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Shungite came out on the new age stone-lovers scene several years ago and made quite the big splash. I’m not sure why it suddenly became so popular but it’s not usually listed in the older, more popular crystal property books so people are often left wondering and asking me lots and lots of questions about it.

There are numerous web articles out there that make lots of unfounded claims so I really felt the need to finally get this blog post out there.


Raw Shungite Stone. By (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

What is this stone?

Estimated to be about 2 BILLION years old, shungite gets its name from its discovery deposit-site near the Shun’ga village in Karelia, Russia and some say can be up to 98% pure carbon. That’s quite pure. 

Location of Shun'ga village, Karelia, Russia. Credit: Google Maps.

Location of Shun’ga village, Karelia, Russia. Credit: Google Maps.

Most geologists now agree that the shungite deposit was created by layers upon layers of ancient organic remains, however some claim that it came from a carbon-rich asteroid strike originating from our Solar System’s own asteroid belt.

Hmmm, I do like that last scenario.


(OUTER SPACE!)… but there just isn’t enough geologic evidence supporting that claim at this time. 🙁


These are 2 shungite pieces from my crystal grid that surrounds my wifi router.

Then we have a more PURE form of this stone known as Noble Shungite aka Elite shungite (shown in below photo). Note it has more of that silvery sheen to it.

Expect the Noble variety to be more pricey than the regular kind. It’s all about supply and demand so the more expensive price is due to its rarity. The Noble variety is my preference for putting directly into my water to create healing gem elixirs with because it’s more of a pure carbon form (anywhere from 70% to 95%), so fewer impurities of any other element; thereby getting the energetic job done more efficiently and with less interference.


Noble Shungite. By MOs810 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

So What’s the Big Deal About Shungite?

There are lots of claims. Let’s break them down.

Some say it can do EVERYTHING and cure ALL.

I’m not going to blindly jump on that bandwagon because, you know, I always like to back up my info with science or other evidence. So I’m only going to list out what I’ve been able to find evidence for (doesn’t mean I’m still not researching and trying out other theories).

So, here’s what I’ve got so far:

1. Water Purifier

FACT: “Shungite is an effective sorbent for removal of organic and inorganic substances, pathogenic bacteria and heavy metals from contaminated water.” ~ as quoted from respected scientific source; Science Direct.

In other words, it purifies water and has anti-bacterial properties.

Apparently, Peter the Great first noticed shungite water’s powerful healing and antifungal + antibacterial properties in the 18th century by testing on it out himself and his soldiers. After getting such amazing results, he decided to set up a spa in Karelia, Russia so others could benefit from it as well. Nice guy. 😉

Spas in the area have been taking wise advantage of the area’s healing waters ever since and coming up with such luxuries, such as trips to natural shungite springs and even serving shungite vein tea with local cowberries plus wild Karelian honey. Yum! I wanna go.

Pure well-washed shungite (not the un-pure varieties that aren’t mostly carbon) is totally safe to put directly in your water-glass. That’s how I get the most benefit from it (easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!)


2. Energy Conductor

FACT: Shungite has a unique property of being able to conduct energy… as I demo for you here in the below video:

Demonstrating Energy Conduction

3. EMF Shield

Another claim is that this stone can neutralize the negative effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

I’ve done some testing and data collection of my own as well as researched what other reliable sources have come up with and…sorry to say …there just isn’t anything (yet) to back this up. I’ve experimented with my own electronics and testing devices to see if I’ve noted anything, but I haven’t been able to come up with any data as of yet.

However, carbon is known for having diamagnetic shielding proprieties (basically this just means it reverses magnetic fields and creates an energy shield). I haven’t been able to gather data on this specifically with this stone. Hopefully, some evidence about its ability to do this will be on its way to us soon.

General Shungite Healing Properties

In working with shungite over the last few years & in hearing from our student body in the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Course, I’ve compiled a list of general shungite properties:

  • aligned with the Earth Star Chakra and Root Chakra
  • very grounding
  • cleansing
  • purifying
  • protective
  • boosts the immune system
  • improves general overall health & vitality
  • transmutes & shields from negativity

HM_ Shungite


For quite some time this stone was thought to be the only natural source for fullerenes (carbon nanotubes & spheres with very unique properties) but recent studies have disproved this too. Geez!

Despite that, it’s still obviously a powerful stone to work with.

BEWARE: “Shungite” used to mean that the rock was 98% pure carbon. But recently sellers have taken to applying the name willy-nilly to any rock that has some shungite included.  Not coolio! So, be sure to ask the seller about the purity of their shungite. If they’re not sure, better move on to someone else so that you’re more likely to get the higher quality.

Are you interested in other black stones?  Hop over to this post:  How to Tell the Difference between Black Onyx, Jet, Apache Tear, Black Tourmaline & Black Obsidian

Have you worked with Shungite?  If you have any additional info or stories to share, please post in the comments below! I’d love to hear your take on it.

Crystal Blessings,

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  1. Hey, I just noticed that the shungite was the only stone on the table runner. Not sure how that would affect anything, but it is a variable 🙂

    1. Post
      1. I have a question what would be the signifgance for a shungite to have a small whole in the center of piece plus the place where it connected for a pendant.Plus, I have been using this as a wand to pull out entities.

      1. yes.. I too would like to know the you got the Shungite from. It would be great if you could share the info please. Thanks.

        1. I ordered mine from Russia and it takes 2 months. You have to order $30 and shipping is $20. I got large ones for laptops, wifi modems and microwave ovens (all leak radiation) and small ones for the back of cell phones. Also got a small pyramid and you can purify water, even river water, they say, putting in a pitcher, takes 2 days. Need shungite especially for 5G! Pass it on!

    2. For an experiment, try taping 3 1 inch or so pieces to your water pipe where the water comes in. Then note how much less often you have to clean your toilet and tub. You will notice how much better your dishwasher washer works. It Sets up a quantum energy field in your house. Sounds crazy I know it’s what Einstein referred to as “Spooky Action”
      Try it. You will be blown away. I was.

      1. Hello Josh 🙂 thank you very much for the water pipe tid bit a.k.a “spookie action”. I will try This!
        Many Blessings!

      2. Less toilet cleaning?! I’m all for that, lol. Makes me want to slap my forehead and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Thanks, Josh!

      3. just to clarify…do you mean where the water ‘comes into the building’ OR where the water comes into the ‘flush box’, dishwasher, etc.? Thanks 🙂

  2. Thanks for the great post, I love Shungite! 🙂 I was wondering if you have worked with or looked at anthracite coal? I have a bit of shungite (2 polished lumps and a bracelet), and I noticed that the shungite looked and felt a lot like my anthracite coal specimens I picked up in Pennsylvania coal country some years ago. (It’s very grounding and purifying, very smooth and shiny, and very black). I googled “anthracite coal” and found that it has between 92-98% carbon, so, it’s similar to shungite in it’s composition. In my shungite pieces there are small inclusions of what looks like pyrite. The coal is totally pure looking and very “high-grade” as far as coal is concerned. I feel like shungite and this anthracite have similar properties, but nobody is talking about it! It is under the radar, and I guess it’s not available to the public at large. Coal: not just for burning! Thanks <3

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      1. I experience excruciating internal pressure and torture from EMFs and dirty electricity. This isn’t some kind of “pretty, unique, phenomenon,” but rather a viscous deep dark dirty secret that you possibly have no idea how serious and evil this is. I get irritated when people want to describe subjective symptoms, not even considering the objective measurable dis-eases that this crap is the root of. Mental health and school shootings? Google EMF and mental health then tell your kids they do not have a choice in their exposure since schools are saturated. oh… I could go on and on, but you see, my bile is reacting to electronics. Yes, the acid in my abdomen. And as I attempt to stay connected, or even try to find answers, I am feeling as though my intestines are being ripped out of me. Did you notice your list of symptoms is exactly the list for fibro and chronic fatigue? Do you know our kids are becoming infertile due to cell phones in their front pockets? Diabetes has become epidemic because of the effects EMF has on blood sugar. The cancers that are unfamiliar to today’s licensed practicing drug dealers are due to the radiation that everyone assumes evaporates or dissolves… Steve Jobs didn’t give his kids devices. I am one small voice and may never make a difference before I die, but I am loaded with information the general public is unaware of and the industries do not want us to know. Plant a seed of doubt is what Motorola banks on. Did you know EMF exposure is more dangerous than second hand smoke exposure? It is called the second tobacco lie.
        I’m sorry for putting all this out here on your lovely, feel good article. I really only wanted to let you know that Elite Nobel Shungite can be good, but only initially. It will burn your skin as it is exposed to EMFs, for example wearing a ring, so I wouldn’t swear by it, if a person is actually ill. People who are environmentally ill won’t benefit from it. We get our hopes up that maybe, just maybe we can feel comfortable again, then we get our hearts broken when yet something else fails. Thank you for hearing me.

        1. I use crystals in healing. I had a piece of noble shungite and put it on my forehead as I had a headache…I look like I have a burn mark on my forehead! Thanks for you comment, was good to read I haven’t gone barmy

    2. The fullerene molecule is primarily what makes Shungite unique from other forms of carbon, but there are many other characteristics that separate it. Physically it is similar, chemically it is not.

  3. Your testing proves the former claim of the organic deposits. I think it’s safe to assume asteroids weren’t involved as charcoal has been known as a water purifier for many years.

