Down & Dirty Debate Over Crystal Healing

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You know I love me a good debate on the scientific accuracy or claims of crystal healing. I’ve been known to indulge a time or two.

Here’s one that took place on my Facebook page that I thought you might enjoy reading here on the blog.

scientific proof for crystal healing

Anonymous FB Poster (aka AFB): If you have even one piece of evidence for your scientific claims you will change the world. Please post some links to your academic peer-reviewed studies and trials. Or you could just block anyone who disagrees with you from commenting.

Hibiscus Moon (HM): I only do that if someone spews disrespect or negativity on my page. I simply won’t allow that in my space. Just as Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor has taught us, I ask that people take responsibility for the energy they bring into any space or transaction & if they cannot do that, then yep, they’re banned…without hesitation. I never block anyone for disagreeing with me. You’re still here, right? And are always welcome.

I’m happy to entertain such debates with those that do it in a mature & respectful way. Heck, I live for this stuff! Please check out my blog post here on the subject.

AFB: Your link does not provide any evidence. It’s simply a list of your counter arguments that you give when you are asked for evidence. You are very defensive. I am always mature and respectful. I have an open mind and I’m asking for you to prove your theories.

HM: I don’t feel I’m being defensive…but maybe so as I am defending my point of view.  And you are certainly welcome to yours…always. That blog post I refer to does explain exactly why you won’t find crystal healing evidence in academic and peer-reviewed journals. In addition, if you’ve decided that your mind is closed to it and it won’t work…then it won’t. Here’s another post that may interest you.

AFB: There is a reason they can’t get their stuff into medical journals. Because it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. That is not the fault of the scientific community. Science doesn’t mind being “wrong”, if you have evidence this would really change the world. You’re entitled to your opinion but you can’t claim to be “scientific” if you don’t follow the rules of science.

HM: I’m a product of very scientific academia with a Masters in Science as well as a former Science Dept. Head of 10+ years & very much admire the scientific community. Truly. Having been immersed in it for so long, I am also all too aware of the discrimination that occurs when you don’t follow the mainstream scientific dogma & have to disagree with you  on this: sometimes the scientific community does mind very much when it’s wrong. At times, some scientists will put up quite a fight to defend old dogma that has been proven incorrect.

Case in point: After decades of contradictory evidence regarding atom physics & “the proton problem”, scientists finally have no choice but to come to terms with it & admit there may be a whole new realm of physics that the current “laws of physics” do not fit…not something they really wanted to do & some are still kicking & screaming about it.

And don’t even get me started on how scientific genius, Nikola Tesla was ridiculed.

scientific proof for crystal healing

Remember…we all used to believe with great conviction that the EARTH WAS FLAT!



HM: I hardly find it to be anti-intellectualism or ignorance that some scientists seem to be much less stubborn than others. I do admire skepticism, yet keeping an open-mind. Dr. Richard Gerber said it best,

“Since no one in this controversial field can get anything into the orthodox medical journals to being with, there are obviously no sources of credible references to quote.

Therefore the medical journals are safe in their ivory towers of scientific dogmatism.”

Some say all this crystal healing is due to a “feel-good” factor or placebo effect. And if that’s all it did, that would be beneficial enough (which is why alternative therapies are indeed being adopted by Western Medicine as well as some health insurances)…but there is so much more to it than that.

‘Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.’ -Hugh Nibley

Now, if you’re looking for data & studies referring to this, please read physicist Dr. William Tiller’s work or The Field from Lynn McTaggart.

It seems you don’t have a clear “backstage” understanding of what goes on. I have years under my belt of witnessing it firsthand. If you care to find out more you can certainly dig in & research, but it’s not my mission to bring all that to light. I have front row seat experience to it & it has nothing to do with scrutiny as it does with politics. Plain & simple.

Then it got a little yuck for my taste. I deleted those comments but kept the bulk of the convo b/c I felt this was very valuable. Then I ended the convo with this…

HM: You obviously have your point of view that no one here is going to change. You’ve stated your piece & I’ve stated mine. Now this is starting to feel argumentative to me & it serves no more purpose other than to feed ego. So I’d like to leave this convo up for others to make up their mind, but let’s just agree to disagree here & keep the good vibes. Thanks!

