Peridot Paradise

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On my recent Hawaiian Travels I caught hard-core PERIDOT FEVER!!

Before going, I already knew that it was on my hot list since I was going to 1 of peridot’s most enchanting birth places but I had no idea that my respect & love for this crystal would deepen as much as it did. This trip introduced me to the magic & spirit of aloha & peridot is now so much a part of that for me. ♥

Find out why in this week’s featured video. In it I discuss:

  • Peridot’s scientific & metaphysical qualities
  • Chakra alignments
  • It’s volcanic roots
  • Unicorns, Curses & Magic Green Sandyep, you read that right
  • My signature spitting at the end (I’m not proud of that. What’re you gonna do?)

Peridot Paradise

Here’s that other video I refer to in the video. 😉

A Challenge to You: What 1972 TV Show did I make reference to in the video? Please post your answer (or guess!) in the comments below! Also, please tell me about your experiences with peridot.


I could not stay away from this spot…visiting almost daily, finding endless peridot embedded in the cooled lava rock.

2013-12-18 13.18.37

Amongst the peaceful green sea turtles sunning themselves on a deserted beach as I searched & made piles of peridot in the sand. We all just went about our business of being…in paradise

2013-12-18 13.32.26

1 friendly guy inching his way up to my hubby, Frankie.

2013-12-18 13.19.20



Close up of the green peridot sand

I hope you enjoyed this “gem of a video”. Yes, cheesy, I know.

Handfuls of Magic Green Sand!



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P.S. If this sort of stuffs is really tickling your fancy-schmancy, perhaps you’d like to learn more? My Certified Crystal Healer Course, which delves deep into using crystals with the chakras (+ so much more!), will be enrolling again this spring. Want in? For more info & to get on the waiting list click here. – See more at:

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  1. Hey, love the video on peridot! I do not have this crystal so have no experience with it as yet. That had to be the Brady Bunch clip, lol!


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      1. I thought i paid for your crystals kit, but haven’t seen it.
        Also, I lost my bag that had my rose quartz, smoky quartz , (my mind blanked out, but my beloved purple. Did my mind decide I had offended?

  2. WOWW!! I LOVE Peridot! That looks like my idea of Paradise! I spent a day last summer frolicking in an open-pit Amethyst mine, and had the BEST time, but this looks beyond lovely!!! 🙂 <3

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  3. Wow! I had no idea! I really love how much you educate people in your videos, Hibiscus Moon. 🙂 That close up is breathtaking!

    BTW, I never notice any “spitting”. I think it’s one of those things that we are self conscious of and make a big deal of – meanwhile no one even notices. 😉

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  4. What a wonderful trip! I am basking in the thought that “we are all one” and visualizing that I was right there with you! I KNOW that you brought some containers to bring some of that magnificent sand home, am I right?! By the way, Hibiscy-Love, I just received the crystal elixer link via email, but it gave me an “error” message, and I’m a wee bit excited to hear your version of how to whip up an elixer. Blessings and love to you!

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  5. Thanks for the information about peridot. I make gemstone jewelry. I found that although small drilled peridot stones are very fragile to work with and can break easily, they make beautiful sparkly finished pieces. Looking forward to seeing what spectacular finds you bring back from AZ.

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  6. Movie – Deathmoon.

    I loved this video. Some Peridot just showed up for me
    and then here was your video. Loved it. Thanks, Hibiscus.
    Happy Tucson Gem Show & Many blessings!

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  8. Wow wow wow. How lucky were you to be on that beach? Thank you for sharing that and all the photos. I loved that the turtles were there too!!

  9. LOVED this video!! I got the book “A Grain of Sand” by Dr. Gary Greenberg for Christmas this year. My bucket list now includes all of the gorgeous beaches he photographed. I have got to get to Maine to visit the beach of garnets!! And then that peridot beach in HI! OOOOO!!! The photo of you on the beach “communing” reminds me of myself when I get to the ocean or a beautiful body of water. I LOVED the Hoh River in WA state. The color was mesmerizing as were all the wonderful rocks and stones about it. 🙂 I could just sit there for days and days. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this with us!

  10. Great video! I am super duper geology nut myself! Just stumbled across you a few months ago and hope to take your course! I actually went to the green sand beach! (The big island is my favorite!) It was quite a trek to get that small remote beach but oh was it worth it!!! If anyone is up for the adventure, I highly recommend it!!! To be sitting in all that olivine! AMAZING!
    Thank you for all your videos!

  11. I’m going to pay more attention to the peridot and purchase a few of the peridot crystals. This is my birth stone. I am a August baby. I do have a ring and necklace but do not wear them. I am trying to get more in tune to my physic and maybe the peridot can help me do this. I’m also taking a course in metaphysics at church which I am enjoying so much. I didn’t catch the mention of the t.v.. Someone said The Brady Bunch but I don’t recall you saying anything about a t.v. show.