    1. I disagree and agree, I believe is was gently delivered to earth 3 billions years ago, and probably initiated the terraforming of this planet

      1. Yes because if it’s over 2 billion years old and consist of carbon it can’t be from earth. There wasn’t anything then like forests and wildlife that could create the carbon on the earth. It must have come from space.

  4. I recently purchased a shungite pendant from a reputable shop and wore it 24/7. I was hoping for physical healing; but within a week or two the company I had been working for for four years decided to promote me and give me a hefty raise! They actually created a brand new position for me, and made the raise retroactive to nine months prior, giving me a big bonus check. Not bad for a part-timer! I had been working very hard and stepping up to do more and more in these years, but the timing of this sure makes me wonder, so seemingly out of the blue like that.

  5. How can I tell if my Shungite is the real thing ? The stone I have is lite when you pick it up and is tumbled with a shine . The shop I got it from was very reputable .

    1. My shungite right from the mine is very light,black and shiny. But the “elite,or “noble “shungite is hemitite silver,&very shiny, and even lighter. The noble is a fascinating stone,almost reminding me of the energy of my tibetan t&Libyan tektites, or moldavite, but then again this batch just came straight from the mine in Russia dirt all over them. and the energy especially the pyramids ,whacky.Mine are being soaked in alkaline water, because they had black shungite dust all over them, then they are going in freezer for 3 days to clear, and be retuned ,and blessed, I think may have been traumatized by mass production, so dirty,felt like they were wrapped and packed right there at the mine, in Karelia. I really like them.

      1. Hi Michael,

        Seeing your comment from April 14th, 2016 here and I wondered about putting the shungite in the freezer to clear…..I had heard that they did need to be “cleansed” periodically but, I was not able to find any information about that….I had never thought about putting the stones in the freezer. Thank You

        1. You are correct. Shungite does not need clearing and does not take any negative energy or Electromagnetic Radiation that is absorbs. It negates it in the process.

      2. Hi there .. I would love to buy some directly from the mine because you never know what the stones have been through etc, and the shungite I have, although I haven’t tested it’s conductivity yet, is not producing any bubbles .. people talk about the oxygenation that is visible in bubbles, and I am wondering how effective my stone are, or whether I should consider another source. The mine directly would be great, but don’t know how to go about that .. thanks, Catherine

      3. I have about 5 pieces of what the seller(internet guy from Arizona, (Rob) claims is “noble elite” & it looks exactly like the pictures here on this thread but one broke & it has a large orange center. Does this sound right???

        1. I read that shungite creates a quantum tensar field and does not need to touch the water directly. You just need to add only 3 pieces. If you tape it to your water pipes where the water comes in it will clean the water somehow, and also sets up a quantum field in your house via the pipes. You can tell it works because you won’t have to clean your toilet nearly as much. Was very skeptical, but when I tried it, was amazed! It actually works!

      4. Most shungite will tend to leave black smudges on things and will need washing when first received. Depending upon the grade of the shungite it is often the case that even washing won’t stop the smudging. Elite or Silver shungite is the least “smudgy” and also fractures with a chonchoidal, semi-circular fracture like obsidian. It is so brittle that it is not tumbled or worked into other shapes, If you are using it to create shungite water you will need to watch out for the tiny bits that break off. Strain them out and use them in your potted plants or your garden, As HM has pointed out shungite conducts electricity. Anthracite which appears quite similar and may have been made under similar conditions does not. Shungite is not regarded as consumable since it has some elements that would be considered toxic such as pyrites. It is a simple matter to find shungite sources on the web, but you will want to be sure the source is reputable, reliable, and affordable.
        As with many other “magic” stones I’m sure there is a combination of myth, folklore, and true benefits to be derived from developing a relationship with something that you wish to learn more about and commune with. The meditation side allows the “thing” you have chosen to communicate back to you, if you cultivate the right kind of listening stillness and friendly, receptive (open, non-judgemental) attitude.
        Evaluating whether or not shungite can help with your sensitivities to EM radiation, and we who live in most of the built environments are daily bathed in an ever increasing cloud of those energies, is a question you should address for yourself before purchasing any for that purpose. See if you can borrow some or make a credit card deposit with an understanding that the sample can be returned within a certain number of days or you have essentially bought it.
        There is a new theory about “natural electricity” which is not static electricity, but can flow through wires, create sparks, etc. It presumably has a certain kind of spin as well as frequency and direction. The spin on this natural electricity is the opposite of the man made kind although similar in all other respects. Shungite seems to be able to flip the spin to the more natural direction, If you feel this sounds a bit “woo woo” think about sunlight. A very gifted dowser from England sensed that the photons in sunbeams also have a similar element of spin. Well, sunbeams or rays are in fact EM emissions, but up in the light frequencies rather than down in the microwave and RF bands. Light can be polarized in one direction or another natural light is unpolarized. It might help if you think of shungite as having a kind of ability to “polarize” the direction of the spin in the electron flow. It may be that a little dab won’t do you and simply putting a piece of shungite on your cell phone won’t work for you. Alternatively, shungite is surrounded by its own energy field and that field has been demonstrated to modify other fields within certain ranges of the piece relative to its size and quality. Most of the basic research on this mineral has been done in Russia and is only now coming into the English language. Some scientific research has also been done in the USA at certain universities. In most cases you will have to pay for the full articles and these professional journals are written mostly for professionals not laymen or amateurs and relect that in their vocabulary and abbreviations. My research has showed that there may be very few, if any, fullerenes in shungite about 1% or considerably less, The lower grades of shungite have larger amounts of silicon and other elements all glooped (one of those scientific terms) together in a non-crystaline, amorphous mass. Oddly though, the lower grades are used for the same sorts of purposes that carbon black is used for, while the highest grades seem the most “glass -like” yet also have the highest amounts of carbon. The reputable sellers will give you some idea of the approximate percentage of carbon in the rocks you buy, based on a generalized assay of an ore sample, but also warn that your purchase will vary somewhat from that evaluation because the ore is not uniform, except statistically speaking, within a given grade. So far I have not found a source that will guarantee any minimum amount of shungite in the items I purchase. The best that I can find is that there actually are fullerenes in shungite. These so called bucky balls and their relatives are definitely a unique kind of carbon molecule and may affect the other elements surrounding them in ways that deserve much more study and possibly with different kinds of tools. Thats where your experience and experiments may prove both helpful and possibly, invaluable.

        1. CORRECTIONs “reflect that in their vocabulary” I said guarantee the amount of “shungite” when I meant to say “fullerenes.”

          I should also add that C60 fullerenes are not particularly rare when they are created from a cooling hot carbon plasma. They also have a unique energy field in terms of the way the carbon atoms share electrons. They can actually act as a catalyst in helping to form other carbon compounds. They also have a tendency to “clump together” as bunches of molecules. So far I have read nothing about the possibility that the fullerenes may actually be found in various pockets of clumps throughout the shungite and the nature of that distribution might help to contribute to this mineral’s novel properties. I should also mention that these molecules have the unique ability to trap other atoms within their spherical exterior and thereby create a whole new range of substances.

    2. Electro-conductivity test is a sure way to know you have shungite if you cannot confirm through certification, visual comparison or third party analysis. Shungite responds positively and will register ohms.

  6. I drink Shungite infused water daily and also carry a piece round with me constantly. I have the Elite/Nobel Shungite, which has higher carbon and Fullerene content than the black, but is more expensive as it only accounts for a small percentage of all Shungite mined.

    Shungite truly is an amazing stone!

      1. I’ve been drinking shungite water for just about a year now. To me, it tastes better than any other water I’ve had and my skin is much better then before.
        As for plants, I recently rooted two avocado seeds. One with shungite water and the other with tap water. The one with shungite water is a MUCH taller new plant with a thicker and longer tap root. Where the other is meager in size, yet still healthy and growing. Also to note, I have two bowls of water in my kitchen for our four cats and two dogs. One is filtered water and the other a smaller bowl of shungite water. They ALL drink the shungite water over the filtered water! I am constantly refilling their shungite water 🙂 It’s interesting for me to note that plants and animals are naturally and instinctivley drawn to the shungite water over any other when presented the option.
        Thanks for letting me share, hope it helps.

  7. I’ve just read through your info on Shungite again and I was disappointed to read that you had no positive results when testing it for EMF protection, as this was ‘one’ of the main reasons that I really like having Shungite around. 🙁

    Have you ever heard of the Shungite book:

    In this book, which I have, the author lists many studies she has carried out on the EMF protective properties of Shungite and I have also heard of many other studies saying the same thing. Though it’s not too easy to research the findings on the internet and find any conclusive proof, especially as many of these studies have been carried out in Russia.

    1. Hi, thanks for the informative (as always) post. In my country Shungite is mainly advertised as protection from electromagnetic radiation and made into pyramids. I used to feel very unpleasant after sitting in front of the computer monitor for a longer time, but that was back in the days when they werent flat. It felt like it poluted my upper body and face. And when I bought the Shungite pyramid and put it between me ant the monitor ccorrectly alignet by the compass the icky fealing lessened. Right now that Shungite pyramid lives by my husbands computer and I have an amethyst druse and labradorite obelisc, but I still value Shungite and cary a thumbled stone of it in my pocked when I need cleansing. And I am not shure why, but intuitively I always combine it with peridot and carry them together. Any ideas how they mix and work together?

