Can You Sense & Feel Crystal Energy?

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Why are some of us so sensitive to crystals & others don't feel anything at all? Are you doing anything wrong?| Hibiscus Moon

So, some people can handle crystals all day long…and feel nothing.

And some people can walk into a room of crystals and have to run out b/c they say the energy is too overwhelming.

Why are some people so sensitive & others don’t feel anything at all?

A student of mine asked me this question:

Q: A used a stone on my client. They then purchased the same kind of stone used during their healing session, and although it became warm and made their hand tingle during the session, when they got home to use it- nothing happened.

What happened?

Also a similar situation came through on my public voicemail:

A: In the 1st situation, it was most likely the energy work you were doing in conjunction w/ the stone that made the impression on your client. This can’t always be felt but your client obviously did, so don’t discount the work that you yourself are doing in collaboration with the crystals! 😉

I’d say to them, “Forget about what you felt this or that time. How does the stone make you feel in general, overall, over time?” and go from there.

Now, having said that, the stones don’t always “do” or “say” the same thing every time we work with them.

That would be boring, right?

Think of it as a relationship or a conversation.

sense crystal energy

If you or a client did perceive that energy once…that’s a gift!! Doesn’t mean it will be sensed or picked up on each & every time. Some never feel it at all, ever….doesn’t mean it isn’t happening again right now.

Keep in mind that crystals “communicate” via vibrational frequencies & sometimes we don’t sense what’s happening b/c we, on the other hand, usually just depend on our 5 common senses. But vibrational frequencies can “communicate” in so many varied ways that we’re just not evolved to perceive (most of us anyway).

The 5 senses we’re used to keep us trapped in a very limited “reality”.

Think of what’s going on around us that most of us cannot perceive outside of our 5 senses (though there are the lucky minority)...including from our crystals. The crystals are doing their work; whether we’re picking up on it in that moment or not. Just like radio frequencies are flying around you right now, but you can’t perceive them, at least not without a radio receiver. Doesn’t mean they’re not there, right?

There’s so much more data going on out there (including from our crystals) that most of us don’t have the ability to pick up & receive…doesn’t mean it’s not putting info out there! 😉 

Can you sense the energies from your crystals? If not do you believe it’s working anyway? I’d love it if you tell us your experiences in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings,




P.S. If you haven’t seen my vlog on sensing crystal energy & your looking for some tips, take a look at  The Insiders Guide to Connecting with and Sensing Crystal Energy!

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  1. Hello! I’m just getting started working with crystals. Unfortunately, I actually do feel and hear/perceive man-made electromagnetic fields/pulsing and radio waves. It is a most unpleasant and malignant sensation. I live just about a mile from a regional airport that was purchased by my state, and they have upgraded their radar/landing system. It’s either that, or the many cell phone and WiMax towers around here. Plus my city is introducing smart meters. My life has been truly devastated and disrupted by these emfs – yet I am the only one in my family and friends who “feels” and “hears” them (The Hum). I’m using black tourmaline, and am going to get some smoky topaz and rose quartz, along with some selenite palm stones. A friend helped me set up a grid in my room, and we also buried some consecrated hematite stones in the four directions around my home. I hope the crystals will help me raise my vibrations to the point I don’t have to suffer from emf sensitivities anymore. I also have a ten-year history of multiple chemical sensitivities, but that has improved over time and with avoidance of triggers like fragrances, etc. But it is nearly impossible to avoid emfs and wireless fields, since they’re designed to penetrate everything, including cement walls, human bones and tissue, etc. Everyone else around me is being bombarded by the same fields, but I unfortunately can actually detect them. Thanks for the blogs and info! Happy Anniversary and birthdays!

    1. Pamela Diane,
      I feel you on the EMF hums 🙁 I have heard wonderful things about a flower essence formula made specifically for individuals sensitive to these sorts of vibrations…it’s called FES Yarrow Environmental Solution. I’m going to try to link you to it, hopefully it will show up on this feed:

      Also, I have had great success with a company in my area called Aura Dora designs. They make orgonite chargers and wearable pendants that help field electromagnetic smog, and “flavor” each piece with different gemstones to fortify the healing and protective properties. They have a store on Etsy, and also their own website:

      Best wishes!