    1. Hi Pama,
      The little clip in the video was from a Brady Bunch episode when they went to Hawaii (I am also an August baby)

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  12. Hey Hibiscus!
    I love your videos, you have inspired me to change majors and pursue geology in college! In my geology class the other day my professor mentioned peridot (olivine), she said that some scientist think that this is the key to understanding our mantle and lava systems. Under a large amount of pressure the structure of the crystal liquifies, because of this amazing reaction there are some theories that our lava and mantle may not be liquid and super heated for the reasons we previously believed, the heat and liquid state may be caused by the pressure of the earths crust. That beach looks perfect, our earth is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

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      Oh my goodness!!!! that makes me so very happy. You have no idea. I love turning out new science geeks! That’s my passion…one of them. 😉 Yes, your geo professor is into the new science. Keep your ear & eyes open to that…you’ve got a good teacher there. Also ask about some of the olivine that arrives from meteorites. 😉

  13. How could anyone NOT be excited about finding Peridot on a beach? I’ve got the tiniest piece, from my friend’s crystal shop. Seeing it on the beach must be fantastic.

  14. Hey Sparkle Mama,
    What a beautiful vacation spot and awesome video. I too must hail the goddess of science-sparkle, this is what makes your stuff more captivating.
    Because peridot is so effective and active for the heart and solar plexus chakras, I will often recommend this as a wearable to clients prepared for the healing experience.

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  15. Wonderful video, as always! I saw the photo of the garnet dodecahedron from the Tuscon show (my birthstone, big as a baseball!), and you mentioned that it had been polished to remove the roughness. This led me to wonder, and to want to ask you if you think only rough stones should be used as centerpieces in crystal grids. I ordered your book, and I’m still awaiting its delivery, but I don’t know if that topic is addressed.


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      Well, I still consider that one a raw or rough stone. Some light polishing doens’t bother me. Even completely cut & polished stones that don’t resemble the original in any way can be sued for energy work. I just don’t feel they are as powerful. 🙂

  16. I knew! I just knew that there was something “deep” (magical) about going south on Mauii. Istayed in Hana for a couple of days. All I could do was marvel on repeat about being on a black sand beach. There was something about it, unexplainable that had me alluded. I wanted to go more south. So now I feel that is what was calling out to me. Lindberg lived his last days down in the very south of Mauii. He was onto something other than the “Spirit of St. Louis.” Something way better!

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  17. So now, I really want to go back and see and feel the power of periodite wit saltwater!! Props to you for respecting the land and leaving the gifts of Pele intact!

  18. Looks like you had a wonderful trip ! Just love all your video’s and love thr Brady bunch …..hugs
    Namaste ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Peridot holds special meaning for me and the green sand beach in Hawaii has been one I would like to visit. Unfortunately, the trek kept me away on my last visit. This smaller beach might be perfect for taking my parents to on our next trip. Do you remember the name?

  20. The Brady Bunch movie.

    Thanks for all the wonderful clips. I’m just getting back into crystals and woo-woo (term we use for mystical/metaphysical) stuff. I just bought some peridot small roughs at a gem show and some small tumbled peridots on eBay. They are lovely. I was drawn to the bright green.

  21. My brother recommended I might like this blog. He used to be entirely right.
    This post actually made my day. You cann’t consider simply how much time I had spent
    for this info! Thanks!

  22. i bought 1/4 ounce of peridot off ebay recently and the seller listed it as “Country of Origin: USA” and now i’m worried that “USA” actually means “Hawaii”. i’m waiting for the seller’s confirmation on that. what if i really HAVE unwittingly taken some peridot off Pele’s island? i won’t even be able to send every piece back even if i wanted to because i sorted through the stones and discarded the broken ones! oh no….

  23. I have one piece of peridot but I haven’t worked with it yet. I believe the show was the Brady Bunch tv show when the family went to Hawaii for a vacation.


  24. I have peridot in my crystal grid just now. My personal piece has a strong connection with Egypt. It also connects with the element of water so it is helpful to the link in your video. I use it a lot with clients as it is a powerful heart chakra cleanser and mender. It gets in there with both hands and pulls out all the heavy stuff that’s long forgotten and is buried deep inside. Another amazing crystal, but aren’t they all xx

  25. I do enjoy the Brady Bunch. Peridot is my hubby’s birthstone. I have heard it can also be found in the sand dunes of Alamosa, but I never saw it. I have not seen peridot in its natural form either, only gem quality, polished and such. Thank you.

  26. I was so excited when I first saw your email on peridot! My experience with peridot is a mystery and I will refer to it as a calling, as it started with a ring that I fell in love with but I could not purchase ….. long story and fast forward, that very beautiful peridot ring made its way into my life. I have been travelling annually to Hawaii and am excited that my next trip to Kona will include my going to the green sand beach. Your video convinced me that it is worth the hike. =D super pumped about that!!

