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Fully Activate the Energy of Sacred Geometry in YOU…through the Power of Crystals

I know why you’ve been drawn to this page…

You’re here because you KNOW you’re ready to realize your soul’s purpose, full potential and connection to the Universe/Multiverse.

This cutting-edge online Class Elective allows you to fully explore crystals + sacred geometry as a way to enhance your intuition and fully-realize your soul’s true potential.


  • reawaken your DNA with ancient knowledge through sacred geometry?
  • allow for more efficient resonance with your crystals by understanding the SCIENCE behind the connection?
  • awaken and align with your higher self?

This info will alter your current reality & deepen your crystal-connection, while also empowering you with ancient knowledge. You’ll feel so connected to your crystals, fueling you with knowledge + confidence to positively impact change.

This Class Elective is expertly designed to be HIGHLY experiential …immersing you in the knowledge and energy to EXPERIENCE this crystalline sacred knowledge – on all levels of your being.

Included are lessons, assignments, chakra-knowledge, crystal correspondences and a customized meditation to allow you to resonate and profoundly connect with this information on a whole new level.

Marylee Vandenheuvel

The best I have ever seen online for anything metaphysical

“… impressed with the clarity, research, knowledge, and organization Hibiscus Moon imparted. It’s the best I have ever seen online for anything metaphysical.”

The Sacred Geometry Workshop was FANTASTIC.

“The Sacred Geometry Workshop was FANTASTIC. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Geometry has been a fascination for me since 8th grade geometry class. Now I understand why! Well done!”

Tess Biddick

Dee Vlahos

LOVED it!!!!

“I’ve completed all three sections and LOVED it!!!! I’m fascinated with anything to do with rocks/crystals and am captivated just listening to how you present them. It’s wonderful to see someone who actually KNOWS what they are talking about – you know, walk the talk!

I’m one who is very hard on myself (being a Virgo/ Sag rising/ Scorpio moon) and always feel like I’m not getting it right and doing it all wrong. The tools you’ve provided me with here have helped to push me past some of that fear. So thank you for that push!”

Truly understanding crystals and the sacred geometric codes within them allows you to more efficiently connect with source energy while completely transforming any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from expressing your full potential.

This is my opportunity to bring the ancient knowledge of sacred geometry through something we all love – the language of crystals. In this class, I’ve bridged the gap between science and spirituality, while giving you the metaphysical connections to quantum leap your crystal know-how!

Science has proven that we’re all quantum-connected with everything!

You’ll be exploring this curriculum with me, Hibiscus Moon, by journeying through 3 individual video lessons.

Each lesson holds deep metaphysical knowledge, taking you through step-by-step, further deepening, experiencing and expanding your knowledge of these sacred codes and their connection to crystals; empowering you in ever-expanding ways of being.

We’ll be deep-diving into:

  • sacred geometry as a vehicle to resonate with the harmonic frequencies of source energy
  • navigating the universal wisdom found within the sacred Platonic Solids and their unique relationship to crystals
  • learning specific techniques + cosmic info to fully open your potential
  • experiential exercises to deepen your connection to Source Energy

What’s Included:

  • 3 video lessons – immediate access (each approx. an hour-long), stream to watch and listen to the recordings. You get “forever access”, watch as many times as you like at your total convenience
  • 3 mp3 recordings of each of the workshops (so that you can listen and learn while you’re on the go!)
  • Class Resources – including inspiring bonus videos, must-read books, optional supplies + resources to deepen and enrich your learning experience
  • Transcript pdf’s of everything – if you prefer to read, highlight + make notes with your content, this is an extra way to consume it! All 3 video workshops are transcribed here for you.
  • Easy + practical related assignments to solidify and reinforce the info you’re absorbing

The Full Package: Crystals; Encoded with Sacred Geometry Class Elective

realize your soul’s true potential + intention

Maeghan Elizabeth Sacklow

It was an amazing course

“It was an amazing course. thank you so very much, Stephanie! XOXO I am honored and blessed to be a student of yours. I have learned so much from you and thank you for everything! <3”

really makes you think!!!

“Thanks again class was awesome (brain overload)…really makes you think!!!”

Karen Byrko


PLUS Free Bonuses!

Full-color Sacred Geometry/Crystal/Chakra Reference poster pdf

Full of juicy info; crystal and Sacred Geo correspondences! Download + print for easy reference in supporting your Sacred Geometry Crystal-connection

Empowering interactive mp3 guided meditation

 (33 min, long) guiding you through a powerful meditation, allowing you to experience the energy of the platonic solids as we fully integrate the vibrations of crystals, sound, color, sacred geometry, chakras, and light.


Bernadette Drobny

I love how I have a completely different understanding of the universe

“It was a great workshop! You really… and took us through a fascinating new rabbit hole. I love how I have a completely different understanding of the universe.. Or am I just remembering? 😉 Thank you bunches”

I’m Very grateful

“Yes. Thank you! It was awesome. Great resources and suggested readings and so awesomely wrapped up for us with love. Perfect timing for me and I’m Very grateful.”

Alexis Alvarez

Pam Stewart

Thank you Hibiscus Moon for sharing your vast knowledge!

“My salt crystal experiment. Still a little wet after 3 weeks, but can definitely see the sacred geometry cubes! Thank you Hibiscus Moon for sharing your vast knowledge! I couldn’t make the classes live, but loved the recordings! Thanks for making them available for those who were unable to make the live classes.”

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