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    3. Hey, to the person with the EMF sensitivities: Look into grounding or earthing, this may provide a great respite for you along with other health benefits and improvements to your overall life experience!

    4. Sounds like you could have mast cell activation syndrome or histamine intolerance. Try quercetin plus xyzal plus zantac for a month. 🙂

  2. I just started working with stones and crystals. I am interested in making crystal jewelry. I love how I feel when I am around crystals. I think its fascinating that I am drawn to a crystal one week but the following week I am not nearly as interested in the same crystal. when I looked up the meaning of the crystal I find that the crystal I am drawn to is the one that I am in the most need of for that week/ present time.

    Thank you for your blogs! <3
    I'll definitely keep reading. They have been of great help to me during my journey.

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    2. I went to a local store today with my friend and could feel the crystal I was attracted to as soon as l saw it. I put my hand in a crystal and felt the energy and could not believe my hand ! I jerked it back out. We left. I went with my fiance and he got me a Chakra barcelet made of crystals. When I picked it up I felt the energy a little. After purchasing the item, the man behind the register insteaded and put the bracelet on for me, I felt so much energy ( I didn’t know what I was feeling at the time) I took the bracelet off. I put it on shortly after and I’ve better, more clear minded .

  3. I get a lot of that with my clients. Some have very quick and deeply felt healing. Others may feel nothing, but say “I don’t feel anything, but know they are helping”. I take this as their higher self understanding that it’s working, perhaps on outer layers first. And that’s the thing, we are electromagnetic beings! Energy frequencies interact with us all but are felt in very different ways (if at all) and at different times. It’s like our range of site. Some can see very clearly, and others need glasses. But very very few have the ability to see a glimpse of the vast range of colors around us. When you can see some of this, you see auras, and that’s a gift to. The point is, we are not all able to feel or see the unseen. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Great blog.

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  4. Hello Crystal lovers, I have had crystals in my life for a long time and love their beauty and healing powers. Sometimes these can be felt or sensed and sometimes not. The most noticeable event that I have had is when I picked up a rutilated quartz pendant from a friend’s market stall and the whole room spun around me and it felt like I was briefly on another plane. It has not happened since with that crystal, but I wear it when I feel called to, like all of my crystal jewellery or stones. Some call out really loudly at times. Also, using crystals in healing, with or without other modalities is an amazing experience. I read tarot and have a selection of crystals and tumbled stones who want to come along and help. Sometimes I will give one to a client to hold or keep. They know when they want to move on to help someone else. Or I will get a message to tell the person that a particular type of crystal would be beneficial to them. So the messages/feelings/sensations come in many ways, trust your inner knowing, those little, subtle promptings tower or carry or get a crystal… Always right…<3 Peace and blessings.

  5. What a great and insightful article. This often happens for me or for my clients, or doesn’t happen as the case may be. I am not all that new to crystals and energy healing, but I’m always in the learning mode. Thank you!

  6. I am one of the people that don’t feel anything from my numerous amount of crystals — but I do believe that they are working . I have your Crystal Grids book , love it , and I use it all of the time . I’ve got some kind of a grid going always

  7. I actually didn’t know you could feel crystal energy until It felt like my pocket was on fire with an amazonite in it. It got so hot I had to pull it out and toss it on my counter. And even then I didn’t know it was its energy, I thought there was something wrong with the stone and searched on line for properties that it may have that would cause it to get so hot. I told the shop owner where I purchased it and she got excited and said lucky you…at the time I felt more scared than lucky.
    I’ve only had the heat with one other crystal; my citrine. I have 3 of them; one double terminated and 2 small polished pebble like ones. I’ve used all three, and only one gets warm. The double terminated (is not the one warming up) is getting darker for what ever reason.
    I was very excited to get this article in my inbox and I thank you for letting me share my experience.

  8. I just began my journey with crystals and all they have to offer.

    I realized that I’m lacking some kind of “faith” or something and this really piqued my interest, as I have been collecting rocks my whole life…I thought, “Hey, maybe they are talking to me…”

    So I’m on my third week of really vesting my time and research on my crystals (keeping a journal) and as I haven’t really FELT the energies, I do notices things that I wouldn’t have before and I also feel different. Like some kind of inner peace is going on…not sure if that makes sense. I received this email when I was working w/ my second crystal and I was really starting to doubt if I had the knack for crystals/gemstones. Glad I read this!