  27. I too love peridot it is not my birthstone however I was given a peridot ring for my 49th birthday (some years ago) and I always feel special when wearing it, it is very calming and I feel such a connection to it. Also I would like to comment on your other video regarding the book, I tried via the other link yet was unable to. I too have been questioning vibration, not from the crystal perspective though, I feel you put it quite simply when you stated the finer the crystal the higher the vibration regardless of it’s species, yes there are many factors, colour, density, purity, place of origin, even whether there has been contact with other minerals, all of these will affect the vibration, alter the original properties, and most importantly the manner in which it was gathered, was it with love and consideration or for mere profit. Then once the crystal comes into the possession of a person their vibration shall also be added and influence. (please understand I am not a crystal practitioner or geologist in any form I am a chaneller so I can only assume that this is where this is coming form). I have been questioning the vibration of numbers (numerology) and star and moon signs, do they influence us or have we influenced them, if we choose our names and birthdates to be in alignment with our vibration is it our soul vibrations or our eternal vibration or perhaps we choose them to alter our vibration. So many questions aren’t there all is a puzzle just how much do we require the answer or should we let the questions go and enjoy the ride. Love and Peace Jenny

  28. I loved the video and the Brady bunch reference….Peridot is one of my favorite stones. My eyes are the same color mixture of olivine and peridot depending on the sun. They are always the same unless I wear..of course green tops! then they really pop out. I am an energy healer and having eyes this color of healing green perhaps has some significance. wish I could send a picture to show you……I don’t have any that truly show the color.
    Getting back to peridot…I would love to have a pendant!
    Love, Light and Blessings!


  30. Great information?I love the colour. Emeralds are my favourite and wonder now if this crystal will be my new favourite. The show was Brady Bunch. I think if I remember correctly that one of them picks this up and wears it as a necklace & has bad luck (tarantula too). I never forgot this as a kid.?I love your video. My goal someday is to do your courses. Hawaii & Tuscon also. I work with essential oils & love how I am obsessed with crystals also. ?❤️So much to learn & love how your explanations make sense✨Cheers to your knowledge, you totally rock???

  31. Wow this post just happend to show up after i just received a peridot so weird that this happens often .like when ever i buy a new gem

  32. Loved the video and info on Peridot. I don’t have any at the moment as its really expensive in England. I’ve just completed a grid for prosperity and abundance so I might even find myself in Hawaii seeing it up close.
    Keep sharing the knowledge, love and light from one of your crystal cohort xx

  33. Hi!! My name is Kat!!
    Just wanted to Thank You for All of Your Knowledge, Emails n Vids .. I am learning SO Much!! .. Thank You ~ Thank You ~ Thank You!! ? .. Re Peridot, My Experiences are limited to knowing that Peridot & Amethyst are Great Buddies ?.. Both have been part of KatalysstKMDMassage Integrative Sessions ?..
    Also, I wore A Peridot Necklace while working on Tour with DORO one year ~ It was great at calming and protecting my energy body from intrusive energies!! ? ..
    Re Vid. ~ The Brady Bunch , of course!! ?
    Much Love & Light To ALL

  34. Wow!! I have had a similar experience with an all-time fave silver ring (peridot & amethyst) ..The amethyst popped out ~ I managed to find it n have it placed by a crystal jeweler.. Lost the ring, Found It.. N Lost it one Last Time ~ Love & Miss That Ring!! .. My tumbled stones are quite happy n still with me tho .. Perhaps Amethyst & Peridot just need to be “out of restraints” ?

  35. Thank you so much for sharing! I am going to HI on my honeymoon this October & my fiance & I love to hunt for rocks & gems. This looks absolutely amazing!

  36. I’m obsessed with Peridots! It’s my Birthstone as well! They have always inspired me in all aspects of my life since I was a little girl!
    BTW, the video clip is totally from the Brady Bunch! Right?

  37. Thank you for the video about Peridot! So interesting…. I wish I could come to Hawaii! My son’s birthstone is peridot, and I have a beautiful peridot and gold ring that I bought after he was born. That video clip had to be from the Brady Bunch….the one where they go on a family vacation to Hawaii?, I’d know that funky, mystery music anywhere! 😆

  38. Thank you for this! My favorite episode of the Brady Bunch. I also visited a beach with olivine in the sand, but I believe it was on Oahu. (It was way back in the 80s, lol)

  39. What a magical experience! It would have been so tempting to take some of that home! But I’ve been hearing about the curse for years. Does the curse apply to jewelry made from stones from Hawaii? I’ve read that there is a lot of lava stone jewelry being sold in shops in Hawaii. I wonder if you purchase a piece of jewelry there…does the curse still apply?? Pele must be very busy handing out curses considering how many people would inadvertently bring home some sand or tiny rocks that were caught in the soles of their shoes and never even realize it! Let’s hope she’s more forgiving of those people!

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