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There are distinct important shapes, features, and structures that can make one amethyst crystal quite different and even more powerful than another. These special features give these unique and individual crystals enhanced benefits, meanings and very special properties.

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    Do you know about them?
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    Know how to access their power and untapped potential?
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    Know how to identify them?

What You’ll Learn

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    A dose of crystallographic science
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    Master Crystals and how to accurately recognize and effectively work with them
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    How energy moves through a crystal from both a physics and metaphysics perspective
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    Lessons on many common and some uncommon, yet important crystal formations
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    Crystal Wands
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    Vogel-cut ® crystals
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    Lemurians and powerful techniques to work with them
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    Some fun yet mega-useful hands-on practice during class
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    Plus, much more!!

Certain crystal formations may work exponentially better for certain uses, making your crystal work highly effective. Being adept at recognizing and identifying crystal formations adds depth of knowledge to your level of crystal expertise, wisdom, and proficiency.

After taking this class you’ll become confident in knowing the crystal healing properties and benefits of many various crystal shapes and formations.

You’ll be well-versed in the common (and some uncommon) crystal formation terms and meanings from a metaphysical point of view as well as learn coveted info and protocols on how to effectively work with them. And of course, I’ll be serving up the science, geology, and crystallography on how they formed.

There are no prerequisites for this class. It’s open to anyone!

I’ve designed the curriculum so it won’t matter if you’ve taken my certification course previously or not. This essential content stands on its own.

Loved it!

Loved all of it, very useful, super great to be able to go back in and review. Thank you!”

Alexis Prince

It was such a great class

There was so much information. I’m going to have to watch the reply a few times just to make sure I’ve got it all. Thank you!”


I love to work with you!

I’m a loyal customer because Hibiscus Moon Academy stands for HIGH QUALITY PROGRAMS”

Ana Patricia Pinto Gonçalves

What’s Included

  • Video Class Lesson – Stream the 1 hour 23 min. recorded video class as many times as you like with internet access at your total convenience
  • MP3 recording of the lesson – (listen and learn while you’re on the go)
  • Class Resources – including inspiring bonus videos, must-read books + resources to deepen and enrich your learning experience
  • Transcript pdf – if you prefer to read, highlight + make notes with your content, this is an extra way to consume it!
  • Easy + practical related assignments and exercises to solidify and reinforce the info you’re absorbing
  • 6 minute MP3 guided Lemurian meditation – accompanied by dolphins and whales, inviting you to connect with your crystal and access stored information
  • Immediate and forever access!

Class Supplies

To get the most out of your investment, there are a few suggested, optional supplies for this interactive class.

  • 1 Lemurian crystal (any size)
  • 10x jeweler’s loupe (like this one)
  • strong light or small LED flashlight

Meet Your Instructor

I’ve learned to channel my inner-geek then merge it with my serious obsession with crystals & stones that I LOVE to share with my crystal healer students & clients, bringing my unique perspective to the world of crystal healing & having the time of my life doing so.

As a Discovery Channel STAR Discovery Educator, National Board Certified Professional Science teacher & former Science Department Chair with a Master’s of Science (merging Geology with Curriculum, Instruction & Technology) ooooh, boring, I know!; I deliver the science behind the metaphysical aspects of working with crystals while still serving up the FUN!

In addition to being the author of best-selling book, Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work, I’m also a Certified Crystal Master, Registered Metaphysician, Delegate for Nassim Haramein’s Resonance Academy, and most proudly I am teacher & founder of The Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy.

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