    2. Hello I have a 3-Axis Trifield meter, At close proxity is blocks levels as high as w/cm2 to – 0.000 , but the field still passed through any holes of area which the shungite is not directly or within 1-6 inches from inverse square, and completely enclosure of shungite should read 000000 this is up to 3.7 GHz, I would assume maybe gamma and near gamma would penetrate, but with the spin reversal (MAGIC) I think It would greatly attenuate the biological effects, purity of 50-70 % was what I tried, .25 micron which IS NOT NANO!!!!, but very fine, Do you think the copper nickel or other heavy metals would be safe to make shungite water, i was told by expert 250g, in 3 liters is perfectly safe to ingest at that purity? Any thoughts. I also tested ELITE 98% for emf shield and it was approximately the same level of reduction. 00000000 depending or how close i could get tthe stones they were 3cm average. ANY one know how to create NANO POWER FROM ELITE ROYAL STONES?

      1. Hello Kyle,
        I didn’t quite get the way you held the meter in relation to the shungite and the target. Shungite does not block RF radiation it attenuates it or modifies it so that the unpleasant influences on the human body and energy field appear to be gone or far less bothersome. My tri-field meter also detects microwave radiation which sometimes leaks from household ovens. You ought to be able to place a large piece of shungite between the leak(s) and your meter and see that the mircrowaves still get through to the meter. The meters don’t or can’t detect a change in spin. They are pegged to the normal 60 Hz of household currents and the EM frequencies generated by house wiring and devices plugged into it even though many of them such as computers have been tested and must meet certain RF emissions standards.

    3. Actually – You can trust the findings MORE because they have been conducted in Russia. Russian scientists are still very ethical and are not bought and sold for $$$ as American scientists are. Spoken from experience.

  8. Hi Everyone,
    I find Shungite a great stone to work with, I have a bracelet with many beads in my car, I have a ring in my handbag, a piece that I put on my body where ever I feel the need to have it. I find it an uplifting stone and fun to be around. The piece I have as a necklace is always commented on when I wear it. I do sense that it does cut down on the negative effective of electromagnetic fields. I chattered with a friend who had an electrical transformer station positioned directly across the road from her house. Her sons bedroom was closest to this activity, he was having trouble sleeping and relaxing in his room, his mood was aggressive and angry all the time. I told her about Shungite, she purchased some small pieces and a large pyramid, everyone’s mood settled and her son relaxed and the aggression he displayed reduced considerably within one week of the stones being there. I will always have Shungite around me no matter what is going on in my life, travel with it etc. Thank you for reading trying it for yourself Cheers Keran

        1. Thats why you put in inside your body, your cells actively uptake and deposit it like a nutrient in the places that need it most, Its basically Vitamin C1, and it also pulls Hydride into the body (correct my if i am wrong please)

    1. This is a great post Keran. Very helpful and true based on my experience. Electrical transformers can radiate high levels of EM and may in some cases also be defective. In Swedish studies the people that lived near tranformer complexes or substations not just the cannisters on the poles had some serious health issues. These high energy EM fields can also be picked up by the tri-field meter mentioned above and they do affect individuals in various ways, One of them is to interrupt REM sleep in subtle ways so when you don’t get enough of the “right kind of sleep” (actually there are several levels of sleep) there can be problems with your emotions and your clarity of thought. The one consistency resulting from prolonged sleep deprivation is paranoia and hallucinations. From that perspective the aggressive behavior looks rather mild.

  9. I’ve noticed a big difference when I add it to my water. I’m not a big fan of drinking plain water but when I added a piece of shungite I can drink it all day. My husband says that it makes the water taste terrible. To each his own

  10. ive been working with Shungite for over a year now. I drink the water every day, I had a bruise on my hand and the next day it was gone. My understanding is that SHUNGITE helps to repair the molecular structure of damaged cells in the body, a friend of mine runs a fox rescue and one of the little guys had a tumor in his stomach, she began to feed him the shungite water, that was six weeks ago and as of last week. An X-ray taken showed there is no longer a tumor in his stomach. I understand that shungite is very good for plants as well. I do believe there is a lot to be said about shungite and there is more research being done that will show this is one amazing crystal.

  11. Hi all!Last year I had purchased several pieces of shungite after reading some very interesting claims concerning its benefits.The next day I stubbed and broke one of my toes,ouch!While sitting later that night and watching all of the pretty colors starting to appear I suddenly remembered the shungite.Being a massage therapist ,I decided to lightly rub the affected area with the polished stone.Well,after about five minutes or so I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.The color of the toe started to lighten right before my eyes!Then after I stopped the toe started to itch a bit like when a boo boo is healing.Crazy right!?About 20 minutes later I treated the area again and by the next morning most of the swelling had gone down and the bruising and pain was about 80 percent better. Yay!

  12. I’m a bit of a scientist do I usually need all the facts… but when I was first introduced to Shingite it was an intuitive gut thing that had me get some to treat my water then get one to hang from my neck and I also have one raw rock sitting on one of my window sills… but now I heard about what’s possible with a pyramid I’m going to get one of those – I have a cancer pole outside one of my windows I’ve been working on treatment of…

    I have been drinking Shungite water for about 4-5 months now and what I notice is how clear the water is in comparison to what comes out of my tap. I originally I got it to help me filter out an iron problem in the city’s water supply. I find I don’t want to drink other people’s water because I don’t trust their water… to me it has a great taste and the Shungite does a great job.

    I also wear a Shungite rock around my neck. I noticed by putting it on I went through a wicked and tough transformation (personal life cleanse) that took 3 months to get through. I’m not willing to do again so I don’t take the rock off my person!

    1. Hi Tracy,
      Please don’t become superstitious about the fact that you are now a better person and that the shungite may have helped. If you like to wear it because, as an adornment, it gives you pleasure, fine, but you need to show yourself that you have truly been transformed, so maybe you could give the shungite a bit of a rest and discover just how good you have become. Once that process of transformation has begun it usually doesn’t stop.

  13. Hey I’ve been using harmonizing rods for some time now, and incredible !!!!! The energy wave felt during meditation is a very calming blanket of cosmic wow , transmuting and reenergizing the body and aura. Another great meditation is a body layout with pyramids over the major chakras. If you can get your hands on some shungite you won’t be disappointed.

  14. I ordered a piece of tumbled Shungite a few months ago and I worked with it when I was sick and had a bad headache. I was rubbing it on my temple and fell asleep holding it there. When I woke up, I felt great but I had black stuff all over my temple. Is this normal? It seemed odd since they make jewelry out of it. I wonder if it’s not real. Also, in searching the internet for info before I purchased it, I came across something saying to use with caution and keep it in a display cabinet due to it containing asbestos. I became concerned and put it away but I would like to know if this is true or not.

    1. Carbon soot deposits on shungite are natural and common. If they are present this indicates that the sender did not adequately wash the stone, in whatever form it came. This may or may not be intentional. But if you have a trustworthy source either confirmed from Karelia, or tested for authentic electro-conductivity, then the black residue is no issue. I know some people that eat it 😉

      1. I’ve only recently found out about the qualities of Shungite from a friend who wears it as a form of protection against EMF’s. My motivation to use it was for its purification properties of water. I brought 500g and it arrived in a boxed bag. The clear bag looked very sooty. I cleaned under running water for 10 minutes as requested and it turned the water black. I used this water for plants. I split the 500g between 4 x 2 liter glass jars and filled with water. After 2 days I began to drink the contents. Throughout the day I noticed the water had a darkened black hue to it with tiny particles throughout. The water does have a carbon taste to it but I have noticed my energy levels have increased a lot. However I am slightly concerned about the very small particles purely due to my lack of knowledge and understanding in this area. I’m hoping someone may be able to help shine some light on it. Ie: is it just a low quality stone I’ve got?

        1. Stefan,
          The water should not be turning black after the stones have been washed. The pH level will rise over time and so it is better to drink the water in a day or so after you have conditioned it with the stones. If you regularly replace the 8 oz or so of water you drink and allow about 20 min to an hour for the water to recoup the loss, The newer water ought to have been conditioned by the larger amount that has remained in the container.The particles that you may have already consumed won’t hurt you, but it is probably better that you filter them out and give them to your plants. If the water continues to blacken with particles you just might have real shungite that you are working with.

  15. Thanks for sharing!! I recently purchases a shungite sphere the size of a bowling ball! I am going through a deep healing and wanted to have the purifying quality to cleanse my room energy/air, and when I’m sick i’ll snuggle up with it in bed. It has a very light and uplifting energy to me. When I asked it if it would be able to assist in my healing it gave me a big WHOOSH of energy through my body! So I took her home! And I always put tumblies in my water filter, and water bottles. The water tastes incredible! Even though its a mohs of 4 (some said online), I find it amazing. I wear an amulet around my heart as well, paired with a Yeh Ming Ju 🙂 just love them!

  16. Do you cleanse your shungite once you have used it to purify the water for a while? How do you clear shungite?

    Thanks. I just got 2 very pure pieces from a friend and also would like to clear very well before using it for purification!

    Thank you! -Kerry

    1. Hi Kerry,

      According to the book on Shungite, which I mentioned above, you do not have to cleanse Shungite as it does not hold a negative charge. But it is advised to leave it out in sunlight for a few hours every few months to recharge, just like with other crystals. 🙂

      1. Tamara, you don’t have to wash the Shungite to recharge (or cleanse?) it? Just put it on a window sill for awhile. Someone told me leave it for 15 min. a week in the sun.

