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It’s the day you’ve been waiting for!  I’m incredibly excited to kick off our Certified Crystal Healer Course 2018 with our annual Scholarship Contest!  This is one of my most favorite-ist things to do all year!! YES!

This year, we’re offering not 1, not 2, not 7 but 10 glittery seats for our next course term beginning on March 5, 2018.

This is truly an unprecedented number of giveaways that we’re thrilled to be offering this year to those in need. And this year, we’re also giving away a few special seats for some very special people.  Now the breakdown goes like this, we are holding:

  • 2 Scholarships for Veterans
  • 2 Scholarships for First Responders
  • 6 Scholarships for absolutely anyone

**PLEASE NOTE: If you’re a Veteran or First Responder winner you will be required to provide proof.

This scholarship program is something we’ve been doing since 2011 to help those who are not able to afford the course tuition.

Are you ready to go for your BIG DREAM?

Win a Certified Crystal Healer Course Scholarship

Here’s what you need to do to throw your hat in the ring!

Submit a  Video on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram

1. Create a video that is no more than 1 minute long (seriously…not 1 second longer. In fact, before you submit your entry, double check the time because sometimes on upload an extra second gets added in there somehow… and that will disqualify you). In the video, tell us why you want to become a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer and detail your dreams and intentions.  We want to know how you plan to share the love!  And don’t be afraid to shoot for the stars here … we know the possibilities are endless, so get creative and shine your beautiful light!

2. Upload your video to YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram (BTW, you can submit all three ways and increase your chances of winning!)

3.  To qualify for our Veteran or First Responder seats, please include the appropriate hashtag in your Video Description so your submissions can be separated from the other scholarship seats.  Veterans use #VETERAN.  First responders use #EMS

If you’re uploading to YouTube, make sure it is listed as “public”, including all the info listed below so we can find it.  *Make sure you copy & paste the next bits verbatim*:

  • Your Video Title:  2018 Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Scholarship video by [YOUR NAME]
  • Your Video Description must include: – Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healing Course- The Science and Fun behind Crystal Healing

If you’re uploading to Facebook, make sure your post is listed as public, including all the info listed below so we can find it.  *Make sure you copy & paste the next bits verbatim*:

  • Your Post must include: 2018 Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Scholarship video by [YOUR NAME] | – Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healing Course- The Science and Fun Behind Crystal Healing

If you’re uploading to Instagram, make sure your account is public, that you follow @hibiscusmoon and use the hashtag #HibiscusMoonCCH in your post.

  • Your Post must include in the comments:  2018 #HibiscusMoon Certified Crystal Healer Scholarship video by [YOUR NAME]
  • In the comments add the hashtags #HibiscusMoon #HibiscusMoonCCH and #HMCA

4.  Leave a comment below on this blog with a direct link to your YouTube, Facebook or Instagram video.  You must do this in order for your entry to be valid.

5. The deadline to enter is 11:59 pm EST, Monday, February 5, 2018. We’ll announce the winner here on my blog on February 8th so make sure you head back to the blog to see if you’re a winner!

6. My Sparkle Team and I are the judges and our decision will be final. Our decision is subjective and will be based on originality, creativity, imagination, commitment, heart, soul and inspiration.

7. Bonus brownie points for every social media share you do (within the limits provided below)!

8. You must be at least 18 years of age.

9. Please know that if you don’t follow ALL the rules mentioned above or if you email us to see if we received your entry it will be disqualified. We get way too many of those & it just makes the whole process too nutty for us. We also want to have fun doing this and keep the love flowing.  ❤️

A Note on Rules **Please be sure you have read and are absolutely crystal-clear about the rules because if you don’t follow the instructions to the letter, in order to be fair, you will be disqualified and we don’t want that.  Additionally, if you’re applying for one of the designated Veteran or First Responder scholarships, please be prepared to submit a photo ID if you are chosen for the scholarship. ***


Spread the word about the Scholarship giveaway on Instagram and Facebook and you’ll earn yourself some sparkling love. You can share up to 3 times per day and you can use any wording you want – but it must have the hashtag #HibiscusMoonCCH and Here are some sample posts to get you started:

  • I want a free seat in Hibiscus Moon’s Certified Crystal Healer Course! #HibiscusMoonCCH
  • Good luck to all, but this Crystal Healer scholarship seat has MY NAME on it! #HibiscusMoonCCH
  • If I win a scholarship in the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, ice cream is on me! #HibiscusMoonCCH
  • I’m getting my sparkle on with Hibiscus Moon this Spring! #HibiscusMoonCCH

What makes a winning combo for a Crystal Healer Scholarship?