    But, I’m looking forward to this journey!

  9. Hello Hibiscus! I love the feeling of the energy that I get from crystals. I don’t mentally know huge amounts of information about them, I generally choose by feel. I think that is partially because of my Reiki background. I simply hold my palm over crystals and choose the ones that call to me. Thank you for the information that you are sharing. It is most helpful and appreciated.


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  11. Is it possible to learn to sense crystal energy better? I have been working with crystals for a half a year now, and still can’t recognize any change in mood when I’m holding my crystals. It doesn’t feel like it’s working. Could I have some blockages(?), and how do I get rid of them?

  12. There are some stones that I get a powerful feeling from the first time I use them and then gradually , as I attune to the stones vibration I no longer feel it. I carry crystals with me in a pouch in my bra most days. I rotate the crystals as to what I feel I am needing at the time. I am sure that they are doing their work, quietly behind the scenes, without yelling hey I’m here! 😉

  13. I’ve been working with crystals for a good 6 months now, sometimes I feel the energy, sometimes I feel nothing. I have a few that I’ve grown close to, and those are the ones I can almost always feel. I wear some diamond stud earrings and if I quiet my mind for a minute, I can feel their energy. And on the days I don’t feel much energy from crystals, I’ll drown myself in them and feel really weird the next day or the day after, like energy overload. Pretty cool 🙂

  14. I am a reiki master but ever since my first attunment I have been able feel my crystals and feel and hear either mine or my clients pain.

  15. I took a nap with my bag of crystals on my chest and no I been sick with a chest cold, light head and stuffy nose. Please tell me why I got sick using healing crystals? Thank you

  16. About a month and a half ago my fiancé and I decided to surround our business computer with crystals. He was in transition between moving here (California) from Ireland and going from working outside all day to driving in a car then sitting in front of a computer for a couple hours and was feeling the effects of being surrounded by concrete and electronics. So I went into my crystal “stash” and gathered 3 palm sized green and purple fluorite, I chunk of tourmaline in Quartz, and a rose quartz and put them around the computer. Fast forward to this week.. Our computer and Internet started acting up. What-the-what?! Is it possible the crystals are interfering with the electronics I despise being so reliant on? I took the fluorite and rose quartz away from the computer, just to see. So far our internet has improved and it’s only been an hour or so. Could I be onto something or am I jumping the gun and being the “crazy crystal hippie” my momma says (with love) I am?

  17. I use crystals to cleanse my tarot cards before every reading I give. When I’m tuning into my client’s vibrational ‘signal’ the crystals always seem to feel different from person to person. Sometimes I feel nothing, and other times it feels intense. Ive noticed that when the crystals emit strong sensations to me, my client is going through something challenging at the time. It feels like the crystals work overtime in those cases. Just my perception…. ?

  18. Hello! So I need a little information on what I’m experiencing. When I hold my crystals, either all together in my hand or just one, I can feel a sensation. Like a tingly or vibration I guess. So very light, it’s almost noticeable. Some I feel stronger then others. Is this a type of gift? If yes, what kind and how could I use it?

  19. I’ve only been working with crystals a few months ..order some small ones I felt I needed,when I handle them I feel a tingle have felt one feel like it was wiggling I was drifting off to sleep when it happened..but I ordered a bigger quartz and haven’t felt anything with it ..I’m still learning

  20. Hello, I’m knew with crystals and was introduced to them through my Reflexology teacher. She pointed me into the direction of Black tourmaline. I’ve quickly discovered a love for my crystals ! I can almost always feel the vibration from a crystal, I love that tingling or pulse feeling I get from them. At gem and mineral show I even experienced a crystal that got hot when I held it. I didn’t know exactly what that meant until it was to late ( I had a lady tell me that that crystal loved me ) and I lost my chance to purchase it. I’m really kicking myself now ! I hope it finds it way back on my path!
    Thank you so much for the information on crystals!