    2. Sunlight is used to kill off accumulated contaminants from repeated purification of water. As for negative energy or clearing of the stone, it never needs this. It does not take any EMF radiation onto itself.

      1. I leave my shungit and all other stones outside in the woods every month during the full moon for 2-3 days, so It can take in the wind, sun, moon and earth energy. From the ground, earth is giving negative electrons to the stones, when consumed they will ”buddy up” with all the positive electrons in our body-free radicals, what are cousing our body to age faster. This is just helping shungite to influence our body more positively.
        And when i asked from my pendulum, it said that shungit is neutralising EMF.
        I feel my body needs it, I only want to drink shungite water. I also but all the other liquids in the shungit what i want to consume, like tea or store bought juice, and it is changing the flavor of the drinks, I usually consume them on the same day, once I left Vitamineral water(popular in EU stores) in the shungit for 1,5 days and it tasted horrible, like i tasted all the chemicals from the plastic bottle and bad quality vitamins in the water after shungit neutralised ”taste better ” flavorings in the drink.

  17. Hi. I have been drinking Shungite water since over a year. A week ago I noticed red specks on the tumbled stone. I asked around and this is the chemical compound of the stone. I was also told that the tumbled should not be used for purifying water. The raw form was better. I do have small chips, but I find that when I hold it, it leaves black powder on my fingers. Would it be safe to put that in water?
    Chemical compound of shungit is:
    Carbon – 20 – 95 %,
    Silicon – 5 – 60,
    Aluminium – up to 4 %,
    Iron of-3,5 %,
    Magnesium – up to 3,5 %,
    Kaliy – up to 12 %,
    Sulfur – up to 1,2 %,
    Calcium up to 0,58 %,
    Phosphorus – up to 0,34 %, and many other macroelements and microelements.

    Now, since it does contain Iron…….although not much, it could have pockets that would look rust like or red……

    1. Thank you for sharing this. I also have the same concerns. I have been using a Tumbled Stone Shungite ~ where I have placed on my Water container, to drink. I have noticed recently, that there is this ‘rust’ color coming out from the Shungite Tumbled stone ~ which is a concern. I also recently bought some ‘Elite Noble Shungite’ stone, which I placed on the water, to drink, and then found a few stones have some ‘rust color’ in it. I don’t know whether this is safe or not, but somehow my intuitive guidance is telling me, to remain ‘positive’ and stay within my High Vibrational Energy. Anyhow, just want to share this. Thank you!!!

    2. Shungite does contain iron, as well as various other silicates within the stone. These are benign minerals and elements and are in fact essential to health. The longer the shungite sits in the water, the more the taste is affected, and will also reduce the pH through the reaction. General recommendations are 72 hours at most resting of the stones. It is non toxic, there has never been any reported medical concerns resulting from drinking shungite water. Just be sure your source of shungite is in fact legitimate. One of the ways to confirm this is to know if its from Zazhoginsky deposits, or run an electro-conductivity test (shungite responds positively and will register ohms). It is considered a therapeutic water and not meant for daily or regular consumption.

      1. Hello there. I am wanting protection for my father during a heart ultrasound xray coming up. He has had so much radiation from xrays I don’t want him to have anymore exposure or at least be protected from what he must have. Have some small unpolished pieces for water purfication. If he holds these in his had is that protective enough? They don’t let you wear jewellery. Thanks Dijana

  18. Love this! I use Shungite in crystal grids for cancer and other serious illnesses. I also use a shungite pendulum in sessions with clients and spin in through the auric field to cleanse the field. I also use it in layouts on the root. Thanks for covering it, HM! You are the best.

  19. GREAT timeous article, thanks! I bought a small shungite polished stone last year with the tag attached saying “Brings a variety of good blessings” haha….but it WAS the stone that attracted me not the tag!! I had the urge to buy more this past week and my new one arrived yesterday….a raw piece shaped in a square crystal…naturally growing out of similar rough matrix. I read somewhere that it forms blocky square crystals….is that so? X Thanks

  20. Hi I bought some shungite thinking it was the real stuff paid 35 for a bracelet which came to find out was the not so good one an told by a crystal healer that i should not wear it often because it could make you sicker? what do you think she said they call it the shungit with out the e which i only found one place on the interent that backed up what she had said. any info would be great thanks.

  21. Hi! I was wondering, if shungite purifies water does that mean it’ll also remove the fluoride that’s added to our drinking water? Thanks so much! ❤️Love your website !


  22. I have been using shungite to further purify my filtered drinking water for some time. It tastes so much fresher…coming from a place of heavy minerals in all water…and I enjoy drinking water even more. This year in Tucson, I sought out more to have around. This seems to be my go-to stone right now.

    Synchronicity Alert!
    I read this email last night before getting ready for bed. My cat, Faith, will always request a drink of water as I am brushing my teeth. I just happened to have my glass of Wonderful Water sitting next to the one she uses (filled with plain ol’ tap water). She discriminatingly went back and forth between the glasses until choosing…the Shungite!
    I love it when we are on the same page!
    Crystal Blessings, HM! <3

  23. I discovered shungite for the first this April, drawn by a huge energy it exuded to me. I started to buy a bracelet of it, but then brought home a necklace of heavy polished chunks – guess I really felt the need for some protection or cleansing! I wore it for 24 hours straight the first day, with powerful effect (nausea, dizziness, frequent bathroom visits), then couldn’t stand to wear it any longer. I’ve only worn it for short periods of time around home since. I mostly just keep it where I can see it and remember to work with it a little each day. Sometimes I pick up on something of a dark energy from it that spooks me – I wonder what that is; other times it has a very grounding, healing and balancing effect on me. Definitely an interesting stone.

    1. Hi Christina, I wonder if the dark energy you are picking up is, in fact, your own energy that the crystal is releasing from you. Maybe the cleansing/clearing you are going through when near it. Especially if you haven’t been feeling well. Your necklace sounds amazing.

    2. My take is ;though some claim it doesn’t need to be cleansed because it cannot hold a negative charge,I just unwrapped a box of it fr Russia,pyramids,and loose noble type for the electronics in our wellness center,they had black soot all over them, and placing the 1st unwrapped one, in from of my office managers computer, totally spaced her out ,and made her joints hurt.Shes arthritic anyway, but this made it flare. If it is a cleansing/pulling stone, Im letting them soak in alkaline water, and then into the freezer for 3 days,there after, the sun charging method,when needed. but new out of country stones, especially for purification ,for me anyway, have been working w stone 30+ yrs. I muscle test for preferred cleansing for diff stones, most go to the freezer 3 days at least.Come out with a clear,sparkly vibe, then blessed,etc.

    3. Hi, I asked my Reiki and other techniques master about shungit and I was told to be cautious, because as it is said “it reverses magnetic fields & creates an energy shield”, it may reverse your correct rotation of Merkaba and change it to self-consuming and destructive. It probably may have a positive effect down the lake for cleaning water, but it may also affect you more than desired. Some more sensitive people may really feel a very strong energy (not pleasant) and not be able to work with it intuitively.

      1. When I received my piece in a pendant I could not wear it right away – actually had to break into it slowly. Wear it a little bit each day. But I am up to wearing it 24/7 now. I just want to verify it’s authenticity as my pendant became “scratched” by my granddaughter teething on it. I thought it was harder than that.

  24. Shugnite has the ability to absorb substances from the environment. It got radio-shielded properties. It protects people from electromagnetic radiation and increases the immune system.

  25. In my own experience, shungite is extremely good at channeling negative energy. Had a very unpleasant introduction to the stone- along with my best friend, the one who introduced me to all of this. A gifted medium herself. The stone can be used to cast curses, and I suspect that’s why people think it protects from negativity- it absorbs it fantastically, but it also turns it back around. The stone I encountered, and later bought and purified, had absorbed a great deal of negative energy, of various types. It was charged with a highly chaotic energy when I found it.

    So there is something to those who have noticed a dark energy from it. it can be used to draw out deeply repressed negative energy though- so it’s extremely beneficial in that way, and I have no doubt that it would be excellent at healing diseases. It gets the deep stuff out where you can be aware of it and cleanse it. I have a shungite pyramid, and I’ve used it to cleanse my chakras- it’s drawn so much negative energy out that it’s gotten pretty hot!

    I also feel like it’s drawn to people who are going through major life transitions or need to. It likes to strip away all that is fake- drawing the negativity to the surface where you HAVE to deal with it. It will get you where you can be authentic very quickly.

    And I feel like it will also help people with death- help them die, that is. don’t just give it to someone dying unless it’s their time and it’s difficult for them to deal with. Otherwise, use it to draw out their negative energy and get it away from them.

    And it is very grounding if you have placed it on the ground and stand over it or something.

    Finally… never be overconfident with shungite. If your not careful, it can and will bite you in the butt.

    I also feel like the stone is extremely intelligent, and the shungite is either part of a bigger plan, or it has a plan of it’s own. Something to watch out for, to be sure.

    Still, it’s a fantastic friend to keep around when you take the time to understand it!