Originality. Commitment. Creativity + Imagination. Soul-inspiring. Social Media sharing + following the rules precisely.

This may push you outside of your comfort zone, but this is just the 1st very important step towards committing to your dreams and desires.  This is telling the Universe YOU ARE READY!

Good luck to you!

Hibiscus Moon


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      By doing that you help us spread the word about our course. We do practice good marketing. This is for the privilege of getting a valuable free scholarship for this course. But if you’d rather pay the tuition, course registration will be opening up soon and no need to to do any social media. 😉

      1. I noticed on your site that it says registration is closed. Does that mean it will open up again after the scholarship applicants have been selected? I would like to add multiple forms of healing together including crystal healing but because I am looking into different forms of healing at once I am looking around to see how much the courses I am looking into cost. Of course, I want the scholarship but I’m not very familiar with instagram, I have never done a youtube video before and couldn’t be sure that it wouldn’t be one second over a minute, and though I like people to know what I’m doing on facebook it is expected to be posted as public when there are a few people on my facebook I would rather keep my privacy about. But if the registration for the course this year is closed when will it be open again? I’d like to see how long this course takes, how much time commitment is needed and how much the course is including any extra books, materials etc that we are expected to buy. If this is somewhere on the site, it probably is. I just had trouble finding it because there seems to be a lot of reviews and information on this site that was difficult for me to wade through. Thank you, namaste, sat nam and Blessed Be!

  1. Silly question: I couldn’t afford to sign up for the advanced crystal healer course, i barely scraped enough to to the certified course, is there a scholarship for the difference between the 2? Just a thought…Thank You 🙂

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  2. Silly question, but can we only enter once? Thanks for the opportunity to win. I’d love the chance to learn from you! Money is tight due to health, so this could not have come at a better time.

    1. Post
  3. Collecting crystals at a very young age, I have a love for them!! Important piece of my life, they are My Rock! LOL!
    Would absolutely love to win Schooling!!
    Promised Myself Good things for 2018 I consider Your Schooling the Best…..
    At 62 this would be a Privledge!!

      1. Post
        1. I was so keen to apply for the EMS scholarship as a Police officer in Australia but was a little deflated when I read the criteria. I would be surprised if any Police officers would admit their “sparkly, hippy, crystal loving obsession” via social media 😉 (I shudder to think what my colleagues would say)! So I just wanted to say even if you dont get any Police representatives, there are some of us out there! And maybe one day I’ll get an opportunity to do the course in the future : )

  4. Hi there,
    I just submitted my video for the Crystal Healing Scolarship through Instagram. macdougallleona- Instagram account.
    Thank you for this opportunity!

    1. Leona, could you please pop your link here in the comments so it can be considered? Thanks so much! :: Alissa ~ Sparkle Support

  5. So there is no longer an ACM course being offered any more? Is there going to be anything offered as a replacement in the future for it. I saw the comments above but just needed clarification, please & Thank you.

    1. Post
  6. I’m so excited about this class. I wasn’t ready last year because I’d just begun to study crystals. Now I have an incredible crystal family. I’ve even had a couple of them show up as ‘the wrong item shipped’ in an Amazon order. They let me keep the crystal because it costs too much to ship back. I got a green moss agate wand, and some pyrite…for free! So I know the time is right.

    Praying it’s ME!! 😉

    1. Post
  7. I am not very technical so I will have to see if someone can help me with the downloading part! 🤓
    Thanks for this opportunity I love ❤️ crystals and have several–would love to learn more about them! 👍🏼😊

  8. I wish I were more technical! I can make a video and get it on facebook, but have no idea get the address for the link. 🙁 I even stepped out of my comfort zone and made a video.

    1. Post
  9. I was so excited when I saw this in my email! Having read the blog, I’m now really disappointed! Do you ever take into account those who CAN’T do videos or those who are hearing impaired? I wish more people would think about that.

    1. Post

      Allison, (think we also replied on FB Page) we used to have people submit essays for these generous scholarships, but we get way too many entries and it takes our team way too much time to go through them. In order to continue to offer the scholarships, this is the only way we can do it. The alternative is to not offer them at all and I am NOT down for that. Perhaps someone will let you borrow their phone for 1 minute to make a quick video. And we will take an ASL video entry. 😉 We have interpreters.

