Ruby, Sapphire, A Meditation & a Giveaway!!!

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WINNER HAS BEEN SELECTED:  Lisa (from the comments below) is the winner of the Soul Blend giveaway

Today I have a guest post from the lovely Jackie Stewart, who I’ve blogged about before b/c she’s a Sparkly Gem Elixir SiSTAR!! She even put together a Spectacular Giveaway & a FREE mp3 for us!! How cool is this!!?

P.S. I’m so  excited that my Gem Elixir eKit is just about complete & at this moment Tech Princess Michelle is working on putting the finishing touched on it. I’ll be releasing that to the Universe during the waxing Moon.

OK, let’s get to Jackie’s post right away. This is good stuffs!

Ruby, Sapphire, A Meditation and a Giveaway

The two crystal essences that I prescribe most often for clients are ruby and sapphire. Although these stones are similar in uncut form, the energies from their essences are quite different. I see them as the mother and father of the crystal essence world – ruby essence giving you a big hug from a father who wants you to succeed and sapphire essence giving you a gentle motherly reminder to listen to your intuition and inspiration.

Ruby and sapphire both feature in the Soul Blend combinations of deep-acting flower and crystal essences I’ve created to aid self-love, self-nurturing, creative flow, soul wisdom, authentic expression, living your dreams and sacred balance {}

Ruby Essence

Ruby essence is a wonderful essence to take if you’re feeling indecisive, procrastinating or hesitating from stepping into your power. It will bring the stability and confidence you need to shine your light in the world.

Take ruby when your Soul is yearning for the qualities of divine love, confidence and leadership.

Ruby essence is a master healer for the heart and heart chakra, transforming self-love into divine love and releasing hostility. A healthy heart chakra radiates love in a balanced way, acting with love and compassion for self and others. Subsequently ruby soothes relationships with others, aids negotiation, self-confidence and spiritual growth.

Ruby essence is helpful when there’s anger towards the father or difficulty expressing the masculine qualities of action and leadership. Ruby’s vibration is all about confidence and stability so you’ll experience improved decision-making and positive thinking whilst taking it.  As ruby is taken, you’ll feel more secure and steady, giving you the confidence to take action.


The law of attraction tells us that we need to feel successful and confident to attract success into our lives. If you want find success by offering your gifts to the world with radiant confidence, try ruby essence.

Ruby essence is in Self-Love, Authentic Expression and Live Your Dreams Soul Blends

Blue Sapphire Essence

Sapphire essence will soothe your soul when you’re feeling depressed, uninspired or having difficulties with self-expression. Often these three symptoms go hand in hand.

Take sapphire when your Soul is yearning for inspiration, a deeper connection to your spirituality and a balanced sense of self-worth.

Sapphire essence resonates with the solar plexus chakra, reducing tension created by fear and anxiety. Anxiety is often felt in the solar plexus (stomach area) because this is where we register negative psychic impressions, struggle with self-worth, boundaries and personal power. When someone has low self-worth they don’t act on intuitive impulses because the fear of failure is so great.

As sapphire essence is taken you’ll deepen your connection to intuition and inspiration from your Higher Self, so that becomes your natural source of guidance.  You won’t worry about failure because you’ll be aligned with your inner wisdom and inspiration. As a result you’ll feel greater spiritual strength, clarity and certainty.

If you want to feel uplifted, inspired and self-assured, sapphire will give you the spiritual boost you need.

Sapphire essence is in Live Your Dreams and Authentic Expression Soul Blends.

Crystal Healing for Your Heart Meditation:

I’ve created a 15 minute meditation for you to receive heart healing from the crystal that you most need today.

Click here to download.

Want to win one of the gorgeous Soul Blends for yourself?

Head over to Jackie’s website to see which of the Soul Blends resonates with you most, then leave your name and the name of the blend you’d like to receive in the comments section beneath this post.

The winner will be chosen by Jackie on April 12, 2012 and announced here.


Jackie Stewart offers Soul medicine for conscious living at Her brand of Soul medicine = flower + crystal essences for transformation + emotional support to heal your heart + spiritual counselling to bring you clarity + guided meditation to soothe your Soul + big big love.

Happiest outdoors kissing flowers, stroking moss or meditating, Jackie is the co-creator of 10 Steps to Soothe Your Soul in Nature and the Barefoot Breathing e-course at Essence of Wild.

Find her on Twitter @JSFlowerspirit and Facebook (JSFlowerspirit) and at You’ll receive free Soul medicine from your personal healing flower when you sign up for Jackie’s mailing list.

Isn’t she the LOVLIEST??!! Luv this & hope you enjoy all the sparkly goodies that Jackie’s sprinkled here on my blog. 🙂 Thank you Jackie!!♥



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  1. Hello; it is most interesting that I sent an email just this morning asking a healer for a journey/meditation on Ruby. I had my own meditation of being given 3 rubies to place in my root, heart and crown chakra and I didn’t know what they were for. I then recieved info last year from another teacher who said that those 3 chakras are used to activate the DNA of a person. How cool is that! I am in gratitude and apprecation for being allowed this glimpse into the interconnectedness we all share!

  2. Beautiful beautiful post! I have always loved Jackie! The LIVE YOUR DREAMS SOUL BLEND is what most resonates with me! Thank you for this lovely post!

    1. Huge thanks to Hibiscus Moon for having me over to play and talk about two such powerful crystal essences. I’m looking forward to choosing the winner on Thursday – my son likes to help with giveaways!
      @susan – wonderful ruby synchronicity!
      @jennifer – thank you for such a lovely comment

  3. The Creative Flow Soul Blend seems to resonate with me the most. I feel very drawn to it. Thank you for so posting this!

      1. Hi Jackie. And thank you so much! I’m over the moon!!
        I’ll email you right away with the details.
        Thank you again.
        Lisa 🙂

  4. The blend that spoke to me most was the SELF-NURTURE SOUL BLEND. As a somewhat newly single mother and hard working entrepreneur finding time to nurture myself is difficult – especially with a barely 5 year old who loves to do everything with me.

    Thank you Jackie for a great overview on some of the essences we can use. This is great information!

  5. Suppose I’m too late for this here but still wanted to say thanks for another wonderful interview with Jackie!! I’m still into the “living your dream” and really think about getting it one day…

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