    1. Steven, this is a very interesting perspective. I have a shungite that has turned. I have tried using different methods of cleansing including Reiki, but to no avail. Strangely enough it seems to have happened since I have been drinking shungite elixir or perhaps that is coincidence I’m not sure.
      As it happens, I wear this crystal every day and have been for about 2 years. I believe it has absorbed a lot of energy not just from me, but from my environment and maybe the elixir has sped things up a bit.
      I am going to bury this crystal and perhaps invest in another. I would be interested to know your opinion. 🙂

  26. Awesome Blog!! Anyone know of a good source to get real Shungite that is 98% carbon so I can put it in my water?

    1. Hello, not sure if you found a source to buy shungite but I have been stocking up on shungite for a couple of years now I buy it in bulk from Russia. The shipping is expensive. I am not a store but I sell at farmers markets sometime. I have some Elite shungite that can be used for drinking water and I have lots of custom jewelry that I made. If you are interested you can buy from me, I sell at decent prices. I also test all shungite to make sure that it is genuine. I can video my tests and show you.

  27. Hibiscus Moon,

    Awesome and excellent write up on Shungite! One of the best I have read! You pretty much covered all the bases on this magical miracle from Russia. A big shout out and thank you for the warning on being sure to ask the seller about the purity of their shungite and if they’re not sure, move on to someone else. We are a Shungite online store ( and a Non Profit Organization (Cosmic Reality Shungite Inc) out of South Florida educating the masses on the ignorance surrounding the dangers of EMF/WiFi radiation on your health. We have invented products to combat the problem and we only sell REAL and RAW Shungite straight from the Zazhoginsky deposits in the Russian Republic of Karelia near the eastern border of Finland. It is our sacred mission to get “Shungite to the Masses!” as we believe everyone needs Shungite 🙂 Much love and gratitude to you and all of your crystal hotties <3 Rock on!

    In Love, Light & Shungite,

    Stephanie Shungite 🙂

  28. I was gifted with a tumbled shungite. Was recommended to drink shungite chatged watet to heal my body post a galll bladder removal surgery. And lo mybody readily accepted it n help me to recover fastest. I had it for nearly 6 months.

  29. I love the idea of using a shungite on a pendulum to clear an aura field. Where did you find such a pendulum?

    Be Blessed,

    Dreama Cook

  30. My dad had gotten a necklace and worn it each day. He noticed that it was taking away the pain hes had for years in his knees. It’s a wonderful stone I have lots of it! Works many wonders. We had purchased ours from a Russian Shungite dealer at a Gem show. It was highly recommended by many ppl at our hotel. So we decided to grab up some. Now we love it!

  31. I recently spilt hot grease over my hand and instantly could feel the heat coming up thru my skin. I was fortunate enough to have just received my shungite bracelet so I immediately grabbed my redmunds clay got it all over my hand, then wrapped the hand in guaze and submerged it in a basin of room temperature water with my shungite bracelet sitting in it. After several hours of having my hand in and out of the water I finally unwrapped it and the pain was dialed back to a 3 from a 10 the heat was not rising thru the skin and the puffy bumps were completely flat and just soft pink color. I continued to wrap and soak it the next day and by the 3rd day you couldn’t even tell that I burnt my hand. It was a true miracle.

  32. I have been using shungite for a few years , and found that it does need to be cleared, and putting it on selenite like overnight takes care of it.

  33. I love this stone. I find it difficult to find a “nice” grounding stone. I have found this stone to work best for me. I also keep it on my water. This was an excellent article thank you for you knowledge. ❤️

  34. I bought my Shungite from Amazon. Great prices. I got my moon piece there and a pound of it for water purification.

  35. I just got my first piece of Shungite a few weeks ago and have just started working with it in the last few days. It is about the size of a large marble and happens to be round and marble shaped, too. I have noticed that it is very grounded, especially for an airheaded Sagittarian like myself, and also that it has a very powerful buzz of crystal energy in my hand when I close my whole hand over it in my fist. I have a special position I use to do this to make sure I’m not just sensing my own pulse. But yep, this stone definitely has a lot of kinesthetic and palpable energy you can feel! I love it and am happy to add it to my crystal collection. I will be getting some larger pieces, soon, too, as I usually buy these smaller tumbled pieces of stones so that I can first, “test them out,” before spending my money on a large specimen. I give it a B+/A- in my opinion <3

    1. It’s appears as a liquid as all molecules are moving randomly within the SOLID specimen, this has been confirmed by xray fluorescence and other methods, I think the constant interactions carbon-carbon and the structure may make it appear this way, but its not amorphous like glass to my knowledge, this is from an EXPERT source, also A TOTAL VACUUM EXISTS WITHIN THE FULLERENE (cage, there is depate on this) and TOTAL Vacuum was determined be impossible by physicists, also if the Fullerene is created in the presence of HELIUM one atom of He will be trapped inside the molecule, I woule like to see a Hydrogen version of this but no sure if the atomic radius would fit maybe in c-70 vs c-60, There is so MUCH TO LEARN AND KNOW ABOUT CHEMISTRY SCIENCE PHYSICS AND ELECTROMAGNETICS, ITS A SUPERCONDUTER AT PRETTY HIGH TEMPS, THIS COULD BE BE ENHANCED, For example graphene was made into a form thats HYPERCONDUCTIVE, basically they said the size of a speaker wire could power an entire city of several million people ???? they previously thought that silver was the best conductor, gold best unoxidizable, I wonder about electrum, anyway, C-60 Inhibit the enzyme the man made H I V uses to replicate spread that knowloedge please, soon SHUNGITE will declared bad and become tainted, fake or limited , mark my words, stock up now, it goes directly against they xontrollers, I KNOW THIS AS FACT.

  36. Hi
    I have been using shungite in my drinking water for just over 3 weeks now, I heard it was an amazing stone and went and bought two to put in my water jugs and one pyramid one to use next to my computer.
    I have to tell you that this week I have become very tired and lacking in energy so much I have had to take afternoon naps, then go on to sleep 10 hours during the night, something I have never done in my life. I use the shungite water for cooking and for making my tea with, I even wear the stones in my ear-rings.
    I have recently come across a report that shungite is radioactive and I am now left wondering if this is the reason I have become so exhausted after using shungite for a period of 3 weeks.
    Perhaps it is indeed a stone that is good for some and bad for others, in my case it stole my energy and left me completely lethargic, I wonder if anyone else has had similar experience,I would be interested to know before I give up with this stone.
    Here is the report ..

    SCAM AND DANGER, the “miracle” stone: the Shungite

          151 Votes

    For over 2 years now, when the first press release on the BIOCONTACT newspaper, I get many, many requests on this rock which boasts all conceivable benefits:
    Reading this article was not really convinced me. Including references “historical” about the use of this stone. I was surprised that more than thirty years of professional experience in the field of mineral and crystal healing, this information has not been known in professional circles. I did not think at the time that the recovery in cascade by a number of media of the same article, not tested by journalists, would trigger to such an extent the public’s enthusiasm.
    Seeing the demand for this stone increase over the months, I decided, in February 2011, to procure various products Shungite (raw, balls).
    Upon arrival, I felt no particular action. I was surprised because usually the first contact with a new stone I decodes the first levels of action, both physiologically and energetically. I felt even mild discomfort that I could not define.
    I was testing the main indication for this stone, namely the neutralization of electro-magnetism. I realized, despite several tests on weights and different pieces, that these samples did not allow to achieve any tangible results for the neutralization or even lower electromagnetic load screens or WIFI.
    Assuming that when I do not “understand” not a stone, I need time to “tame,” I was asking, as I usually do, on my desk to impregnate me. This lot remained several months on my desk.
    Noting also many anomalies reported by customers on health fairs where we present our stones, I decided to send these samples to two friends geobiologists / famous dowsers, asking them to give me their opinion. The feedback was extremely fast. The clear frequency by these samples were 666. The products were radioactive, carrying energy from Chernobyl.

    Meanwhile, I had seen some health imbalances among users Shungite carrying pendants or drinking the water in which they soaked the Shungite, including serious thyroid disorders.
    Questioning one of my friends, competent litjothérapeute selling Shungite and surprising me it distributes such a product, whereas I had seen these problems, he confirmed that he had to test each batch entering and some were indeed radioactive.
    I then understood the unease that I could feel in contact with these stones, indefinable malaise for me because I had never been in contact with radioactive material.
    It took a while to decide to publish this information. For several months, we inform widely the public and professionals about the danger of this stone. But before the huge upsurge in the Shungite development that uses a patently the credulity of the public (books have even been published), it seemed important to share what I had seen. Clearly these lines that I undertake, within samples that I had on hand (all gone to the recycling center since). I noticed that some products were not radioactive.
    However, in a country where we also vigorously stirred the “precautionary principle”, I can only advise my readers and clients to abstain from the purchase.
    In the case of the acquisition of a stone to neutralize screens or wireless, the good old Black Tourmaline demonstrates its effectiveness for decades. It is the stone to be recommended.
     Thank you distribute this product in more to limit this serious public health problem.


  37. According to this site which sells Elite and regular Shungite, when water is filtered or infused with Shungite the pH of the water is lowered to acidic. They recommend drinking Shungite water ONLY for therapeutic purposes and not on a regular basis. Our body is more disease resistant in an alkaline state.
    Also, Elite Shungite makes up only about 1% of the shungite and because it is brittle is almost always found in the raw form. It’s too brittle to be tumbled or ground into shapes. I think this makes it easier to know what is being sold.

    1. Just received my box of pyramids, and nobile shungite stones. They threw in 4 for the price of 3,(pyramids) and 7 free shungite gifts, pendant, sphere and holder, extra pyramids, no S&H, no tax, there was a ‘march’ special,for this order. but they run diff ones,all the time got to me in 10 days, instead of the projected 3 weeks, a dream to deal with. But after reading the above scary warning on radioactivity, and seeing my colleague at work, space out ,and joints hurting,right after holding(she’s very sensitive to energy) Im hoping it just needs a serious cleansing.Guess I need device counter to detect radioactivity.Ill report back, later.