  21. I recently attended a crystal workshop. During the workshop we got a chance to handle a lot of different Crystals and learn about them. I somehow ended up with two rather large Lemurian crystals at one time. While holding them together in my left hand, my head started spinning, my hands stared vibrating, and I got quite nauseous. It was such a strong sensation that it too about 20 minutes of controled breathing and holding my black tourmaline pendant to come back to normal. It was incredible!

  22. I have a couple of particularly strong crystal stones. I got an Elestial Lightkeeper Quartz that warmed my whole palm right after it came out of the package ! Another piece is a Sacred Buffalo Turquoise generator that I use for physical healing. I have used it twice and both times I had purple light pulses in the third eye, followed by white light. It also made tears flow down my face, even though I didn’t feel like crying. I’m fairly new to this, so I was awed by these experiences !
    I will keep working with those and others I have to help heal pain in my body- they DO WORK !

  23. I feel nothing when I’m holding a gem but I feel mostly joy with the beauty of the gem and the color. I feel more energy from a picture of a gem then when I hold one. I feel because I have might be man-made. I can feel energy from color also.

  24. i always love reading your articles. i personally do not feel energies from crystals but i have been accused once of “killing” a clear nickle diameter 4inch long quartz crystal. i had a friend pass me her new crystal it was so clear you could almost see right through it i held it in my right hand for about 1 minute then handed it back to her 48 hours later she asked me what i did to her crystal because that very same crystal become black as a piece of coal, and she said that it no longer vibrated for her. I do believe that crystals work but i can’t understand how my touch could have “killed” her crystal. I would like to apologize if this comment was made in an inappropriate location, but for the last 22 years no one has been able to tell me what i may have inadvertantly done to her crystal. thank you

  25. I do feel the vibrations of crystals, especially if I’m in a crystal store. This last weekend I was at the New Earth Expo and as soon as I walked up to a booth with lots of crystals I could feel a fluttering in my chest. Happens a lot.


    it was my 1st time that i bought the citrine cyrstal …. i was told also to put it on my right hand for it is like some sort a receiver energy … the moment i put it on … i sense a warm and tingling sensation around my wrist ( and i feel odd about it ) it lasted a few hours then i felt normal …. but then i realize around me seems theres changes …. i felt lest angry and my thought is seems all is positive ( ex: when ever theres a problem and we agrue … my mind is calm and act calmly ) ….

    before i wear it … the colour of the citrine was bright yellow … after that it changes into pale yellow !!! i was told that (feng sui) if the colour change into pale colour means that the theres problem coming in AND IT DID HAPPEND ( where my thought seems to be calm and positive) the energy is working in me and around me ….so the teller told me that i need to give the citrine A TIME of 1 MONTH to synchronize with my inner self … and it happen just in few days …

    its been 1 week i own the citrine …. and im getting along with it … tho i do sometimes query about what happen if it changes to a bright colour 🙂 …

    im so glad i dropped here 🙂

  27. I purchased a beautiful hand painted lacquered river stone from Vietnam in an antique store. When I was carrying it to the counter my hand was receiving tingles and shocks. I told the store owner about it and she said that stone was meant for me. She also said it came from witchy woman’s booth. Driving on my way home just a few minutes later I heard a song playing on the radio. I turned the volume up a bit. The song was Witchy Woman!! True story! I didn’t even know that river stones were a gemstone and had healing properties. Some of my family members said I should get rid of it. I would never get rid of it. I love it!

  28. You might also want to consider that the purchased crystal was NOT the same. I’ve been reading Judy Hall’s book, “Crystals: How to Use Crystals and Their Energy to Enhance Your Life,” and she mentions an incident where someone bought an “aura crystal” that didn’t work like their friend’s did, and when the crystal shop investigated, the supplier suggested that “something might have been wrong with the dye.” The “aura” crystal wasn’t an “aura” at all! (Likely a completely different species than what it was sold as) To be clear: it wasn’t the crystal shop at fault, but a supplier that was only evaluating the crystals by decorative criteria.

  29. Don’t know really how to start. My crystal found me. Was at a laundry mat doing laundry and it was there ..partially hidden by some used dryer sheets. I noticed something sparkly and uncovered a crystal quartz. At first I was a bit worried about touching it because it belonged to someone else so I waited and no one came to claim it. Part of me said no leave it and part of me felt I should give it a new home. So i took it..and have felt nothing but really loving vibes..sometimes a bit needy but its ok. Maybe Im reading to much into it but…i feel like it needs or wants me all the time. So I carry it with me and sometimes hold it it in my hand while i sleep. Is this weird??