And now here for my blog I’d like to add one more brilliant quote from physicist, Nassim Haramien:

“We are still in our infancy of exploring and discovering our local environment. There are people alive today who, when they were young, were told the universe was many many many times smaller than they are being told today. Perhaps this progression will only accelerate when we prove the universe we are in is only one of an infinite number of other universes in the holofractographic multiverse.”


You know…we think we know everything. We’re so enchanted by how clever we think we are. Yet…where else may great intelligence lie on this planet?

Some argue that crystals actually qualify as living beings; able to transmit & receive highly complicated electromagnetic frequencies. Perhaps they’re interpreting & communicating them in some un-measurable way. I often wonder if not only do the crystals hold much more power & energy than we realize, but what else does? Perhaps we’re not NEARLY as smart as we think we are! What if we’re the least intelligent & least powerful of anything on this planet & we’re just bumbling around like so many amoebas in some pond water, while the real amoebas don’t give us a 2nd thought as they go about their genius affairs! Scientists can’t confirm or deny this.

That sort of thinking used to get me some sideways looks from my science department BUT apparently, a famously celebrated astrophysicist wonders about these things too:


We all know people LOVE to have proof! I just did a recent blog post on that topic.

And people LOVE to get some science in with their metaphysics. I know this is why my Certified Crystal Healer Course is so popular. B/c I provide that in spades.

You know…hindsight is always 20/20…I should have added to this convo on FB (which I will do here now in this blog post)…you know…science doesn’t really prove anything at all. There is always some uncertainty that comes along with our beloved “scientific conclusions”; science never absolutely proves shiz!


Sooo, my moral of this story is…hey…all of this could be a freakin‘ dream! If you know it makes you feel good to use crystals on your journey then go do it.

Besides, I have some science to back it up. 😉

What do you think Crystal Hottie … do you need scientific proof that crystals help nourish and support your well being?  Tell me what you think in the comments below.





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  2. I am an Environmental Science, Marine Biology and Zoology major. Back in high school, I never really liked physics but I absolutely loved Chemistry. Now, I don’t really like it and I prefer Biology. I have been using crystals for over a year now, so you can probably say I’m a newbie to it. Within the past year, my collection expanded so rapidly I don’t know how it happened. And during the last semester I always wore a fluorite pendant and carried some tumbled fluorite with me for studies. I got the best grades ever. Everything was so simple and easy to understand, all with the help of fluorite and other crystals. So I do have proof that crystals support and help you. I saw it in my final semester. I’m also seeing it right now using carnelian to boost some creativity skills, and amethyst to support me in every way possible. I may not need the scientific proof but I’d certainly like to know the science behind crystals and how they work. I think for me, that’s an important difference, not on a need to know basis, but a desire to know basis. And just maybe crystals can help me get back that love I had for chemistry and may even help me to like physics a little more.
    Sometimes, I look at my crystals and wonder how this little piece of stone can do all this. Am I accessing all the power this crystal has? How can I tap into that power? Would I be able to handle all that power?
    As for AFB, they are certainly entitled to their opinions, but I wish they were more open minded. Being a science student, I constantly had to have my nose buried in scientific journals and online journals. There were always papers that said this is so and so and then I’d see another that says no that is not so and so but instead it is this. I also had to deal with a close friend who was so adamant in her opinion and was not open to receive the opinions of others and presented her case so strongly without thinking that their might just be another side to the story than just hers. All I could do was state my point and then retreat with some crystals to calm down and rejuvenate.


  3. Proof huh? Can AFB provide scientific proof of the power of a Mothers’ love and care? How many times has Mommys’ kiss made things all better? It’s no different to me. As a Mommy (okay, they don’t call me that anymore now that they are 21 and 25 heh, heh!) I can atest to the healing powers of kisses and hugs. Just because we can’t see it or prove it scientifically….pshaw!
    The science we learn about the crystals and stones from you gives me the scientific proof I need. Then there’s the personal experience….WOW! That’s more convincing to me than anything written anywhere. 🙂
    As always, you handled that challenge with grace and aplomb. 🙂 Rock on Lady!!!

  4. Animals have no concept of science or knowledge of what works, yet I see them respond to crystal and energy healing wonderfully on a daily basis. What better proof could there be?
    Keep up the good work..
    Ps, the local doctor brings his dog to me for her skin problem…. enough said! lol

  5. Excellent Hibiscus. Thank you for sharing … Everything is energy & there are those who get it now & those who have not yet arrived. There is so much energy healing & so many healers on the planet now…of course, crystals are a part of that. And there are so many new reports showing the that old science is no longer valid, if it ever was … even to the point that the scientist being the observer, will change the outcome anyway.