    2. Yes this is very true. Shungite water prepared from either of the viable grades (1 or 2) elite or black regular, should be viewed only as a therapeutic tonic, and know the fullerene molecules bestowed are long lasting and acting. Acidic pH of the person can definitely result, and this is in fact the only major “side effect” of shungite applications. Other than this, it is entirely non toxic, and never needs cleansing for the purpose of EMF or Radiation shielding. Due to the rarity of Elite shungite, I reserve it only for sick patients.

    3. HI Julie,
      I gave a long post near the beginning of this long list of comments which may help answer some of your questions, but I did not fully address the pH changes which shungite can produce. The shungite store sells a heat treated from of shungite “gravel” that is part of a mix that they use in their water filters, If used by itself to create shungite water the pH of that water will be acidic. Some folks like acid tasting drinks, Soda is very popular for that reason and the fizz, However most of the non-treated shungite in chunks or smaller pieces will tend to turn the pH up into the alkiline range approximately 8 – 9 pH which when consumed on a periodic basis is considered healthful, Partly, for the reason it has extra hydrogen that tends to get carried into the body where it is used to good effect at the cellular level.
      The term radioactive has become demonized when actually small amounts of radioactivity have been reported to have both a water purifying and a healing effect. The stone I use to create that kind of water puts out only about 5 – 7 millirem per hour and it kills all the viruses, bacteria, and yeasts by disrupting their cellular reproductive functions. So if shungite should happen to have a small amount of radioactivity that is not necessarily a bad thing. For the most part though the reports I’ve seen (anecdotal not scientific) tend to show no presence of radio activity. That seems to have been a rumor started by an individual in Finland who posted some things about shungite on the web.
      Chernobyl sent clouds of radio activity into the air. Mined shungite is stockpiled in the outdoors and could well have been subjected to that cloud of radioactivity in such a way that it would show up in some of the samples that were taken from the outside of those piles. In general though there appears to be little need for concern about natural radioactivity occuring in shungite ore or it would have been reported in at least one or more of the several scientific studies that have been conducted on this mineral over the past many decades that it has been being studied in laboratory settings.

  38. I recently bought some claimed authentic Russian Shungite bracelets off of etsy. And now there are constantly black marks around my wrists. Is this the carbon rubbing off ? Or did I get ripped off?

    1. Natural carbon soot is common with shungite products, whether raw, polished, unpolished or shaped and manipulated. It depends on the creator and if they washed it, and how thoroughly they did.

  39. I just recently bought a Shungite stone necklace with a rose quartz in the middle if it. When I put it on and wear it for maybe a half hour, I have body heat like a hot flash. When I take it off it goes away. I have looked on the internet to see if anybody else has had this experience and why this would be happening to me but have found nothing. My husband can feel the energy but no body heat. Any ideas why this may be happening? I love the necklace and would very much like to wear it but it’s too powerful and uncomfortable. Also, do you think I may get use to it in time without all the heat? Any ideas? Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Shirley. You are experiencing something very familiar to me. Whenever I venture into any stone or crystal place, I endure the same intense heat, and have to remove clothing layers. I will often sweat profusely. Fear not, in time you may become used to it, but you are simply very SENSITIVE to the grandfathers. Grandfathers are what indigenous circles refer to as stones, ancient, wise, and patient. While it is true anyone is capable of feeling energy from grandfathers, or any living being in general, not everyone is sensitive enough to experience the energetic heat transfer. You could be responding quite deeply to the healing qualities of shungite and the loving care of the rose quartz. Know that you have a special connection and intuition with them, spend time listening and learning from them, and embrace your journey! 🙂 <3

    2. I can relate to this the first time I used a shungite/soapstone harmonizer. I held a shugnite rod in my left hand and a soapstone rod in my right hand for 30 minutes while lying down in bed. After around 20 minutes the area from my stomach to my upper thighs felt warm and pleasant and energized. But I didn’t feel hot nor did I sweat.

    3. Shirley – your comment is very interesting to me as not only do I feel heat if I wear my new shungite pendant, but heart starts palpitating and flip flopping. I have to take it off and keep it a distance away from me in order to avoid having these physiological responses to the stone. Now, after reading through the comments here, I am wondering about the radioactivity issue. I think valid studies are needed on this stone.

      1. You know, I have started playing around with both “Elite” and standard shungite within the last couple of months or so. I used to do lapidary work so I tried cutting and polishing both these materials as well ad using them in water and wearing pieces of them….
        I get absolutely NOTHING, other than the water does taste somewhat better. I have a great deal of trouble with these claims of shungite causing all these strange feelings and sensations. After all, this stuff is just a rock. Is all this stuff put here just to sell shungite or what??

        1. My experience with working with subtle healing energies from different sources for over 40 years is that people vary according to their ability to sense subtle energies. For example, I am the type that hardly ever feels subtle energy from my energy tools. Yet my wife is so sensitive that when I am doing qigong somewhere else in the house, she knows when I am doing it because she can feel the energy. I am currently awaiting my Shungite Rods from Russia as I want to compare them to the energy that I used to feel from my Egyptian Healing Rods that also come from Russia.

          1. HI Steve,
            I hope you are enjoying working with Qi Gong practices. it is something I would like to incorporate in my daily activities. Tai Chi is better known and more popular in this community, but there is one Qi Gong master form South America of all places who has teamed up with a chiropractor to have regular classes.
            It is now Sept. I’d be very interested to learn about what you think of the shungite rods you obtained compared with the Egyptian ones. It seems shungite might be able to pair up with a number of other minerals to good effect. Are you likely to try swapping out the rods between the two sets to see how the effect might vary? I’m also very interested to learn whether the rods may help to boost your overall level of Qi Gong energy. it may take a while for you to become sensitive, but one of the many objectives of Qi Gong practice, as I understand it from my reading, is to become sensitive to Qi (life) energies from EVERYTHING in your environment so you can either extract/absorb or give Qi depending upon the need that shows up in the relationship to the sky, the earth, and all the other things animate and inanimate that you might choose to focus on. One of the more unusual things I learned about was using Qi to enhance one’s musical performances. Berkley School of Music in Boston was actually teaching a course on that subject. Maybe H M should talk to them about using various kinds of crystals to accomplish something similar.

  40. This stone has somthing that is just safe. Not sure how or what that means to you. First word that comes up while I hold my stone. Safe..

    1. It is very common reception for the stone, to feel calm, safe, comfort. I have seen it and heard it hundreds of times. It’s so great and humbling.

    1. Forgot to mention thatI have been using shungite, and, drinking shungite water 6 years and since drinking the water have never had a cold; prior to I was always susceptible to and getting colds. To me this stone does live up to it’s miraculous healing reputation.

  41. in moments of desperation with pain in the body caused by energy shifts and upgrades, I have experimented with Shungite – directly on the painfull body areas…. effect: fantastic, very strong vibration, feeling like a radiation, radiating the pain away…. something of a pain relief, for some specific pains, that nothing else (no other crystal I have or powerful energy work) could help with!!!! very very appreciative of and grateful to Shungite for that and an amazing healer/pain dissolver. to me it kind of validates the notion of EMF shielding as Shungite seems to radiate something quite unusual, very powerful and beneficial 🙂 love it 🙂

  42. Elite shungite is preferable but regular shungite will absolutely do, especially if it comes with certification cards. I have a guy in Russia that’s great. You can purchase shungite paint too. I prefer the crescent moon pendant but usually opt for the rectangular one for energy purposes (keeps yours in and balanced). They’re great to have by electronics. I have bathed in it (the powder) but honestly I prefer activated charcoal baths. The cylinders are fantastic. It’s wonderful all around. Nummitte is up there with awesomeness too!

    1. Hi .. can you tell me your source? Who is this guy? .. as I’m looking at some alternative sourcing of the Noble Elite. In all of the comments I’ve read thus far, no one has mentioned what I was told was the case, and that is that the shungite that is able to be carved, ie the lower grade that’s made into jewellery, has an active life of only 4-6 months, and in that instance, you would wonder how long the remainder of the life of those stones would be after waiting to be made into pyramids and jewellery, etc. It’s the Noble Elite, that can’t be carved, because it’s brittle like glass, that lasts forever, and just needs cleansing in the sun or other methods, every few months. I was also told that soaking it in baking soda water works well, and I do that. A caution with the Noble Elite water .. I use a very fine sieve (it cost me $50 unfortunately) to drain out the NE shungite water because there are sometimes very fine, tiny glass like fragments .. I am wondering why these important points haven’t been mentioned, although who knows if my information is correct … I would love to get some carved items, because I love to make jewellery, but thus far I have made some earrings, carefully glueing a jumpring to the back of some smallish NE stones. I would really like to establish a source to buy as much as I can get on a regular basis so I can make larger amounts of the water and protect spaces from EMF, etc .. thanks, Catherine

  43. I bought my shungite straight from russia . And i live in new zealand .shungite is powerful and only found in russia

    1. Can you tell me your source that’s straight from Russia please? I’m wanting to buy as much as I can on a regular basis .. just the Noble Elite though .. thanks, Catherine

  44. I have been making my own shungite water for a few days now and I cannot find what the ratios are to making it proper and i also cannot locate what is an ample amount of this water to drink daily to get the healing effects. I believe in it wholeheartily just need more direction on what I am doing in quantites. thank you

    1. 100 grams per 1 liter of water is the general recommendation. 72 hours preparation at most. Beyond this, the acidic pH of the water can become quite substantial and the taste of the water adversely affected. 1-2 cups daily is ok, but not needed. Many people choose to drink shungite water every day for months or years. That is not needed either. Consider it a therapeutic tonic. Drink it more when you feel sick or imbalanced. Other than this, the fullerene molecules are known to be present in the water and in the human body for many months beyond initial dosage. This means to receive the true value of the Shungite water, only 1 initial cup is really needed, and additional cups are up to the discretion of the individual. Please look for S4H on Social Media to learn more!