  30. I want to develop my intuition with crystals, but I’m not sure how! Whenever I hold certain crystals, I feel a slight warming sensation and some tingles up my arms but I’m never sure if it’s the crystal or my mind. When I hold crystals others have worked with, I’ve felt really strong energy to the point of having my fingers tingle with electrical energy. I have never been able to make a crystal feel this strong on my own, though. I want to, but am not sure if my ability to feel energy is fixed or can be improved.

  31. Rose quartz is my everyday stone. I have a a very large rough piece and a small polished tumblestone I suffer with pcos and have had fertility issues I usually lie with it on my lower abdomen and feel my ovaries “pulling” as soon as I take it off it stops when I put it back it starts again. Also I was told I was infertile since using the stone for 4 weeks every night on my stomach and sleeping with one under my pillow after 5 years I got pregnant. Who knows but I really believe my rose quartz does the job I feel so much energy with it

  32. Hello I am just starting my journey in the crystal world, today I walked into a crystal store and I felt overwhelmed in a way, my head hurt and I felt light headed, once I left I felt fine, is that me being able to sense their energy.

  33. black tourmaline vibrating on base chakra

    (Candles lit, bedroom) I laid down flat on my back with my black tourmaline on my base chakra and my clear crystal quartz on my crown chakra . The energy from my base chakra started to pulsate. This guided astral projection is powerful!

  34. Hello,
    I have always felt the vibrations of crystals, not so that they are overpowering, but i can feel their energy and it’s effect on me.
    However I picked up a quartz crystal yesterday and I didn’t like how it felt so I put it down, then I picked up a rose quartz and it was prickling my hand so I put it down, after I picked up a clear quartz with amethyst in the middle and dropped it because it felt so unpleasant, I felt it prickling right up my arms. These crystals have belonged to my mother for years and the rose quartz was one she bought for me when she was pregnant. I can’t understand why I reacted so strongly. I have always hated the feeling of coral as well, it just feels terribly wrong.
    Can crystals have a negative effect on you, or is it just negative energy they have absorbed?

  35. Hi hibiscus moon, Jordan here. I just started working with Crystals and gemstones after recalling a time when my friends Wiccan grandmother brought me into this Wiccan/pagan shop. I remember being immediately drawn to the crystals and one that I picked up in particular, send a pleasant “vibrating” almost tingling sensation that changed from warm to cold and I thought it was the coolest thing. Unfortunately I was only 14 and didn’t purchase it. however I went back and have a whole collection now. I don’t feel anything in particular with the stones like mentioned before or I didn’t until I came across this piece of axinite at the store. I tried to tell my family about the experience and they didn’t believe me but admired the stones. it was then that I passed it around and 3/5 family members felt exactly the same thing that I did. One even gasped and tried to toss the stone back at me. Crystals/ gemstones have improved my life and way of thinking ever since I welcomed them into my home and life and I’m so glad that I did. Has anyone else experienced anything similar with a stone? it feels almost identical to when your third eye chakra is activated. That tingly warm “good” sensation in between my brows that I can’t really control. Furthermore I know it’s off topic but has anyone experienced or felt one of their chakras open? I’ve only felt 1.

  36. I was never a real believer that crystals had any power, so I never care for them. Last year, on a trip to Sedona, I was walking around the little shops in town and I decided to go into one that advertised aura photography. I walked into a store that mainly sold crystals and as I was walking in, I started feeling a strong energy hitting me on the forehead, the back of my neck and felt nauseated. Soon enough I started hearing different frequencies and feeling the vibration all over my body! High pitches, low pitches, like this amazing orchestra of frequencies. As overwhelming as it was, I let the experience take over. I felt like if they were talking to me, like greeting me in some amazing way. I have never been able to feel the same around any crystals, but I know for sure that I can never see them the same way I used to!