  6. Hibiscus!

    Have mercy. I read your post Nd went back and forth-stirred up, chill. Stirred up, etc.

    I agree with you, and have one thing to add: the reader needs to drop analysis for a brief moment and consider miracles (Just for a sec).

    I have a child who was diagnosed with a condition we were told by doctors would
    Never change, or go away. It was something that would affect his entire life…and my husband and I stepped out of the realm of ‘proof’ and we prayed, and we worked with crystals and Reiki. We did that every day. When we met the doctor again six months later, the condition/issue was gone. See ya. The doctor was not dumbfounded or confused. He said very humbly that we -and he- had seen a miracle and it was wonderful.
    People often seek proof when fear and uncertainty smack them in the face. I am certain -as you and so many are- about crystals and their ability to heal and help. It is normal to reach for one many times a day.

    Keep doing what you do, including debating with those skeptics. It helps us all get out of the way and see the real magic in our world and beyond.

    Anne McCarroll

  7. As a graduate of HM CCH course, I can honestly say, I was really skeptical about all of it. The stones to me, at that time, were just pretty. The more involved I got, especially, the more scientific readings, and then our rituals with the crystals, the more I knew there is a connection. And it’s the same with water. I think what I’m really trying to say is that the CCH opened my eyes and my mind that has been closed for so long. I know that crystals heal and provide for us. And I respect them and their power. I can’t debate with ABH (is that right), I’m just learning myself, but I have always felt a little pang, if someone’s thinking can’t expand. And I’m also talking about my oldest son, who is a professor of neurophysiology. It’s more than that but that is the easiest term. Anyway, I have never told him how I feel about the earth we live on and it’s hidden (at times) power, and the healing that can come from it, in all forms. He would really want me to produce evidence and proof, that rocks, as he glibly calls them, have any real value at all. I am just waiting, with much anticipation, patience and excitement to take my Masters Course. xx

  8. I’ve been trying to find the mechanism by which magnets work, I’ve just started selling magnetic jewellery and my experience of it is that it surely does work on conditions such as arthritis. Can you help me find an article on it please? I feel sure there must be one!

    And on the subject of “the march of science”, remember the Aussie researcher who finally proved that stomach ulcers are caused by a simple bacterium and can be cured by antibiotics? And how much flak he took, how his research was pilloried until he finally drunk a beaker full of H. pylori and then went down with a stomach ulcer, thus proving himself right and the medical establishment wrong? Medicine is full of stories like that. Not to mention what the scientific establishment has done to Rupert Sheldrake. You continue what you are doing, hun – one day “science” will catch up with you!

    1. Chris, we teach about this in my course. If your a student in the HMCA please pose this question to our Crystal Coaches in the Crystal Cave. 🙂 And, yes, terrible about the shunning Rupert Sheldrake dealt with, but I think it actually helped to further his teachings b/c he gained so much publicity from it that he gained so many more followers!!

  9. Don’t know much aboout crystals..beautiful…there is a cave spider that would not survive without quartz crystals…threads of non sticky silk act like telegraph lines telling the spider with high frequency sound when an insect lands on a crystal…cool…just looking at beautiful crystals is something like a hug which charges me up a bit…lol…probably shoots my brain endorphins around…what’s NOT SCIENTIFIC ABOUT THAT ??!!

  10. Thanks for the Blog HM. I am a crystal worker and retailer and have learned much from your website. I read as much of the science as I can get and talk with my customers about it so that they feel comfortable with the answers I give them. They want to believe in their energy properties, but of course have some hesitation. I have found that they are always respectful and hungry to know that there is more in this Universe than we have previously been told. I have to intuitively know how much they want to know and how I present it is very important. The customers buy the crystals and minerals for their beauty, for the feeling they give them and because they are simply fasinated. I address their curiosity without forcing the information down their throat when they walk in the door with all kinds of metaphysical pictures, books, art, incense etc. I leave that to the other stores around to do that. I get so many comments on those that have their own beliefs that they appreciate the gentleness of the information and I often have a repeat customers that more times than not tell me how much they love the store and appreciate the energy in the store. I am proud of my contribution to that. I have to say it works quite well. The customers that are hardcore crystal users love it here too and we engage in much conversation and excitement as well. One day I hope to own a store of my own–I am putting that out there to the Universe and my programmed crystal collection at home are helping me bring that on! Thanks for all you do, your spirit and your expertise. Suzanne