      1. Hello S4H,
        I beg to differ with your comments after the first sentence which is ok, but the water can be consumed with benefits in much less than 72 hours.
        Shungite is known to structure water within a very short time which offers benefits all by itself and may take as little as 20 minutes to an hour to achieve.
        I really have a problem with this statement: “Other than this, the fullerene molecules are known to be present in the water and in the human body for many months beyond initial dosage.” Fullerenes only dissolve in water with great difficulty which is why C60 in oil is the generally preferred mode of purchase and consumption… unless the C60 has been especially altered by adding some multiples of hydroxyl ions to the molecule so that it will dissolve in water. That form is even more expensive and is used mainly for medical research. In short, very little in the way of fullerenes from the shungite goes into the water which is taken into the body. In the C60 a (buckyball) studies they have done some urine testing on individuals taking mega doses of C60 in oil in order to accelerate a particular type of healing (this is not the accepted way to consume it, but it is not harmful to do that) and have found out that the excess fullerenes flush out of the body very quickly while the remainder comes out in a matter of days not weeks and months which contributes to their function as an exceptionally effective anti-oxident,
        Daily consumption of shungite water is NOT A PROBLEM.,,,PROVIDED THAT ONE DOESN’T LET THE pH get too high. The longer the water sits with the rocks in it the higher the pH becomes, At those higher levels it probably is better to view it as a theraputic substance. Alternatively, one could consider ways to balance out the higher pH levels and bring the water into a more neutral or “balanced” pH before consuming it.

  45. My shungite water is made with distilled water from a Waterwise 8800 distiller and the ph reads at 7.0, exactly neutral. It is an expensive soil ph meter that I use on my plants. I hope that helps. I have 6 stones around 1 5 cm in size in a gallon of water and I let the first set for around 72 hours. As I use water, I add more distilled water and stir water. At this point I use around a cup a day in lemon juice over the day along with mostly distilled water. The water is in a glass flower vase with an open top so it can oxygenate as advised on the site where I bought it. I don’t cover the top of the glass container and it is under the wall cabinets to minimize dust. I have an air filter in the house itself and the house is somewhat self contained for air exposure. I don’t leave the windows open. I have AC.

    1. Hi Susan .. I distill water too .. I have given up using a $4,000 alkalizing/purifying water machine because of controversy. I run the distilled water through a water structuring funnel (Natural Action Technologies). My question is .. do you see bubbles in your shungite water? I believe that this is a sign of the oxygenation, and I don’t see any in my distilled water .. I’m wondering if it’s the stones, the distillation .. maybe the structuring funnel, that’s causing an anomaly? .. I’m also pretty sold on the idea of distilled water .. all of the crap out .. and then I add minerals, some tinctures on occasion, a little Rev-A stevia, and silver … and it looks like I’m drinking wine. How do you like the Waterwise 8800? Would you switch it if it was viable to do so? .. thanks, Catherine PS some additional info .. In all of the comments I’ve read thus far, no one has mentioned what I was told was the case, and that is that the shungite that is able to be carved, ie the lower grade that’s made into jewellery, has an active life of only 4-6 months, and in that instance, you would wonder how long the remainder of the life of those stones would be after waiting to be made into pyramids and jewellery, etc. It’s the Noble Elite, that can’t be carved, because it’s brittle like glass, that lasts forever, and just needs cleansing in the sun or other methods, every few months. I was also told that soaking it in baking soda water works well, and I do that. A caution with the Noble Elite water .. I use a very fine sieve (it cost me $50 unfortunately) to drain out the NE shungite water because there are sometimes very fine, tiny glass like fragments .. I am wondering why these important points haven’t been mentioned, although who knows if my information is correct … I would love to get some carved items, because I love to make jewellery, but thus far I have made some earrings, carefully glueing a jumpring to the back of some smallish NE stones.

  46. Hi,
    My name is Chris. I am currently in Ukraine and writing something for a client on Shungite. I happen to know that Shungite is not only found in NW Russia, but it’s bigger there than anywhere it’s found. The full, or more pure Shungite does exist other places. The possible theory that it came from a meteor may have some bits of truth. As a meteor comes down to the earth, it breaks into parts burning on its way. When the main part lands in one place, the trajectory of the parts that have fallen off could land anywhere within a projected circle. That being said, I found some pieces here in Ukraine, they register and have the same elements known as Elite, Silver, or Grade 1 Shungite.

    So I was just wondering, what the exact measurement of conductive number your meter was registering on the Shungite you showed in the video?

    1. Shungite also has very sizeable deposits in Kazakhstan, and fullerenes have been found all over the world, the most substantial amounts in Canadian mines. I tend to agree with the meteoric impact theory, both for the fullerene origin and the overall displacement of the deposits. Interesting. I would like to know more about your discovery of Elite Shungite in Ukraine my brother. Please contact me

      1. It arrived 3 million years ago, and seems to have been delivered rather than an accidental impact. I beleive it may the material that terraformed early earth, speculation

  47. Mmm.. I’m worring now. Using shungite water for two days, and can’t resemble to your reviews concerned ‘springwater taste’. Mine tastes like Iron. Does this mean my shungite is ‘dirty’?
    Lets say its 85% pure shungite, does it mean it can contain dangourous other elements/stones?

    1. Shungite does contain iron, as well as various other silicates within the stone. These are benign minerals and elements and are in fact essential to health. The longer the shungite sits in the water, the more the taste is affected, and will also reduce the pH through the reaction. General recommendations are 72 hours at most resting of the stones. It is non toxic, there has never been any reported medical concerns resulting from drinking shungite water. Just be sure your source of shungite is in fact legitimate. One of the ways to confirm this is to know if its from Zazhoginsky deposits, or run an electro-conductivity test (shungite responds positively and will register ohms).

  48. Great blog, thank you! I have been testing the Shungite I bought recently and I am now impressed. At first when holding the stone, it seemed odd because old emotional issues appeared. After many years of working at these issues, I was able to resolve many of them quite easily. This effect was not expected. I placed several stones close to my electronics. The first week I wanted to sleep quite a lot. However, now at week three, I have more even energy than I’ve had in a long time. The really exciting thing is that my night vision is returning! Marvelous! I bought my Shungite from Cosmic Reality Shungite. Keep researching and reporting, friends!

  49. Hi.. could you please let me know where you purchased your Shungite.. there are so many sites it’s hard to know authentic.

  50. Good morning 🙂 where do you source yor shungite from? I purchased a large bag at an event a few years ago but have since gifted them all! I would love to purchase my new shungite from a most positive and sustainable source. IF you could share where you get your I would be very grateful.☆♡☆ Gratitude

  51. My Shungite pyramid that I have kept consistently in my water bottle is now turning different colors. looks like oil on water. Why do you think this is happening ? is there a limit to how much shungite can clean water ?

  52. I just bought elite raw shungite directly from Karelia. However, I found almost all the peaces have some rust on them and yellowish powder deposits of sort. Is this safe for drinking water with it or I should contact the miners? Thank you!

  53. I have a similar concern about regular shungite with pyrite flecks. Is it safe for water purification and eventually for drinking? I’ve read that pyrite is one of the most toxic elements on the planet. If it oxidizes in water, it is highly toxic.

    1. Hi JV,

      The iron rust is from pyrite and there is pyrite in shungite, Now think about it. Many Russians and Europeans have been drinking shugite water for years. Have you ever come across any news articles about massive poisonings from either of those areas related to drinking shungite water with some traces of pyrite in it?

    1. yes but the shungite is destroyed by the extreme electronegativity of fluoride and its other forms, fluoride is best removed by aluminum oxide slow filter, then charcoal gravity to remove the aluminum, even though aluminum oxide is “non-toxic” as best we know

  54. I must comment here. I had bad stomach conditions, slow bowel, painful tum, gastric reflux all for 30 years and a birth condition in the tum. Well after wearing my shungite for almost a week….. all the conditions disappeared! Not kidding! Am still blown away by it all. I’ve had my shungite about 5 weeks now and it’s the best healer! Next to sugilite! Both are the ultimate healers. A bit of amethyst at times really helps too, to balance things n spiritually too. And yes shungite and sugilite also protect against emf and also against bad energies, entities, psychic attacks and keeps us very safe.

  55. Hello! I bought an Shungite pendant.Do I need to purify this stone? I mean with water, sun, salt, etc? I hope not, because it was touched by a lot of people.Thank you.

  56. Curious about the aluminium and Sulfur content in the black shungite stones sold for water cleaning, is that actually safe? surely it is not given the evidence around harmful effects of aluminium.

  57. Hello there,

    What do you think about using a shungite egg as a “yoni egg”? Do you think is safe? I have been searching the web and I couldnt find information about it.

    Thank you.