  37. I Just purchased my first gem and I have had a lot of anxiety that comes with my chronic pain. For the first time in three years I felt calm and at peace but it was something I have never felt before….I want to say grounded? It didn’t take long almost right after I put it on! I was told I have a lot of good energy and in my past life I was a witch doctor. Could this be why I’m so easily connected? I also took the time and felt for the one that I connected with.

  38. What dose it mean when you hold a crystal and you see a light shine from it? This is not the first time I have seen lights shine from crystal. The one I was holding today was fluroite.

  39. so I’ve had wonderful experience with my selenite crystal and my clear quartz.
    I’ve actually meditated with both of them at the same time and I ended up getting a slight choking to the point I couldn’t believe what had just happened. things like these only open my mind and lets me know that we as “human” are capable of much more…

  40. Never had any interest or belief in crystals – but had a spiritual awakening a few years ago and after that everything changed. I wasn’t immediately drawn to crystals after my awakening but had a friend who was interested in them and decided to buy her some as a gift. I walked into the local crystal shop and felt like I walked into an energy tornado. They had a massive 2 foot tall clear quartz crystal in the center of the shop to power up the other crystals they were selling. I swear to god it felt like someone had plugged my entire body into an electrical socket. I was getting the shakes and nearly fell over.

    I seem to have become an empath after my experience and am now especially sensitive to crystals. I can almost instantly and very powerfully sync with Crystal energy. I have to be careful how I handle them and where I keep them because of how strongly they effect me. If I have too many or different types or large stones close by it can send me quite literally into another dimension.

    If I medidate to with a piece of rose quartz, adventurine etc I can go into ecstatic bliss states. Crystal quartz is almost too powerful for me to work with. Its just raw energy. I generally prefer to work with more balanced centering stones like Green Fluorite – which has a lovely dual action of both expanding the heard and focusing the mind as well as also clensing impurities. It has a beautiful green nature vibe. Also gentle calming stones like Amethyst help me to calm spiritual energy and powerfully put me in touch with spirit guides. I have vivid dreams where information and guidance is passed directly to me.

  41. i’ve been wearing my hair in locs since 1996. about 2 years ago, i began attaching assorted gemstones to the end of my locs. This was about the time i began sensing energies from gemstones and crystals, and i figured doing this should raise my vibrations. I would touch them occasionally, but hadn’t spent much time with them. A few days ago I noticed each gemstone had its own frequency. Some I touched, i felt more on the right side of my body, others on the left, and some, like the clear quartz in the center.
    I am here looking for more information. This article gave me some confirmation, now I need help in directions with this.
    I’m thankful for this site especially since my current environment is full of non-believers.

  42. I just bought a stone that was “calling me”, but holding it makes my hand tingle to the point that it hurts. I have never had that happen. It is a N2 stone. Why would it make my hands hurt, especially since it called to me?

    1. I’m new to crystals, but realized I’ve been drawn to them a lot longer than I originally thought.

      During my first chakra healing meditation session, I used raw crystals: smokey quartz, amethyst, sodalite, green adventurine, citrine, carnelian, and clear quartz on the appropriate chakra areas.
      Wow! I felt tremendous weight on my body–like a hug of sorts or that feeling of having a weighted blanket over me. I felt warmth (especially at the third eye chakra) and an urge to move parts of my body during it even though through the guided meditation I felt deeply relaxed. Does that even make sense??? It felt like areas of my body needed to move as if to dissipate excess energy, I’m guessing. I felt at peace afterwards. Something I really needed as a psychotherapist who absorbs a lot of negative energy while being present with others working through various things.
      I’m a believer in the healing power of crystals!

  43. I love how I’ve had stones show up so unexpected, like my recent collection growth experience. I’ve had many examples of the right stone showing up randomly when it’s needed most in weird places or someone gifting them but recently at what was supposed to be a pet fest with nothing but pet product vendors i added 3 new “friends”
    A gal was wearing a fluorite bracelet and talking to me about dog grooming! I recently got acquainted with fluorite and recognized it and she directed me to a vendor who said she almost didn’t come today and was just learning how to make stone jewelry. I added black tourmaline, blue lace agate (which I have needed desperately lately and have rarely seen very new small vendors carry!) and bloodstone.
    I have a question on why the energy of the bloodstone will make my left hand tingle insanely strongly every time i touch it? I’ve never had this particular energetic experience with a stone before

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