  11. Proof is such a relative thing. Proof for one person is not considered proof for another. I think one reason is because humans who need proof will never believe proof unless they are the one who actually experiences something that they feel is proof. They can read all the available articles on the subject and still not consider it proof unless they personally experience it. It then becomes a conundrum because they won’t let themselves try it without proof but won’t have proof without trying it. Two people can take the same antibiotic and it will work for one and will not work for the other. Is that proof that it does work or that it doesn’t work? How sad life would be if we all were stuck in the stagnating “show me proof” stage of life rather than “open my mind so I can see” stage.

  12. all the proof I need is friends asking me for some kind of crystals to help them sleep, or an eye problem or their mother’s heart . The responses that come back to me have all being overwhelmingly positive. . The thank yous, and that really works. Proof is there. I try to read about different crystals regularly. There is way to much to learn and remember. Energy work is that way. Thank you and keep up the fight.

  13. Crystals give off an oscillatory pulse that can be measured scientifically. Rubies, sapphires and quartz crystals are used in medical equipment that is used on human beings to treat and diagnosis medically illnesses. Also, we have several kinds of crystals in our bodies that help us live. That is the scientific proof that crystals work in healing with their energy in so many ways.

    Does this guy have a watch? The crystals in watches keep a very precise frequency. Crystals resonate scientifically. This guy better do his research. Have him go toe to toe with me. I will gladly take him on because I will show him documented scientific proof. Many healing prayers to his guy.

  14. I would always pose it like this.. science is the study & measurement of physical systems. Now, if we’re talking about spirit, we’re talking non-physicality. This may allude to non-physical influence over physical systems, but utilizing tools that measure physical parameters would obviously have no use when applied to the non-physical.. so when they ask what scientific proof one may have of spirit, I would reply: what proof would you expect to find? How silly we must seem looking to all this external device for proof when our body is equipped with its own sensory measuring systems that can interact with the non-physical as what we are at our core is intwined with it. Thus, the subjective plane is where our ‘proof’/experience with spirituality lies.

  15. I am a skeptic of the highest order but I also know there are simply some things we are not yet able to understand. Love how the Neil deGrasse Tyson quote sums that up! Ironically, I JUST watched a quick little video about science and yoga by Kelly McGonigal that touches on the heart of this debate exactly. (Hope you don’t mind me sharing the link: Seems to me that AFB not only isn’t open-minded enough to thoughtfully consider and discuss concepts s/he doesn’t understand but also doesn’t quite get what scientists are really all about!

    Keep on with your bad self, Hibiscus Moon! I love to nerd out on your crystal hotness! 🙂

  16. I believe that just because you don’t understand or can’t explain something that it should not be dismissed as having no validity. There are many truths that have been revealed that point towards there being much we need to explore and also the fact that many truths have been hidden from us. Keeping an open mind leaves us open to unraveling these mysteries but a closed mind will just confine you and keep you stagnant.There are many experiences where people were healed with crystals and these people doubted its effectiveness, yet when healed changed their point of view. If you experience this who is to tell you it is not true? Remember whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right!

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  18. Namaste HM and fellow crystal buddies,

    Please be gentle towards AFB as it was no more than 2 years ago I would have said that his approach was way too soft for those left-wing greenie hippy irresponsible ignorant crystal loving lazy tree huggers (anyway you get the idea). In fact, if I had of made a Facebook comment back then HM would have booted me by the 3rd to 4th word. I was, to say at the very least, one of the biggest critics of this field and sadly spent many years telling my wife that she wasted her time and money whenever she purchased a stone. After all I had a science degree and knew better. Until 2 years ago my “wife’s” crystal collection amounted to 5 – 6 stones, now “our” crystal collection has over 4500 individual pieces covering some 450 – 500+ types / minerals. It changed when one day my wife brought me a 4 inch piece of Blue Kyanite from the local markets (she had done this a couple of times and I had refused the gift) and that was the start of it. Within a month I had went with her to the market stall and had brought my own crystal (a pyrite cube & a silky fibrous malachite cluster), began reading books and visiting websites on crystals and had started meditating with the crystals and sleeping with them under my pillow. Today not a minute goes by where I don’t have any number of crystals on my person or at least within hands reach. My whole outlook on life has changed (for the better) due to no small part of the crystals. I still have my science degree (no I have not been barred or blacklisted) but personally I do not require any empirical evidence of the healing ability of crystals as I have experienced it time and time again in the last 2 years. In fact, if you now gave me a peer reviewed article or other such evidence stating my opinion of 2+ years ago I would take it and thank you kindly for the toilet paper. I am not a believer, I am an experiencer!
    BTW on the note of peer reviewed journals, I just did a Google and journal search on articles that “prove” or at least state that the earth is round and could not find one single peer reviewed article on the subject. Guess it’s time to renew my Flat Earth Society membership (I hope they will accept me now I’m a left-wing greenie hippy irresponsible ignorant crystal loving lazy tree hugger) 🙂

