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I’ve been enthralled with Native American (all of the Americas) studies for quite some time now & have sought out teachings of all sorts; college classes, Peruvian Shaman Ceremonies, books, lectures &, most recently, a local Native American Spiritual teacher who teaches us many tools (both physical & non-physical) to assist us in awakening while encourage self healing & spiritual growth. My bestie & I have held circles incorporating these teachings, Goddess Gatherings, fun shops…& its all so soul-healing & fullfilling.
Now, for whatever reason, we instinctively drew inward &  my BFF, Cathy, holds these events less frequently & for just a small group of us. This feels right & comfortable this way & verrrrry nurturing.
I’ve done lots of spiritual growth through all these exercises & its even expanded my relationships & understandings of the crystals (Stone People). Gotta luv that!  But there’s still so, so much to learn!
I’ve participated in powerful drum circles & experienced as well as witnessed the drum being used as medicine as it does its healing.
I reeeeeally want to incorporate the drum healing with crystals. Seems so natural to me! Wouldn’t that be great!?
I’ve been to lectures on ancestors crossing over & how various Native American tribes interpret this. Oh! I did a guest post over @ AnEmpoweredLife regarding Crystals to Help with Grieving.
I’ve learned the lessons of dreamtime from the weaving of a dream catcher & weaving select crystals & feathers from my very own birds into it:
And all about the power 0f energetic space clearing, healing & calling the spirits with my own handmade rattle (yup, made by me):
Now, I’ve recently made my own healing drum from elk skin (this was so empowering):
sacred drum

The completed project

 All this work has deepened my connection with Mother Earth & the Nature Kingdoms, has allowed healing & so much learning to better commune with plants, stones, trees, herbs & animal helpers!

I am so grateful to have always, somehow, been surrounded by these teachings. I have learned so very much & look forward to learning so so much more.

OK, changing topic gear…

I just wanted to give a quickee heads up that the newly revamped Crystal Grid Template Package will be out verrry soon. Many of you have asked where the old one went since I took her down. She’s been getting a bit of a makeover & its almost time for the reveal!!!! Weeee.

The new grids package will be out before the waning Moon, of course. Like any good farmer, I mind when to plant the crops. 😉

Crystal Grids Template Package

So, have you dabbled in Sacred Native studies or have more to teach us all? Please share!

Stone People Blessings to you,

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  1. This is so ironic!!! I’ve been trying to figure out where to go & how to start learning more about everything you’re talking about above (I’d LOVE to participate in drum circles, and to make my own drum, and to learn more about Native American wisdom). I’m just always so leery of reaching out to local things going on here because I’m always afraid that I’m not going to get in with a group that’s authentic and which truly has its eyes set on the spiritual growth of the group and its individuals… any thoughts on that? Recommendations?

    Thanks & SO excited for you!!



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      1. I’ve been afraid to do something like that too… because I don’t know enough about what i’m doing!!! Rock and a hard place 😉

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    2. Angel, is a wonderful place to start looking for group.

      When you sign up and join they give the options to request a meetuing with the group organizers first, and you can use this to see if the group will work for you.

      The meetup groups may not be exactly what you are looking for, but they are a great place to start.


  2. I’ve started learning Reiki and Medicine Reiki which is the native american for of reiki. But it’s hard to find a group around here that I can get to. Everything seems to be a state or three away. I’ve looked all over the meetup type websites and all but can’t find anything. Very frustrating especially since my reiki master just moved away. But I’d love to get more into it. Trying to learn what I can on my own and taking things bit by bit as they come.

    Thanks for sharing!


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      Angela, again I say….if it feels good…gather them up & start your own. Make it exactly what you want it to be. Meet up makes it so easy to do this. But only do what feel intuitively right for you.

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          1. Oh good… 😉

            And yeah, wow… that’s true!! I need to watch the last recording and do my homework. Am freaking out a *tiny bit* about that 😉

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