43 Birthday Sparkles!

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I usually make no big deal ‘bout my birthday at all. I’ve always felt it’s such an inconvenience; right smack in the midst of the entire Holiday scramble. But today is the day.

I’m gonna be 43! Wooohey! It’s a par-tay!

And I’m damn proud of it!! I’m having the most fun I’ve ever had doing several things that I love to do, working with people that are amazing to work with, living with my ADORABLEZ hubby whom I’ve loved forever & have a cute GORGEOUS kitty to boot!

So this year, I’m shouting it out!!! Its my birthday! Its my birthday!

It does get a tad tiresome hearing others complaining about getting older. Who cares?! Older is so much better. Totally!

Now if all you care about your looks…well then…it will suck b/c that, my dear, will slip away no matter how hard you try to hold on. Smooth, tuck, suck, inflate…instead of just old, you’re gonna start to look old & WEIRD.

Aches & pains? Ok, yes. No getting away from that, but work on yourself.  Take good care & you’ll have so much less of it. PLUS, being happy & freeing your mind of unnecessary worry also takes care of a lot of that junk anyway. I’ve learned that lesson the VERY HARD way, my Sweet. Yep, it hurt. But no more.
I was with an 84 year old woman who I have not seen in over 25 years the other night & she looked so happy & not a day older. She was running around, laughing, not worried about a thing & oozing happiness!!! I so look forward to that.
So you’re one of those that think “getting old sucks”. Well, it does… if that’s how you set it up! YOU create your own reality, Sweet Pea. That’s what I feel we’re here on Mother Earth to figure out. If you leave without that lesson learned, you’re coming back for some more hard lessons & virtual 2 x 4’s till you get it right. So, if your reality is that getting older sucks. Then, you know what? IT WILL! Congrats.

43. I think I’m more immature now than I’ve ever been but I have the good sense now to know when I can get away with it & when I can’t! I also have grown to be a much more compassionate person who finally gets that we are all ONE. That we are all here in this together. Yeah, I finally got that.
Sometimes, I forget it & get all sucked into the matrix but deep down I remember tha’s all a big joke & wake myself up. Phew!
I am so grateful that I am at that level! And it didn’t just happen by itself. That took a lot of hard work on my part; spiritual learning, diving in, reading, learning from other teachers (including the stone people), doing the work, meditating & contemplating. So I’m very very proud of that work & how far I’ve come. And so happy that there is still so much more to learn. How exciting! Happy Birthday!!!

Now, I know how to change my reality. I’ve kind of always known, but I have a much better handle on it now. My spirituality & working with crystals is a big part of what & how I do it now. There are so many ways to do it but that’s the way I choose. And it WORKS! My dreams are all falling into place every day. Every day. Happy Birthday!!!

43. Growing, maturing & yet getting mentally younger every day. Remembering what we all knew when we were all conceived! Its amazing & it will only get better & better as long as I continue to work at it. 🙂

Now, please go have a super fun HAPPY DAY!

Ceremony Update

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Happy Sunday! I was so taken aback at the number of people participating in our Self Love Crystal Grid Ceremony. As the comments came pouring in from both here and my YouTube channel it became quickly evident to me that we all needed a self love infusion. I was so happy that so many of you were willing to give of your energy and participate in this event. The ceremony on Friday night was magnificent. The grid was in place and activated and began at precisely 9:00pm EST. The energy was very powerful! I suspect this was due to the support I received, not only from the Universal Energy Source vibrating through the lovely crystals, but from many of you that were meditating, visualizing and focusing along with me. It is still sending out its powerful self love frequency even now. I will leave it set up for the next few days to continue to radiate its glorious energy to us all. This will now be an annual event. We can now look forward to the following year with much love for ourselves knowing we are filled with light, love and peace, treating ourselves with kindness and respect. As promised, I shared some aspects of the ceremony in a video here on my YouTube channel. Many Crystal Blessings to you all.

Self Love Crystal Grid Ceremony

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“To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.” –Robert Morely“Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.” ~ Louise L. Hay
Valentines day is over. Now its time to focus on self. One of the essentials to being happy and confidant is self love. Everything else comes from the ability to truly love ourselves, have compassion for ourselves and be kind to ourselves. Would you like to let go of negativity, self doubt, low self esteem and insecurities? No one can love you completely if you don’t love yourself first. Are you simply stressed out right now and need some TLC? I know I do. Think about how there are some people whom everyone gravitates to. We say they have charisma. I often tell people when I feel their “good energy”. I can feel it even via a written blog or a YouTub video. Don’t doubt. The good energy frequencies are there. You can only project them if you have sufficient self-love. You can manifest healing and create self-love through the power of crystals and their energy vibrations. I would like to begin an annual tradition and hope that all of you will join me in this Self Love Crystal Grid Ceremony to recharge and infuse self love energy vibrations to us all!  
In order to particiapte, simply comment below. If you would like to include your real first name, you may do so, although it is not necessary. Your screen name here is infused with your energy and already well connected to you.
I will handwrite your screen names on pieces of parchment paper and place all the names of the participants of our ceremony under the center rose quartz puffy heart in a little power-packed stack. All that energy and so much LOVE! I will then sage my working area to clear any negativity and then go into Alpha state. Rose quartz and amethsyt are the crystals of choice for promoting self love energy vibrations. I will activate the crystal grid using a rose quartz wand and infuse our Self Love intentions into the crystal grid much like I did in my Crystal Grid YouTube Video. All of our energies will be manifesting healing and a new improved level of self-love. There is no cost to you as this is a group ceremony.So, The 2010 Self Love Crystal Grid Ceremony will be on Friday, March 5th at 9:00pm EST. The ceremony is a very spiritual and very powerful event. You may want to also perform a Self Love Meditation at the same time as our ceremony to make it all the more powerful. I will take pictures and do a YouTube video before and after the ceremony. I hope many of my lovely friends here on Blogger and on YouTube will choose to participate. Love you all for we are all one.