  19. There are energy healers (and religious people) and “sceptics” (and atheists) who are astonishingly fundamentalist about their practices and beliefs. And both sets of people are acting from fear and anger.

    Being open minded isn’t about being credulous and anti-science; being sceptical isn’t about a refusal to believe anything that isn’t supported by peer-reviewed papers that they have seen. What’s fascinating is how similar these people are – their behaviour is the same, the difference is in the belief systems they’re desperate to denigrate in order to feel secure. They’re incredibly uncomfortable with peers who are open to listening to “the other side”. It’s nothing to do with science or faith; it’s a completely fear-based reaction built around the need for impenetrable armour to keep them from what they perceive as the chaos that might ensue from considering the possibility that they may not be entirely correct.

    As HM shrewdly points out, any endeavour that involves humans is subject to human failings, cultural biases, and prejudices. We can’t interact with anyone or anything without bringing our humanity to the party. Someone told me that scientists don’t have conscious or unconscious agendas, they have a commitment to pure science. She knew this because she was doing a chemistry degree, and I have no scientific background. I pointed out that I’d 20 years on her and several friends who are research scientists who’d regaled me with many tales of department politics, the need to fudge when findings didn’t suit funding (a point of very real pain to people dependent on that funding for any research to continue), and cultural biases around religion, ethnicity, class, and – most of all – sex and gender. Joan Roughgarden and Ben Barres’ experiences of sexism in science are eye-opening (not to mention depressing).

    There’s some evidence that conservative and liberal (in the general rather than political sense) personalities are to some degree genetically determined, with cultural pressures playing a definite role. That makes sense to me – we need people who will plunge ahead into exploration, reminding us all of what’s possible, as well as people who put the brakes on and remind us we need a degree of caution.

    Trying to convert someone innately conservative to a liberal sensibility, or vice versa, will never work. What we can do is imitate HM in her openness to all views respectfully expressed, and her refusal to tolerate abuse. And we can work towards a society in which we’re all co-operating rather than seeing fringe factions turn all areas of life into a War On Those Other People.

    Hibiscus Moon, thanks for being an example to us all.

  20. WOW! That was amazing. I really mean it. Although there were a few times when I thought you made the whole thing up and just played both parts. In any case you are really smart and I can respect that…I believe that crystals are all that you say they are because I’ve seen the water experiment. Unless it was a hoax that was pretty compelling evidence for me… AND I loved your worm theory addition. That was great…LOVED it :

  21. I have to say, I couldn’t care less about scientific proof. So many religions and so many heritages have relied on stones, crystals, herbs, and oils for so long that I feel we would all be foolish to not see their worth. Their value has been proven thousand-fold and myriads if people can exemplify this. With this much history, I believe with my heart, soul, and core being in their enduring power!

  22. Hi, I am still learning about crystals. I love crystals and really admire them. I usually wear a crystal pendant when I go out of my home One weekend I never wore one and i noticed the difference. It felt weird. I never sensed that before. Im not sure what that means but I notice it. Also I notice when I take a crystal out of a room, I feel the difference.

    I also do know and have experienced that crystals are true memory absorbers for sure. That s why I am learning to try to be more positive, etc. I have some stories about that, if you like me to share. 🙂

    By the way, you are so beautiful Hibiscus Moon!

