Car Protection Crystal Mojo Kit

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Did you see this?

I’m often asked what crystals 1 could use to protect themselves while traveling about.

(I prefer a black bag for this but I ran out at the time I took this pic….oh well!) And yeah…no…that’s NOT POT. *Watch the vid for further explanation, LOL!!!*

I made this video a bit ago to show what my husbo & I use in our cars.

You can also use this for traveling on a train, plain or a bus…why not?

There’s a fun little poll within the video too. 🙂

Car Protection Crystal Mojo Kit

Here’s a handy ingredient list for the car protection mojo kit:

  • Black little bag
  • Feverfew organic dried herb
  • Amethyst tumbled stone
  • Black tourmaline tumbled stone
  • Smokey quartz tumbled stone

So stay safe & SPARKLY, Chick Pea!