  58. Hi, I frequent a local shop here in Arizona called “Black Market Minerals”. They have almost everything and anything. (Almost). Anyway I am very glad you posted this article. My question is, though 99% of images that I have searched and looked at online all show a dark to mid grey color, some shiny, some not. I just got some shungite from the above mentioned store. It was a small baggy with a bunch of pieces it it. But it looks almost black and it leaves a charcoal like powdered residue on my habe when I hold a piece of it. I haven’t done yet the olm test on it yet. I thought to wash it off in the morning too. But I am wondering if this isn’t just charcoal that’s being passed off as Shungite? It was only $1.50 for the whole little baggy of it… is it supposed to leave black charcoal like power residue on everything? It seems hard like rock, but also seems really dirty…

  59. How Shungite Works

    There are 2 types of magnetic fields, natural magnetic fields and artificial electromagnetic fields which we refer to EMFs that are harmful to the human body. The Earth and our human bodies produce their own low level magnetic field which by no coincidence are at the same frequency (around 7-10hz). New scientific research is even suggesting that each cell in our bodies has its own magnetic field which regulates the cell. Artificial electromagnetic fields are produced by every electronic device (which typically run at 50-60hz or higher) and when in contact with our cells will cause damage to their natural magnetic field causing the cell to degenerate and malfunction. As our human bodies are designed to align with the earth’s natural magnetic field what Shungite does is transmute the electromagnetic fields created by electronics to the same frequency as the earth’s magnetic field rending them harmless. It will not stop the EMFs rendering your electronics useless but just changes the frequency of their electromagnetic field to a compatible wave length for our bodies.

    How Shungite absorbs the negative charge from EMFs

    As Shungite is conductive it naturally syncs with the earth’s magnetic field and when EMFs pass by Shungite it absorbs the extra change in the electromagnetic fields so they align with the natural magnetic field of the earth that our bodies are compatible with. As shieldite has clusters which act as capsules this is where the extra charge from the magnetic field is stored until it fill completely fills up. This creates a one way gate for the EMFs where once absorbed they do not escape until safely grounded and discharged. The Shungite capsules do fill up and will stop working so it is important to ground your Shungite frequently. This is the same principal as a carbon water filter where when dirty water passed though it the carbon stores the contaminants to be disposed of later.

    How does this make Shungite safely work?

    It is the combination of the unique structure of Shungite to absorb the EMFs and the BFIT infusion which allows it to safely store the built up EMF charge which gives Shungite its amazing abilities. It is very important when using devices that transmute EMFs that they store the built up EMF safely without contaminating you and then you can safely discharge them.

  60. I bought 100mm shungite Pyramids and necklace, first day I felt great, but had severe muscle twitching and couldn’t go to sleep, muscle Twitching has gone down a little, but insomina persists, heart palpitations keeps me awake and when I drift in to sleep someone shakes me and wakes me up, very weird, I am extremely EMF sensitive so I got it mainly because of it, I removed Pyramid and put it at my work place, but still insomnia at home, heavy heart beat, memory problems (not sure due to stone or insomnia)…weird time shift effects and things go missing, feeling anxious and cold, but I do feel strong and good sometimes as well and grounded…too grounded maybe? please someone help me my email is I feel like I need this stone, but I don’t know how to handle it properly…yesterday I felt afraid and thought that I was going to return it…immediately as I thought of it, on TV lady came out in movie and said “is this how you say thank you”? I felt weird, I respect this stone, how can I work with it better I just want good night sleep…thank you in advance if anyone would like to help me I am 37 years old male, first time owner of any stone.

    1. I experience heart palpitations when wearing this stone too. Also, I could not sleep with it on as my heart was racing. I had to take it off and allow a lot of time for my body to calm down enough to sleep. I am VERY sensitive to energy and have never experienced anything like this with any other stone.

    2. Maybe this stone is “healing” you. blocking the BS and allowing your body to start working its “normal” systems and they are awakening. The warmness is the spirit, energy, your Self is thanking you. Ride the wave, you will acclimate.

      My advise? Breath your energy through blockages, focus on the colors of your Chakras as you breath through them. Good luck and blessings to you. 😉

    3. Hi John,
      Maybe some one has helped you already. Are you still having to deal with insomnia? there is a very simple way to deal with all this. Just loan the shungit e pieces to a friend or family member and see how you feel at the end of a week. If better the bring back the necklace. Just wear it for short periods of time and see how you feel, If that works try longer periods and check whether that causes any changes. Then bring back the pyramid. Do not put it in your bedroom. It has been reported that pyramids may be too “energetic” for use in the bedroom. It is recommended that 3 pieces of shungite work better than just one. They sort of form a network. If we let the necklace be considered one piece consider buying another piece and put all three in the liviing room or kitchen fairly close to one another. The pyramid has an energy field radius of only a few feet. There may be a possibility that you are allergic to something in the shungite, but this would seem highly unlikely though I would think that an allergist could help you test for that. The other explanation is that some new shungite owners report going through the equivalent of a detox period, It would be unusual for such an experience to last beyond about 3 days. How about getting back to this site and let us know how you are doing and what insights you may have gained from your experience with this mineral?

  61. You guys arent even touching the surface of what this material has to offer and the derivatives that can be derived there from, this is true alchemy material, DID you KNOW c-60 and c-70 exhibit wave-particle duality, and they are the largest molecules by a long shot to exhibit this behavior, you can ,make paintable solar panels to generate electricity with very little material, i can do alot of things to many to list, plus many we havent discovered

  62. “However, carbon is known for having diamagnetic shielding proprieties (basically this just means it reverses magnetic fields & creates an energy shield). I haven’t been able to gather data on this specifically with shungite. Hopefully, some evidence about its ability to do this will be on its way to us soon.”

    I had an experience after wearing the pendant for a week. I walked in to get my hair cut and a 12 to 16 inch in diameter energy field formed around the pendant. It matches the description above or it’s the closest I’ve found so far. I find the shungite very interesting.

  63. I think I got my answer out of you article, thanks for taking the time. I recently purchased a wristlet of shungite, and was wondering what hand. I had it on my left, but that didn’t feel right, so I went right, and your article confirmed… I didn’t know it conducted energy! Nice! So… me being a Reiki practiceer , and the wristlet being on my right hand, that is the natural out flow of energy, that hand seems fitting.

    I would be interested to hear your thoughts.
    Maybe this is strange, I’ve notice the flow go both ways without trying….?

    Thanks for everything!

  64. Thank you for this post and for all your comments. So glad to find a discussion on Shungite. I’m pretty new to Shungite but really loving it. I first met it through a body worker who handed me two of the rods to hold. I immediately felt a deeply comforting grounding energy. It felt as if all the fear and doubt I was experiencing at the time just grounded right out of me. I then bought two rods through EBay. I hold them when I need calming and grounding. I also keep them on either side of my favorite armchair so I sit between them.

    I then bought 3 medium tumbled (but NOT polished!!) stones for my water. They did have carbon-like dust on them but it rinsed off. I find the water tastes wonderful, and tastes best after just a couple hours. After about a day it starts to leave a kind of film in my mouth and intuitively I feel it’s too much.
    One thing that surprises me is hearing some people say they drink it all the time but others say only to take a little, therapeutically. Can anyone clarify?
    FYI… My unpolished tumbled stones came from Russia directly and I bought them through Etsy.
    PS. Someone asked about the bubbles…. I was told to only use raw stones in water as the polished have other things added to polish and you don’t want to drink that! It wouldn’t be the actual stone but the polish!

    1. Hello Sonia,

      It is fairly simple matter to purchase some litmus paper from a drug store and use it to test the pH of your shungite water. It is more crude than a digital meter, but will give you a clear indication as to wether your are dealing with an acid, a base, of something in between. There is a color matching strip on the side of the container or on the box. Make up some test water with a bit of vinegar in it and another test water with some bicarbonate of soda, The resulting colors on the paper should begin to give you a clearer idea of how the litmus test works. it will also give you some practice in interpreting the colors on the strips against the colors on the interpretation chart that will tell you the approximate pH, The measure in not linear though you might get that idea when you are just using the strips, A one step rise or fall in the pH number is actually quite a large change, There is helpful information on the web that will give you more understanding of how the pH number is an indication of high levels of either +H ions or -OH ions in the water solution.

  65. I am always drawn to thing the Lord created. Everything has a purpose. It’s up to us to find out the good and the bad of such things. So, my use and review of shungite is still on going. I bought it primarily to fight emf. Unfortunately, it has been proven it does not block emf as much as I want it. However, mankind has not developed every meter to analyze. And I often trust my senses the good Lord has provides. Bear in mind, many here are not servants of the Lord and risk their most priced belonging, their soul. Anyway, I always have this good feeling holding shungite be it elite 1 or the lower shungite form. I can testify, pain in joints are reduced but not removed. I have not use shungite in long terms as this is still new. I thank the Lord for revealing this relatively new rock to the public but He hid it in a special place as He did with America from early empires and foreign kingdoms. I believe there is still so much unknown materials still hidden and will be revealed at His timing. If you want to accept Jesus, who has created all things, ask Him to come to you and open your eyes and heart to know Him. He will reveal Himself if you seek Him with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

  66. Hi,
    I recently bought a shungite pyramid online. As I opened the piece I saw a hairline crack that runs from the middle of one triangular side to more than three fourth of the base. Is it normal or should I ask for a replacement?

    Thank you for your feedback.

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