  23. There are skeptics in all walks of life. I have seen how crystals work, with me, my clients, my pet.etc. I have worked with crystals for quite a few years now, I have a retail location and find myself frequently esp,aiming how crystals and energy work. I love crystals and how they work with people. Yes I’ve had to face the challenges of skeptics. It’s very simple! If you work on the scientific side of crystals you know they are chemical compositions! The body is a chemical composition when opened to receive energy chemicals react to chemicals.! On another note, the chemicals that make up crystals differ from crystal to crystal. If you research this, some of the same chemicals are used by pharmaceutical companies which manufacture drugs, so why not use the chemical provided by Mother Earth! Just sayin!

  24. If i was hooked up to an EKG there would be plenty of evidence…actually i think alot of doctors would faint if they wired me and saw how effective treatments are on me. I already shared with you how your student cured me of serious AFIB problems. This summer I was foolish enough to use slim fast and the excess stimulants caused it to come back to the extent i almost ended up in the emergency room with it unbearable. I got one treatment from her and her work coaxed it back into rhythem enough for it to be bearable. I bought your book and tried a grid with rose quartz and pink opal and it vanished over night. I also have terrible insomnia. Between teaching high school, college, and being a graduate student i felt so sick. I came across one of your posts about amythyst and lepidolite and set up a grid with them….and im out cold all night now. I wonder if a sleep study would provide evidence? Anyway i have my own physical proof that i think my high school students could even write a convincing world changing report on it being medicine if they collected data from me and my life has changed so much with what i have learned from you and Brenda. I was so sick i didnt really know how i could function and was anticipating financial ruin with heart hospitals. How many other people are missing out on cheap life changing health improvements that are also so much fun!?! Carrie

  25. Your discourse with the AFB post in regards to “scientific fact” to back up or “prove” the effectiveness of crystal healing is similar to the agenda driven politicians in utter irrational denial about climate change.

    When actual facts are presented, the barriers come down and reason and logic are thrown out the window, and immediately replaced with close minded skepticism and tangent counter arguments.

    Yet, Crystal, Reiki, Chi’gong, and other energy, sound, frequency based healing, and especially the more publicly popular topic of climate change, are all solid, scientific fact filled and event proven examples of current realities that close minded individuals utterly ignore.

    Not to get sucked into climate change, which was only used in this post as an example to coincide crystal healing, but facts aren’t good enough for the will of the mainstream aligned mind.

    With our intuition put to the side, though I feel it is our most powerful source of intellect, if people would just take a small chunk of time and defer from their cyclic mundane train of thought, and look for the evidence themselves, it would take very little effort for them to see for themselves the wondrous possibilities and realities that we have at our disposal in this 3rd Dimensional physical state we live.

    Einstein captures it best with this quote:

    “There is no logical way to the discovery of elemental laws. There is only the way of intuition, which is helped by a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance.”

    And then hits it home best with this in reference to Spirit, which still today “mainstream science” claims is unproven and without scientific fact:

    “Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe.”

    Thank you all for posting and reading, and thank you Hibiscus Moon for all the work you out into your website, blogs and videos. You are a breath of fresh air and I appreciate you all you do for the community.

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  27. I am so happy to find you all! I have always been completely fascinated with our existence and all it involves. I absolutely love crystals. rocks, minerals, fossils, earth, space, time, the Universe that I knew was just made for me when I was a kid with my wild imagination. My personal experience with crystal healing was after a minor surgery. I can’t recall the third crystal, but I read in a book to combine a quarts, some carnelian, and ? for pain and faster healing. Instructed to put it and keep it near my pain I put them in my front pant pocket, What a major relief from the throbbing dull annoying pain I was having. I pretty much forgot about the crystals in my pocket until bed time. I keep a quarts crystal in my vehicles near the speedometer. Crystals benefit machines also. At times when I have worked as a food server, I was grateful for carnelians tip attractant. I have so much more to learn.

  28. I used to be a negative and pessimistic person. Than I discovered crystals 6ish years ago and became a VERY different person. And very thankful for that, especially when I battled and won against Lymphoma. I don’t need proof to KNOW they work!

  29. Hey there,

    I just discovered your site through a friend and think it is amazing! I personally find proof to be a relative experience to each individual, so in short, no I don’t need scientific proof as long as I feel the effects of it. And I definitely have especially as of late!

    That being said however, I do enjoy having that information accessible for discussion sake among skeptics. It showcases how it could work for them based on information they currently understand in their journey. I think that is key – finding new information when each person is ready.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Many blessings,

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