sacred space?


  • A private video tour of my own sacred space
  • A 28 page pdf download
  • An mp3 download meditation

The Create Sacred Spaces with Crystals eKit…

Your Happiness Plan!

Want a special place for meditation, crystal healing, rituals, reflection & renewing your spirit plus the GORGEOUSNESS of crystals?

Then this is the ekit for you.

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Here’s what’s in this FREE Sparkly eKit!

An mp3 download meditation

Relax & unwind with this 17:30 min. meditation. Let it guide you while you use a favorite crystal to help create a sacred space all your own. Listen or download on your mp3 player.

A GORGEOUS photo-rich 28 page eBook

In this photo-rich eBook, I show you how I use crystals in my own sacred space & office; which also doubles as my private sanctuary for meditation, rituals, reflection & renewing my spirit…all with the help of CRYSTALS.

You’ll learn:

  • how a sacred space can benefit you & transform your life
  • when & where to create sacred space
  • step-by-step HOW TO instructions
  • specifically recommended crystals to use in your space

A 10 min. private video

Just for those who download this ekit showing you how I personally use crystals in my sacred space…a mini tour!

Ready to learn what crystals can do for you?