  10. Post
  11. Done! I think. I’m not super tech bright, but I posted it on Instagram, so I hope I did it right 🙂
    My fingers will be crossed and I’ll be smiling waiting to hear from you guys soon <3

  12. Hi. I am not tech savvy and have done video for the 2018 Hibiscus Crystal Healer Certification course. Never really used Instagram so am not sure how to get the link to attach.

    1. Just watching the other entries- yours really made me smile! Good luck and congratulations on your little girl! <3

  13. Very much out of my comfort Zone, I get a little twitchy and nervous with videos. But so excited to be apart of this. Good luck to all 🙂 Thankyou again Hibiscus Moon

    1. So sorry if there are duplicate posts. My original posts do not appear to be displaying in the comments.

      Whoot, Whoot! I am so excited to be give this amazing opportunity.

      I do not use instagram but I do have 2 facebook pages and one facebook group so below are the links to all of my posts.

      Thanks Again,
      Shannon Danko

  14. Hibiscus Moon, I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity! Have a beautiful day!
    I’m sorry if this is a repeat post. I commented last night, but I don’t see it on the feed so I’m trying it again.



  15. I submitted my links here a couple nights ago but I don’t see them here. I’m going to submit them again. Thanks for this amazing opportunity. I hope you get these. I am a #Veteran so I hope to snag one of those spots.

    Love and light and glittery blessings!! Karen North

  16. Hello! Most people are overly concerned with fitness, or totally disconnected from their bodies. I seek to bridge the gap through crystals, health and wellbeing! My purpose is to energize a Spirit in the body through movement and mysticism! Let’s do this!

  17. Hi Hibiscus Moon! Here are my entries, posted in four places. Thank you for this opportunity, I have been following you for years and have learned so much, not only about crystals but also about how to ‘come out of the closet’ and be myself and follow my path. You being you, has helped me be me! May the force be with us!



    Facebook-Personal Page:

    Facebook-Angel Page:

  18. 2018 CCH Scholarship videos are posted on Facebook and YouTube, Instagram kept cutting it off in the middle!
    I remembered my #VETERAN and # EMS as well

  19. I just uploaded my entry video to instagram!! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity, such a generous thing to offer, and such a blessing for those, like myself, that wouldn’t have an opportunity like this otherwise, truly amazing. Good luck to all of the entries, but I hope this blessing comes my way!! My soul path healing and this would just further my healing gifts.
    Thanks so much Hibiscus Moon 🌺🌙
    Here’s the link

  20. Hello! I don’t see my original comment, so I’m sending it again. My apologies if both end up posting…

    I’m so excited about this! What a beautiful way to spread love and joy and the sparkly wisdom of the crystal realm. Wishing you a beautiful day and sending you good vibes from Tucson. Thank you for this sweet opportunity! Patti

    1. Just watching the other entries- I just wanted to comment on how bright your light shines- your sweet personality really comes out in your eyes. Good luck!

  21. Hi. I’ve sent two comments since yesterday afternoon and I don’t see either of them. So, I’m doing a test without the links to see if this goes through…

    1. Hi, again Hibiscus Moon! <3
      I am so sorry for my misspelling! What I wanted to say is that it would be a dream come true! <3 Thank you again for the opportunity! I am so excited about this! <3
      Love, Line

  22. Hi Hibiscus Moon I’m Phoenixx Moon 🙂
    (Jade Crowley)
    Here’s my 2018 Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Scholarship Video link for YouTube:

    Here’s my 2018 Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Scholarship video link for Instagram :

    My video will upload to Facebook, but it will not allow the link to work. I’ve edited,deleted, and reposted multiple times. It will not work so I’m going with my YouTube and My Instagram
    Thank you very much for such an amazing glittery sparkly opportunity, love you! <3

  23. I submitted my videos earlier today,but they have not been posted. Others were posted after I submitted mine. Can you verify that you received them?

    Jennifer Bales

    1. The same happened to me. It says “Your Comment is awaiting Moderation.”

      I think it might be posting a comment with multiple links might trigger the site into thinking it’s spam? Crossing fingers our comments will appear in the morning. <3

  24. I submitted my videos earlier today,but they have not been posted. Others were posted after I submitted mine. Can you verify that you received them?

