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Today’s post is about putting together a chakra stone set. You can put 1 together relatively inexpensively if you know what stones to go for.
Here’s a question that I recently received:


  1. I’m putting together my chakra stone set & am curious if it’s best to use the same style/shape stone for the set? For example should they all be tumbled? Or can they be a mix of tumbled & points?
  2. Also, when buying a pendulum, which stone is best? Should we use our intuition or is there one stone that is best for healing?



For your chakra set, it really won’t matter. Get what you can get. Natural is always best but sometimes you just can’t find them in that particular stone. If you have an easy choice though, always go natural! That being said, here’s an example set I usually recommend to all my students:

chakra stones

The stones pictured above are very easy to find & are inexpensice. I usually like to have a choice of 2 stones for each chakra on hand except for the crown here…no specific reason for that:

  • Root chakra (red): red jasper + hematite
  • Sacral chakra (orange but represented here by the brown bag): orange calcite & carnelian
  • Solar plexus chakra (yellow but represented here by the camel bag): citrine & tiger’s eye
  • Heart chakra (green): rose quartz & green aventurine
  • Throat chakra (blue): blue lace agate & sodalite
  • Third Eye chakra (indigo): amethyst & lepidolite
  • Crown chakra (white or light lilac but represented here by the black bag): clear quartz
  • I also have an amethyst pendulum pictured here for sensing energies & balancing each chakra (we teach how to do that in our course)

As for the pendulum, you don’t need amethyst…get what’s calling to you most. Yep, that’s what will work best for you!

And just in case you missed it, here’s my FREE Chakra Workshop:

Now, get to it Crystal Hottie! Go balance some chakras. 😀

Waterfalls of Crystal Sparkles,




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  2. I just finish watching the chakra workshop, and you mention two books and a CD that will help us understand placing the stones, making juicers, and nice chakra music. I am a complete newbe to all this. I don’t even have any stones or crystals yet. I feel myself taking baby steps and I’m looking forward to all. I am so glad I found you, I know I’m at a place where I’m suppose to be. Any more recamandation that will help me on my new journey will be apriciated. Thank you

  3. Thank you so much for all this exciting information. Right at the time of the eclipse in South Australia, this morning. Such a perfect way to use this day & weeks, months, years ahead.
    Crystals are just so beautiful.

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