have grads in 43 countries. 😉

  2. So excited that it is finally going to be here I’ve been waiting for the course to open up for quite some time 🙂

  3. I’ve been wanting to take your course but we travel a lot. Aside from all the activities we do, time differences messes with my body clock.

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      Jin-Jin, would love to have you in the course and Certified as a CCH!♥ Many of our grads have taken the course while traveling and you now can take as much time as needed to get your graduation requirements completed. 🙂

  4. I did it your way, HM!! LOL ❤ and I loved every minute of it! I can tell you guys that are considering taking this course that you will definitely not be sorry you did. The Hibiscus Moon way teaches you real, tangible content that will not only help you become a more confident healer but provides the tools and conversations to help you tell others how and why crystals can be used as a conduit for folks to help heal and for successful Chakra and energy work. The support you receive from other students, coaches and mentors is invaluable! So go ahead…. take the plunge and get on the List!! ~ Cheryl M., alumni CCH

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  5. I took your course awhile ago, and for me it was all about learning the science behind it. I wouldn’t have found it out the same way you explained it. It was so informative and helpful. It was so worth it, and I learned more than just about the science behind how/why crystals work and I’ve used that information every day since. 🙂

  6. I’ve already received my course supply kit and love all of the crystals included! Now, just waiting for the registration to open 🙂 I’m excited to join the course and learn all that I can about the healing properties of crystals!

  7. Hibiscus, I’m very happy that you are having a “live coaching round” in this class. That is part of what I feel I missed out on when I had to drop out. Also, a lot of things from my class was NOT easily digested from info in books ex.When I bought the edition of Vibrational Medicine, it was the wrong one, and I could not do the homework of reading. It was hard finding the correct one so I could do the Ohmwork. Lastly, my computer is old, so w/o getting an updated version would not help me to try again. If that were to happen, I would try again, but maybe run into the same problems. This was a very good AND INFORMED blog. Thanks for including me and feel free to ask me for assignments that may be too easy for your team, but helpful for me. I LOVE to give of myself! With regrets, Cathy Hall

  8. I am so excited about this course! I have a couple of questions in regards to when do students watch the sessions. Other than the Live Coaching, do participants watch the course material on their own time or do they need to log in at a particular time and day each week for the classes? And what time and day will the Live Sessions happen?

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