Crystal Grids Book

Ahhh! Eeeeee! I am completely blown away & AMAZED at how well my book is doing. OK, yes, I know its no John Grisham novel, my book’s about Crystal Grids, for the love of CUPCAKES!

Really. I just put it out there not really expecting too much more (b/c I didn’t put a heck of a lot of my own medicine into it….’cept I did make sure it launched while the Moon was waxing!). More than several of my students kept mentioning I should write a book plus, I needed to get the info out of my head & onto paper (or into a Kindle) just to clear out some room in my noggin.

I read a great book on how to Self Publish & followed all the little marketing advice gems in there like a good girl then decided to let it takes its natural course. I have the Crystal Academy that I’ve really been focusing my energy on. I needed to just set it free.

So, I released it to Source Energy & then this happened! 

It shot up to #4 in my category as an eBook & Paperback!!!!, qualifying it as a Best Seller.

Its been a few months now & Amazon still has it on sale (a GREAT sign so say those in the know) & its still holding a high spot at #11 as of yesterday:

The cherry on top of my ice cream sundae is that I really just didn’t expect this!

I thank you all soooooo much for all the motivation, medicine, SUPPORT, validation & pure joy you’ve given me. You really have no idea how much this means to me & my sacred dream to bring the power of crystal healing to everyone

Oh Wow! And this:

OH! As if that wasn’t enough, one of my Crystal Healing mentors & favorite authors, teachers & guides, Joy Gardner of Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras: With Light, Color, Sound, Crystals, and Aromatherapy had this review for my little bookie!:

“If you would like to read a simple, straightforward book about how and why to make crystal grids, look no further!  Hibiscus Moon (her pen name) is a high school science teacher with a love for crystals.  She understands the logic behind using these high frequency tools to create a grid.  Not only can she explain how to make the grid; she can also give you some ideas about the science that might explain why the grid is effective.  This is a short-and-sweet little book on a topic that could be useful to just about anybody, because who wouldn’t like to create a good feeling in their home, or a peaceful or healing place, or to attract greater prosperity?”

Then 1 of my BESTIE Crystalline Cohorts made this vid:

And besides the coolio Amazon reviews, I’ve been getting these too:

Waaaaaaah!!! It just doesn’t get any better than that. 🙂 So, no, amazingly, I didn’t do a crystal grid to oomph this along, but it was verrrrry important to me that the book be released during a waxing moon! Never underestimate the importance of that when birthing any of your projects! I’m about to re-release my Crystal Grids Template Package & almost forgot to keep this in mind. Not to mention that we’re in a Mercury Retrograde right now, & its been messing with me every which way BUT LOOSE! I think as long as I release within the waxing phase though I will be OK.

I consult here to check the moon phases &  this calendar to check on Mercury’s whereabouts.