  25. Adding mine in on the last day – just recovered from the flu, so excuse the recovering voice! Excited for this opportunity as I’ve been following you on my personal Fb page for sometime.

    My entry:

    Will also be posting the giveaway info on my instagram: Luna.solis.inspirations

    Blessings 🙏

  26. Hello Sparkly peeps!

    So fun to participate in this excersise! Pushed me right of my comfort zone so I think I will do a video a day for February!

    Loved going through all the candidates videos on this thread as well! I look forward to being chosen and starting on this journey with the beautiful gift your offering and showing people the power we possess and the tools to unlocking our wildest sparklyest dreams 😘



  27. Hi! Kathy Rybacki Qualiana

    Once you upload to facebook and instagram exit and go back in. On upper right corner of your post you will see (…) open that and you can choose copy this link

  28. The first link I posted did not work and the last one did not post as it is awaiting “moderation” 😔 Sorry! I’m sure you all will have a tough time going through all these posts – I’m giving it one last time!

    Thank you for your consideration and for taking the time to do this! I know it’s quite a lot of work 🙏 blessings!

    YouTube video:

    Instagram post:

    Facebook post:

  29. Thank you so much for this amazing, sparkly opportunity!

    I shared this on my personal timeline as well as my business page on Facebook so I’m giving both links here as I wasn’t sure which you would prefer.

    I tried sharing on Instagram but I couldn’t figure out how to put the video on my phone to share to Instagram (and still haven’t figured out how to do that on the computer). If I do before the deadline I’ll respond to this comment with that link.

  30. Hi Hibiscus Moon,

    Here are my 3 Entrees for the Crystal Healing Certification scholarship. I will let my video speak to why this scholarship would be so amazing for my spiritual growth and the growth I would gain as a practitioner.

    I just want to express my gratitude for your consideration. This is my first public video so I thank you for pushing me outside my comfort zone as well! Ahhh

    Hugs, jeni

  31. Hi Hibiscus!
    Thank you so very much for this wonderful opportunity. I KNOW that I need to bring crystals and crystal education out into the world to be of service to others, and this scholarship will be exactly what I need to give me the confidence to take my Sacred Crystal Biz to the next level. Thank you for your consideration! Crystal blessings to you and your Sparkle Team. <3

  32. Hi, I posted my entry earlier today (with links for facebook and youtube). Here is my link for Instagram.

    I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for the last six years. During this time, I have been patiently putting the pieces into place to launch my healing business. Now that my kids have grown up a bit, I’m ready to shift my focus and begin the next chapter of my soul’s journey as a light-guider.

    2018 is the year I’m turning 40 and my focus is to TAKE ACTION in my professional and personal life. Receiving a scholarship to the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Course would catapult me into fully establishing myself as a healer and reiki master!

    Love and Light!

  33. Hi Hibiscus & your Sparkle Team!
    I posted earlier today, but have not seen it come up in my feed, so I’m going to post again, just to be sure it comes out A-OK. 🙂 I realize you may just be busy going through entries, so my apologies for any duplicates. I’m posting my FB & Instagram links separately here, in case that helps.

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I KNOW that I need to bring crystals and crystal education out into the world to be of service to others, and am working on the sparkly future of my own Sacred Crystal Biz. 🙂 Thank you for your consideration! Crystal blessings to you. <3

  34. I keep trying to post a comment with the links for my video for the scholarship & it says my comment is awaiting moderation. I don’t know what that means! What do I need to do? Thank you! Shelly James

  35. Hi! My name is Shelly James & I’m a Vibrational Sound Therapist & single Mom. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get these links posted! One at a time worked! Thank you so much for this opportunity! I’m sorry for all of the posts trying to figure this out! Thank you for your patience! ❤️🌟 here is the instagram, the other is Facebook!

  36. I put the video on my Facebook page but I have no idea how to share the link. All of my kids are in bed, so the I.T. team is on down. Hopefully you guys still find it through this.

  37. I got too excited and spelled my name wrong!! It’s Sierra* and it’s also supposed to be *shizzled*! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. I’m sorry for the multiple posts. It wasn’t popping up and I was nervous!

  38. So, I already burst from the excitement… now it feels like a party where the intended didn’t arrive. Hibiscus, where art thou? The 8th has passed over. Thank you.

  39. So excited to learn who the winners are. Congrats to all have won. Trust the process when learning, ask questions and enjoy the experience.

    Love 💕 & Light ✨

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